Starz Boss: Still Looking at ‘White Queen’ Sequel Without BBC, Explains ‘Magic City’ Cancelation

Starz Boss: Still Looking at 'White Queen' Sequel Without BBC, Explains 'Magic City' Cancelation

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TCA 2014: Chris Albrecht also explained why “Black Sails” was renewed ahead of airing

In a surprise mini executive session at the Television Critics Association press tour Friday, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht discussed the early renewal of “Black Sails,” the status of a “White Queen” sequel and why it decided to cancel “Magic City.”

Previously, Albrecht had said the network was moving on with a sequel to its miniseries “White Queen.” He said they're still considering the sequel, but without BBC as a co-producer. Philippa Gregory’s latest novel, “The White Princess,” is in consideration.

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“We're working on looking at story, and no BBC won't be a part of it,” he said. “We're looking at the show from a creative point of view. We're certainly interested in the sequel to ‘White Queen. It did very well for us.”

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In regard to renewing “Black Sails,” the CEO said that the decision was made on the strength of the reviews and audience reactions after San Diego Comic Con.

“Some said that pirates are the new zombies,” he joked.

In respect to canceling “Magic City,” Albrecht said there were several considerations involved in the decision.

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“‘Magic City’ was a fine show, an expensive show. Our distributors didn't want to co-market it with us,” he said. “The audience was nominal for us.”

But, Albrecht said he was comfortable with where the series concluded.

  • Penny

    I'm new to Starz. I loved the White Queen and I'm excited about Black Sails.

    However, I'm uncomfortable with Albrecht saying he's good where Magic City ended. He's good but what about the viewers? Even though it is not a show I watched, I've read plenty of posts by very crushed fans of MC. It reminds of David Nevins over at Showtime carping last summer about The Borgias ending in a good enough place for him. I cancelled my SHO subscription out of sheer disgust.

    Why can't these premium networks grant a series set for cancellation a short final final season? A two hour special finale? SOMETHING that will say to the viewers, we've appreciate your investment in our programming?!

    It almost seems that ONLY way to go is to wait until a series is completed before starting to watch.

    • Rhodes

      Cut the cord, Penny. I watch all my series on Netflix or I buy the DVD's which are not cheap, but neither is paying $200 for cable + premiums.

      • Barr Suul

        spot on Rhodes, 8 bucks for netflix or hulu plus

  • Barr Suul

    Starz should haven never canceled Boss, that show almost made that second rate channel legit. Now they got another pirate porn show, to join their Greek porn show.