Hollywood Dumps Diversity (Again): White Men Directed 90 Percent of This Year's Summer Movies

Hollywood Dumps Diversity (Again): White Men Directed 90 Percent of This Year's Summer Movies

Of 39 major releases: 37 are directed by white men, 2 by black men and 1 by a woman

Just a few months ago, Oscar statues went for the first time to a Mexican filmmaker for Best Director (Alfonso Cuaron), to a black British man for Best Picture (Steve McQueen) and to a woman for Best Animated Movie (Jennifer Lee), a landmark year for diversity in Hollywood.

But this summer's biggest releases are a throwback to another era, one you can revisit next Sunday in “Mad Men.” An analysis by TheWrap found that white men directed more than 90 percent of the summer's biggest movies.

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White men are directing or co-directing 37 of the 39 major releases this summer, including a biopic of legendary black entertainer James Brown. (Director Tate Taylor, who last directed “The Help,” is doing the honors for “Get on Up.”) White men are directing intimate dramas (“The Fault in Our Stars”), comedies (“Blended”), horror fare (“Deliver Us From Evil”), action movies starring women (“Lucy”), action movies starring men (“The Expendables 3”), effects-laden spectacle (“Transformers 4”) and revisionist fairy tales (“Maleficent”).

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The exceptions are few: “Think Like a Man Too,” a comedy about a group of African-American couples, is directed by Tim Story and “When the Game Stands Tall,” a sports drama about De La Salle High School's record-setting football team, directed by Thomas Carter. Both are African-American.

The other two exceptions are co-directing jobs — “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for,” co-directed by Robert Rodriguez, a Mexican-American who just launched a cable network targeting Latino audiences; and “Jupiter Ascending,” another sci-fi epic by Lana and Andy Wachowski the brother/sister combination who made “The Matrix” and “Cloud Atlas.”

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For the purposes of this analysis we considered major releases by the six major studios (Universal, Warner Bros., Fox, Sony, Paramount and Disney), as well as independent studios Lionsgate and Relativity. Dimension's “Sin City” sequel — a rare case of diversity — is included as a major release but movies by the specialty arms of major studios, such as Fox Searchlight and Sony Pictures Classics are not. Their movies tend to be more inclusive, but the releases also tend to be on fewer screens.

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Searchlight, for instance, will release “Belle,” directed by Amma Asante and starring Gugu Mabatha-Raw, both black women, in May. The Weinstein Co. will release “Snowpiercer,” directed by South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, in addition to “Sin City 2,” but only “Sin City 2” will get the kind of national rollout major studios lavish on their biggest movies.

Major studios are not giving minorities — let alone women, a majority of the population — many chances to make the big budgeted movies they obsess over. (For more on the exclusion of women, take a look at this excellent report over at 538, Nate Silver's new site).

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A major exception to this rule would have been “Fast & Furious 7,” which is being directed by James Wan, the Malaysian filmmaker responsible for “Saw” and “The Conjuring.” The release of that movie was delayed due to the death of Paul Walker.

Instead, the studios will release more comic book movies directed by white men than the total number of movies directed by all women and by non-Caucasian males combined.

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Have your doubts? Here's the chart:

Hollywood Diversity Summer Movies 2014

William Scalia/TheWrap

  • Tell The Truth

    How many “Caucasian Males” were Jews? More than 1.728% of the population I assume.

    • Come Again

      That's a religion not a race. You could ask the same with “how many were gay?” Sexual orientation, not a race.

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        That is NOT true. Google it and you will find out.

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        actually jew (or Jewish) refers to both race and religion.

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      99% of them are zionist kikes lol

  • Color blind

    Im going to say it again, lets start taking names off submissions and let the material speak for itself…this is nothing more than a stupid reason to implement quotas…

    • SMH @ Hollywood

      This is directing, not screenwriting. There's no way to take the names off the submissions, because they're in the opening credits by motion picture regulation.

  • Gaby

    I went to see Cesar Chavez last night, and noted that about 80% of the actors shown in the previews were white males. This is extremely discouraging. I think the main reason for this is that the majority of directors are white men.

  • smh@Hollywood

    The point's to look for talent in other places of diversity, minorities have a hard time getting invited/accepted into places where networking takes place. There is still this institutionalized crap idea that certain minorities aren't talented or intelligent enough to take on the role of CEO and direct these films. There is no shortage of talent, however, people in Hollywood are lazy. They recycle the same people over and over again based on 1) track record, which is understandable, 2) but also because they're lazy. It takes work to find new talent and good people. They just want to pull out their rolodex and call the same ones over and over again and then complain when everything coming out looks/feels/taste the same. Hollywood is a business and like in most businesses, there are very few people are interested in trail blazing. Which is why I love Netflix and Marvel. They got smart and basically ‘bucked the system’ and left the competition whining like when Netflix was renegotiating their dvd release deals or they just decide to take an ‘L’ like the studios do whenever Marvel drops a new release. So scared of losing, they can't win.


    Sick of this BS. YOU WORK YOUR WAY UP , MAKE YOUR OWN BREAKS.Affirmative Action has not worked anywhere !! You get the least qualified ONLY BECAUSE OF RACE ! This is like whites “bitching” there are not enough starting white players in the NBA, NFL , MLB . RIDICULOUS . WHY DON;T WE HAVE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OSCARS, OLYMPICS. GET OVER IT AND WORK YOUR ASSES OFF . WRAP YOU SUCK FOR EVEN ENTERTAINING THE THOUGHT THAT THIS IS RACIALLY MOTIVATED . WORK, WORK WORK , GET OUT OF BED GO TO SCHOOL , WHATEVER YOU MUST!! PERSISTENCE AND DETERMINATION ALONE,makes things HAPPEN !! NOT freebies , entitlements, giveaways .!!!!

    • iblewbubblesinthebathtub

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  • zack

    shouldn't we just watch the movies i mean it really depends on the person not the color of there skin you're making yourselves look racist just by doing this chart its all about past movies not “oh he's never directed a movie but he is black? SIGN HIM UP! no thats not how it works just stop trying to make yourself culturally diverse and pandering to minority population.

    • NotCausingAFight

      Noticing that something is racist is racist?

  • Filmexec

    Lets see the comparative Box-Offices before we talk ethnic groups? Let the ones with the best numbers get the next Jobs? That's all the Bean-counters care about anyway!

  • Ethan

    WTF is the point of this article? Stupid… and why aren't whites called caucasian, like african american as apposed to black?

  • angrygizmo

    In regards to race, the fact is there is an economic barrier. To become a director, it usually involves spending a bunch of your parent's money to direct your first short or feature. So, if $100,000 is the minimum entry fee to spin the wheel, you're going to get disproportionately less non-whites.

    In regards to gender, it's a proven fact that women are more risk averse than men. Therefore men rise to the highest (CEO) and lowest levels (prison). Anyone who thinks the genders are the same, and any result other than 50% representation represents a biased system, needs to ask themselves why 90% of the prison population is male.

  • Thors Hammer

    Directors get hired by their track record and how well they bring in the money. If you want their job you have to work hard and play to win. Race, Creed, Sex , or Sexual orientation should not matter, but then again if you piss off the Producers you are not going to work. In any business there is no level playing field. Your character is who you are, your reputation is how others perceive you. If you want to succeed you have to show up and do the work.

  • writAct

    That's because this business is ran by WHITE men who'd rather see a world directed by white people. That's the history of Hollywood. Always slowly tip toeing in the area of diversity!!! And its white people who get mad over articles like this that expose it. Then say”Can't we just be Colorblind”?? Must be the same white people running this business that think hiring white people is being colorblind. Its a constant imbalance of hiring people of color in front of the camera and behind the cameras. As long as white people are running this business the issue of hiring people of color is always gonna feel like picking cotton in the field. Pun intended!

    • FilmPunk

      You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. There's no conspiracy to keep the black man or woman down. This is about money. Studios make decisions based on money, nothing more.

    • KXB

      ‘People of color’ is a Bee Ess term that needs to go away, like Tyler Perry movies…

  • same ole ish

    Hollywood needs a De programming!! The reason this is still a problem is because Hollywood has always believed if you attach a black person, for example, to a big mainstream project it will lose its VALUE!!! Theyve kept this racist residue of thinking that they'll make more money if everyone is white. And its not getting better, its getting worse. Even in commercial advertising. 99% of commercial directors are white. 80% of the faces you see in commercials are white are ethnically unidentifiable!! That's another thing Who the f*** came up with ethnically ambiguous?? That's proof right there this business is going back to not wanting to see Color!! You would think having a black president would progress Hollywood's minds to see past color but it seems to be the opposite. Deep down they hate seeing a black face running the country. And unfortunately he is isn't a doing a great job at it. Hmm that might explain the regression in hiring faces of color. Damn Obama!

    • FilmPunk

      what are you talking about? Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Hallie Berry, Samuel L Jackson, Sidney Poitier. These actors pick and chose their roles. They are successful because people (White People) wanted to see them at the box office. Tyler Perry was the highest grossing artist hollywood entertainer last year. Number 2 was Oprah. Last time I checked they were both black. When Regis Philban left Live with Regis and Kelly the producers chose Michael Strahan (black). That was the whitest show in American and the ratings have increased. They chose him because he was the right person for the job.

  • Red Rover 1

    This is the most blatant, raciest article that I have read in a long time. Shame on the WRAP for race bating like this.

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    This article is completely correct. The only way there can be peace on this planet is if every white and jew man,woman and child is dead.

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    The WRAP once again shows their leftist progressive tendencies with this drivel. So Hollywood, home of the uber left, has decided that they don't like women or blacks. He's reality. Hollywood are hypocritical capitalist. They want the best people for the job, not a color or gender. Hollywood's color of choice is green (as in money) and if you make them money they'll hire you. Want to break in hollywood work hard like everyone else. Please WRAP stop writing this crap, you do nothing but divide people.

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    So, are there too many Asian directors in China?

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