Dailies | ‘My Strange Addiction’ Exposes Living Dolls: Venus Is a ‘Natural’ (Exclusive Video)

The TLC docu-series returns Wednesday with three people who go to extreme measures to look like toys

TLC's “My Strange Addiction” tackles the phenomenon of living dolls when it returns for a new season starting Wednesday (New Years Day) at 9/8c.

Over the past four seasons, the docu-series has taken on some of the most unbelievable obsessions, compulsions and lifestyles. And its take on living dolls certainly lives up to its reputation.

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On the one-hour premiere episode, viewers will meet three people at different stages of emulating dolls in their actual lives: Justin, Venus and Emily. From obsessive diets, to fitting in uncomfortably tight corsets, to wearing eye-enlarging contact lenses, and even radical plastic surgery procedures, they'll go to extremes to fit the doll mold.

In TheWrap's exclusive sneak peek, you'll meet Venus. At 16, she has become a YouTube star with dozens of videos that show her fans how she keeps up the lifestyle – from makeup and fashion tips to Japanese anime-like videos.

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Although she wears a good amount of makeup and eye-enlarging contact lenses, Venus is proud of the fact that she doesn't have to resort to plastic surgery to look like a living doll. She has natural doll-like features and a high, pitchy voice.

Meet Venus in the video above.

  • ClairDeLune

    Venus is harmless. She's sweet and could have worse hobbies or interests for her age.

  • thepanther17fan

    I'm glad that TLC did nothing to make her look bad (as far as we know). After all the harrassment and crap she's been through lately, the last thing she needs is to be made look bad for no reason.

    • hmmm

      Well, I don't think she should be on shows for a supposed “addiction” to being a living doll. She and her mother should be exposed for the money-grubbing, liars, and bullies that they are. The hate they get is often merited.

      • goodpie

        What have they lied about, and who have they bullied??

        • Um…

          I have watched venus for a long time. Venus’ mother gets too protective and doesn't let venus have any social interactions with other you tubers. Xiorishu is just one of the girls who was cyberbullied and threatened by Venus’ mother. Margaret (that's her name) Lied about drama that went on when Xiorishu met up with her and her daughter. It was a long, complicated story that went on for WAY too long… and that's only the half of the drama that they were involved with. But if you ask me, none of it is Venus’ fault. Venus is just adorable and sweet to her fans… until her mother ruins it.

          • goodpie

            Oh, the typical overprotective mom that is living through her dream through her daughter. That's a shame, I have to agree that Venus always seemed quite genuine to me. A bit ignorant, but for her age that is something that can be excused (I mean how she appropriates the Japanese culture in some of her older videos).

      • Cherice Hamilton

        You cleary believe too much rumours and lies on the internet about venus and just want to hate on her

      • lame

        I've heard about it.. many girls (specially youtube girls) are bullied by both of them.. Venus and her mother just do about everything to get the youtube girls account to be suspended.. just because of what, if you may asked.. its because this girls share a same interest as venus and some of them just come naturally (example: Kimono Time).. I guess they just dint like anyone competing with her.. The mother will harass any girl that share that dolly like face..

  • MilkyGalaxy

    Venus isn't the first she is lolita and I am one there are tons around the world .

    • DreamSky

      I don't think Venus calls herself a lolita ..i mean she wears a lot of bodyline and some old AP but She sees herself as a living doll. Which I'm glad, I've been wearing the fashion for 4/5 years and i don't like being compared to her!

      • Momo

        she doesn't like being called a Lolita because of the orgin of the work, which is that book about the girl he has sex with for favors and he calls her Lolita. the book is Lolita by vladamir something

  • Annusya

    Omg, she looks so pretty and cute without any makeup at all! <333 She should keep her face as natural as possible, it's always the prettiest! ^=^ She looks like a doll without makeup! :D

  • Alex

    Why is Venus on a show about “strange addictions”? She's basically a cosplayer. This is something millions of people around the world do. Why is she on the same show as people who eat cat hair, couch cushions, and toilet paper? And don't forget about the woman who bathes in bleach… Venus is probably the least weird person on the show.

    • kuropochi

      “Idk, we had no idea this was going to be MSA. It’s pretty fucking funny that I ended up on it though.

      The episode is supposed to be about crazy people that will go through whatever means necessary to look like a doll. The actual show is pretty funny, but the fact that its demonizing JFash is pretty shitty. There have been lolitas complaining that when they went out yesterday people thought they were addicts or something.”
      This is from her tumblr, and
      “For anyone who’s confused, my friend above (as well as her friends) were told they were going to be on a documentary about the lolita fashion subculture…

      And it turned out to be My Strange Addiction. They didn’t tell them that’s what they were being filmed for. At all. Wasn’t on the release forms/contracts.”
      this was from her friends tumblr.

      TL;DR : Basically, They lied saying that they were filming her for a documentary on lolitas and excluded that it was for MSA.

  • Stevie

    Venus, being a year older than me, is my idol. I'm also a teen living doll/lolita so I'm excited to see this episode tonight to see my inspiration on American television! ^-^ <3

  • wut

    I'm not sure what exactly qualifies this girl as a “living doll.” She looks more like one of those girls in Japan who make careers out of being cute.

  • Mohammed BoyLover

    If you take a look at her features, she's not really all that pretty….She's a plain jane with too much makeup.

    • Annusya

      I think she's really beautiful and cute *especially* without makeup <3 I wish she could be herself more, but she's very pretty naturally <3

  • Xiaoyu

    You think Venus is harmless?? She is offensive and mocks the Asian community, her faux personality reflects her disgusting infatuation with Asian culture, ahem, I mean Japanese culture which she often assumes all Asians are as such. Venus, like so many other Asian obsessed people out there, fetishize my culture. It is not cute, it's not sweet, or genuine at all. It's absolutely disgusting that people like Venus get away with making such stereotypes.

    • Annusya

      Omg, living in the u.s./u.k./canada/australia RUINS perfectly good east asians and turns them into oversensitive crybabies! :P :P :P First of all, everyone in the Anglo sphere calling it the “Asian” community is so annoying! Asia encompasses everywhere from Japan and India to Afghanistan! You probably are referring to EAST Asia. Better yet, why not just refer to the specific countries? :P I'm Russian/Eurasian (probably Mongolian/Tatar – y) and I don't understand why everyone has to make a big deal out of nothing :P There are zillions of boys and girls obsessed with Japan/Korea/China and the respective cultures. WHY is this offensive? Why is it offensive to fetishise something? MOST east Asians who actually live in east Asia are NOT offended by stuff like this! Remember when everyone freaked out about Katy Perry's silly performance? Well, only the NORTH AMERICAN east asians were offended. Nobody in Japan cared at all, lol :P Just loosen up and relax ^=^

      • Kuriiko

        Actually if you want to know why such things are offensive, a little research would help.

        Being in areas like u.s./u.k./canada/australia does not ruin good east asians; I'm not even sure how you got to that conclusion. It certainly opens our eyes on how different our culture is from other people and how people stereotype us based on myths. Also we certainty have a right to be angry when people do something that we think mocks our culture.

        It is offensive to fetishize someone's culture because people who become so obsessed with that culture usually don't see the people who live in that culture as people but objects. Also these people like to fetishize on the stereotypes that people give them.

        Honestly, the Katy Perry performance was a stupid stunt. People in other countries are not going to be as offended as the asians who live u.s./u.k./canada/australia because they don't have to live with the stereotypes that people give us.

        • Annusya

          I'm just going by what I've observed. Being in the anglosphere unfortunately partially ruins *lots* of people who could be really interesting and great. Especially in north america, people are so obsessed with being politically correct and not wanting to offend anyone. It results in lots of repression and censorship. Do you know how incredibly racist people are in Japan/France/Spain/Italy/etc? Those countries have some of the healthiest, richest and most vibrant cultures in the world! Obviously, it's not BECAUSE they're racist, I just mean that oversensitivity to that sort of thing can be damaging to a culture and society and north america is a perfect example of that. It's popular here to be both repressed and oversexed in a trashy way. This type of selective cultural sanitising coupled with movies/music/tv/popular culture/etc of extremely poor quality results in people who have very unbalanced values. This creates a culture that accepts complete trashiness yet tries to desexualise everyone until they turn 18 :s It makes girls and women think that it's OK and even desirable to be shrews and men think that it's normal to be milksops. Anyone who doesn't fit into a pre – approved category (like Venus, but even she tends to glom onto popular trends and tropes which are poupy, or me!) is immediately ostracised for not being “quirky” in an acceptable way, lol :P Sorry that this is so long winded :s There's a lot more, but these are the most salient points, heee ^=^

          • Kuriiko

            I kind of get where you are going, but I kind of don't.

            What I think you are trying to get at is cultural appropriation which is really not a good thing at all. This kind of things have to do with history and stereotypes and etc. Because people have already picked and choose, stereotyped, and bastardized certain aspects of a person's culture; so of course they are going to be oversensitive to it especially when it looks like you are mocking or fetishizing their culture.

            There's a way to be respectful to a culture and not fetishizing/mocking it.

          • Annusya

            I just meant that caring too much about not offending anyone is counterproductive to a healthy culture. Unfortunately, most north americans are really ignorant about other cultures in a way that's really gauche considering how many different types of people live here u.u Anyway, I wish more people could be like ME and actually care about cultures and languages and enjoy them, heee ^=^

          • Kuriiko

            Honestly, people are always going to offend someone and sometimes over sensitivity can be a good thing especially in a country like the U.S. where people are usually ignorant about another person's culture and usually run on the stereotypes that the media feeds them. But people should still respect another's person culture and if you are going to use it for a prop or whatever it may you should represent it in the right way without the stereotypes and odd myths.

            Just be respect about these cultures and no one's going to call you out about disrespecting them.

          • Annusya

            I agree that people should learn about a culture before they imitate it, but I don't think it's that big of a deal if they don't. Most people don't know better. I'm also Russian and if someone were performing a Russian skit with like bears and vodka and communist – y things, I don't think I'd really care, lol! Actually, I'd find it amusing, heee ^=^ I still can't agree that over sensitivity is a good thing. I think it's better if everyone relaxes and just enjoys thingies ^=^

    • Angela

      If you take offense at it then you need to address it with your country as this is nothing more than a kid playing an anime character. That is where all of this stuff stems from. If you don't want people copying it and expanding on it then petition your country to stop putting out anime, Since we both know that this will never happen.. shut up and suck it up butter cup.

  • confused_chibi

    O_o first thing I thought, why is she on strange addiction? Isn't this her way of life? Though I am not a fan of hers, I believe this preview made her seem nuts. (-_-) I do like watching some of her videos because she is funny but….it's probably tlc.

    • kuropochi

      They lied saying that they were filming her for a documentary on lolitas and excluded that it was for MSA.

  • Carolina Miki

    That girls invested this deep in the kawaii-related cultures are always looking for public attention isn't new, but being on this show when she's actually perfectly normal seems to be a little too desperate…

  • Rosalee Adams

    wonder what they will look like when they are old ladies?
    Probably a lot like Jane in ‘Whatever Happen To Baby Jane’