Style's ‘Tia & Tamera’ and ‘Giuliana & Bill’ Are Moving to E! (Exclusive)

Style's 'Tia & Tamera' and 'Giuliana & Bill' Are Moving to E! (Exclusive)


The two series, among others displaced by Esquire Network, will find homes on other NBCU channels

In the transition to Esquire Network, many Style Network viewers are wondering the fate of their favorite shows. Well, at least two of the those shows have found a new home, TheWrap has learned.

E! will begin re-airing Season 3 episodes of “Tia & Tamera” and already aired episodes of “Giuliana & Bill's” sixth season on Tuesday nights starting Oct. 15 at 9/8c, as well as new episodes of “Giuliana & Bill” next year.

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Individuals with knowledge of the situation have told TheWrap that series renewals for the two programs are still under consideration.

Other insiders have told us that NBCUniversal is still deciding which former Style Network series will move on to other sister networks.

They said the process can get complicated. As one individual told us, it isn't as easy as NBCUniversal doling out the series to its choice of networks as show producers have to agree to the moves, as well.

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Expect more news over the coming weeks about the fate of other Style Network series.

The male-centric Esquire Network replaced Style Network in 75 million homes on Monday. Its programming currently includes five new original primetime series and shows mined from sister NBCU networks and other content providers.

  • Bridgette Neal

    Dish is giving me two different stories:
    I cannot find Giuliana and Bill and Tia and Tamara. Supposedly the new Esquire channel is not changing the programming, but these shows are not on the programming guides. Can someone get to the bottom of this?

    • Guest

      They just haven't been updated yet.

      • Bridgette Neal

        Found them today on Oxygen.

  • Tired Of Cable TV


    Style Network is gone all the shows are gone no more will you see the Style Network logo or shows. You can see Tia & Tamera, Guiliana & Bill on E. Tomorrow Tia & Tamera's show will be on E network only season 3 from the very beginning. Giuliana & Bill’s” sixth season on Tuesday nights starting Oct. 15
    at 9/8c, as well as new episodes of “Giuliana & Bill” next year.

    P.S.: That's why I no longer watch TV and its been three months. I cancelled my cable and keep my money to eat out.

  • c

    Can someone please explain what the fascination is with the Rancics?!

    • Gavino

      I'll take the nicer Rancics than the Kardashians any day. Plus, you can really see them going through life's challenges as they try to deal with starting a family, something they've been struggling to do for years. A lot of peopel can relate to that.

      • zinagarcia

        uhm, Bill may be nice… but Mrs.Rancid is disgusting. She eats on the show to “prove” that she eats, but c'mon. the doc says you aren't fertile at that low weight, and ya know she's glad about it. I believe that she's bs about her boobs, too. I'm sure they were “fat heaps” to her. So obvious, so disgusting. She's no loving mother either.

  • Billy

    Where is Jerseylicious?? The season begins Oct 6 and I do not see this listed.
    The networks think that change is good. Really you fucktards!!! You fuck things up all the time. Now I can't watch my program that I have been watching for how many years now? Thanks for fucking things up.

    • MyPartyRightOrWrong

      Life…get one.

    • Shannon

      Im pissed off to its bull crap I'm mad and Not all the show are on now it was on 74 but now Is 219 I was told tonight and you have to watch so w show online or hulu or Netflix or online i'm mad now they to to put BACK all our shows that we love and want them back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From very disappointing

  • Ginger

    Hate the new channel. Leave stuff alone. All my shoes can't be found. Giuliani and Bill. Tia and Tamera. Jerseylicious. And all the other shows on style. Esquire Network Sucks!!!!! Ugh. So frustrating .

    • Veronica

      NBCUniversal didn't test their marketplace very well. The shows on Style network were great quality shows. Esquire network is just a rundown channel that no one will watch. Definitely not me!

      • Marisa LaTorre

        me either!

  • Henryneek Jackson

    Why take style?

  • cindy love

    I was wondering what had happened to style :( I'm so bumbed out, it was an awesome channel

  • Msglow

    First they take Hallmark, and now Style channel. So what's next Disney channel?

  • k

    Not happy about style chanel being cancelled. I love the shows dating back to “clean house”. There should be a better way of doing things. Additionally ready to watch Jerseylicious so make it happen.

  • mandy

    where is Resale Royalty?. I loved the style network. It was the best. clean reality shows like Tia and Tamara and Giuliana and Bill…….

  • Chrissy

    This sucks!!! I wanna see jerseylicious!!! The show has actually inspired myself and others to the beauty industry! Wtf do the kardashians inspire? Spoiled entitled brats???

  • ann

    Highly pissed off I want styke network back… 176 has this stupid message aboutt esquire on a different channel on cablevison (optimum) .I turn to see this station n there programming and its WHACK …I want my jerseylicious back my styling shows back ..big rich texas , big rich atlanta, tia n tamra n many others …sorry esquire but ur not gonna last bad business move

    • ann

      Correction STYLE *

  • vicky

    I have been watching tia and tamera on style with I think is great I went to watch next episode and they are showing ones I have seen whats going on , I watched up to were they had the launch party for milky and talking about stretchy

  • Liv

    Very stupid and sexist. We had a channel for us women. Real women you cant compare apples to oranges. ( men and us women)

  • Liv

    That industry is already dominiated by men. Oversexualizing things esp when it comes down to when they talk about having shows from style network.

  • Mel

    i have cable tv in my part of Europe, had style tv, have E! (“shoot” that kardashian , rancic – booooring show) dont have “other sister” networks . I mean really ty for making a sht with shuting down style :/