‘Breaking Bad's’ Jesse Plemons Eyed for Lead in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ (Exclusive)

'Breaking Bad's' Jesse Plemons Eyed for Lead in 'Star Wars: Episode VII' (Exclusive)

The 25-year-old actor hasn't been cast yet, but he's coming back to audition again for director J.J. Abrams

Jesse Plemons, who starred on both “Breaking Bad” and “Friday Night Lights,” is in contention for a lead role in “Star Wars: Episode VII,” multiple individuals with knowledge of the top-secret casting process have told TheWrap.

A representative for Disney/Lucasfilm had no comment.

Plemons is scheduled to meet with director J.J. Abrams next week to discuss the highly anticipated sequel, which is expected to bring back original stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Plemons has already taped an audition that was well-received by those involved in the casting process, and he'll by flying in to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas for a second audition that will bring him face-to-face with Abrams.

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While Plemons is represented by Talentworks, a smaller agency located in Burbank, two well-placed sources within the major agencies have told TheWrap that Plemons is a favorite to land one of the coveted lead roles in the “Star Wars” sequel; a third individual confirmed that Plemons is in the running and a serious contender.

There's been no chatter on what role Plemons might take, but Plemons does bear a resemblance to Mark Hamill, and at 25 would be the right age to play the offspring of the 62-year-old Hamill's Luke Skywalker.

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So who is Jesse Plemons? The Texas native was a child actor who played Paul Walker‘s younger brother in “Varsity Blues” and a young Matt Damon in “All the Pretty Horses.” His breakout role came in 2006 when he was cast as Landry Clarke on Peter Berg's football series “Friday Night Lights.”

He went on to co-star in Berg's “Battleship” and Paul Thomas Anderson's “The Master” (as Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s son) before landing the role of the sweet but cold-hearted young gangster Todd opposite Bryan Cranston in “Breaking Bad.” Plemons recently wrapped Stephen Frears’ untitled Lance Armstrong biopic and will soon be seen in Tommy Lee Jones’ drama “The Homesman,” so his 2014 schedule remains wide open and would be able to accommodate a long “Star Wars” shoot.

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While Abrams and his team have scoured the galaxy to find the right actors for their “Star Wars” ensemble, no one has been officially cast yet, despite numerous rumors surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sullivan Stapleton.

Abrams is directing from a script he's writing with Lawrence Kasdan, who penned “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Return of the Jedi.” Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy is producing with Bad Robot's Abrams and Bryan Burk, while Tommy Harper and Jason McGatlin will serve as executive producers. John Williams will return to score “Episode VII.”

Disney is scheduled to release “Star Wars: Episode VII” on Dec. 18, 2015.

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    Well, good luck to him, if he gets that role and he excels it will open future roles in the big screen.

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    Awesome actor! But there's no resemblance whatsoever!!

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    Meth Damon!

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    Plemmons is a great actor. Glad to see his star rising.

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    Luke and Leia's love child.

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      An Incestuous Jedi? Luke and Leia are brother and sister you know?

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        Yes, that's why he looks special.

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      You read too much fanfic. LOL!

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    They could do a lot worse then Jesse Plemons. I know this guy well from Friday Night Lights and let's just say I”m would be very excited if he indeed gets a lead role. I'm sure the audition went well.

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    Would LOVE to see him in the role!!

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    Not sure if I want an action figure of “Todd”.

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    He bears more of a resemblance to The Clone Wars’ cartoon version of Anakin Skywalker (who of course is the TRUE Anakin), so yeah, I approve. If Ben Skywalker takes after granddaddy, things could get interesting.

  • bitter trekkie

    Any update on this now that Meth Damon is officially listed as being in contention (along with a slew of new names)? I'm wondering if he's already got the role and today's news is kabuki theater, hollywood style. Two purposes: to make sure Plemons doesn't get cocky, kid, in salary negotiations (we've got these other guys in the wings), and for the black contenders, to make it look like Abrams and Disney aren't total racists when they cast a guy who makes Queen Elizabeth look tan.

  • RichBitch

    This is killing me! I can't stand him & if he gets the role I'm gonna be forced to deal with it cuz I love Star Wars but I don't like him. Not liking any of the ppl so far they are picking for these roles. If the movie ends up with all these shitty up & coming actors instead of good talented well known actors that you know can do it right & they ruin it, it will be a tragedy! This isn't your average film that if you messed up in will just fade into the shadows, this is Star Wars. History in the making. The films the passed are legendary & any upcoming films will be too, weather good or bad, it won't be something that is forgotten it will be something ppl will start an uproar about. Please don't kill these films with new talent cuz you think you need to move with the times, that's BS!

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    I wish they had kept the Arndt script