Dailies | T-Pain Covers Lorde's ‘Royals,’ and It's Ridiculous (Video)

T-Pain Covers Lorde's 'Royals,' and It's Ridiculous (Video)

Remember that stuff about not being materialistic? Nevermind

Is a cover song still a cover song when it completely reverses the message of the original? Before you answer, listen to T-Pain's ridiculous but irresistible reworking of Lorde's “Royals.”

Lorde's version, which bowled over Grammy voters last month, is a bouncy critique of the kind of excesses you might see in a T-Pain video: “But every song's like gold teeth, Grey Goose, trippin’ in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin’ the hotel room/We don't care, we're driving Cadillacs in our dreams,” sings Lorde, before also mocking Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece, jet planes, islands, and tigers on a gold leash.

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Lorde (pictured above left) didn't call out T-Pain or anyone else by name, but she was talking about rappers. Adult contemporary singers almost never have tigers in their videos anymore.

T-Pain (above right) either completely missed Lorde's message, or more likely, heard it and didn't care. His version of “Royals” ups the excess.

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“Seems like yesterday we was drinking Crown Royal,” he auto-croons. “We ain't really give a fuck, now they try to hate on us, and I just party on my bus, let me see you get loose, girl. …  Work hard, play hard, money over everything.”

While Lorde has “never seen a diamond in the flesh,” T-Pain imagines what it would be like “if I didn't have diamonds on my chain.” He doesn't mention his timepiece, but it's probably just an oversight.

Lorde, four minutes for rebuttal.

Hear T-Pain's joyous, “money over everything” version:

And here's Lorde's bitter, sanctimonious original (Kidding! They're both just great):


  • Sooo Sensitive!

    It's unbelievable the number of people, including artists, who have gotten angsty over a song written in half an hour by a 15 year old girl half a world away – an honest song critiquing the state of pop / hip hop culture saturating the Top40, and the ‘disconnect’ she and her friends personally had with a lot of the lyrics in songs that they actually liked listening too! Just an honest observation from a very talented up and coming singer / songwriter who wrote that song 2 years ago. She's said in many interviews that she didn't know as much then as she does now, and doesn't think ‘Royals’ is one of her best songs…if she could, she would change some of the lyrics.

    • Sooverhaterpain

      T-Pain has nothing better to do than live off of someone else's music….isn't that his royal…ties (royalties) lol Seriously Lorde doesn't need to change anything about this song. The lyrics are perfect because that is how “rich” people live….not everyone wants to live like that no matter how much money is in our bank account. Partying every night, puking all the time, diamonds and blowing money…that's great if you like that life but don't knock those that don't haterpain. the only reason you have money is because you sing with other top artists …wait let me rephrase that you're featured in other artist's albums, you don't sing…you HAVE to use the “voicebox”…if you write, then stick to it and quit bullying this young talented lady. As you see no matter what she sings, It's HER voice….not processed through a grinder like yours. Big Fan of Lorde. Young lady don't change anything…other artists don't change the lyrics to their music when singing or rapping…just because someone else doesn't like it…haters gonna hate…let the haters be your motivators…and all that good stuff…Just be you and the rest don't matter. get it girl!

    • Hella Yella

      she still released it tho? i guess the money was too good for her to be bothered to change the lyrics.

  • berk

    well done t-pain. you just advanced to an extra special level of idiocy

  • James From Miami

    So P-Stain is at it again. When he is not doing his auto tune fake singing, he is stealing someone else's song. Maybe he needs to come up with some money to make his house payments or something else that is very expensive.

    • Bstuff

      Don't hate- folks been stealing our stuff for generations …our turn

  • JackandKill

    Y'all are honestly so ridiculous. T-Pain's version is fun as fuck, y'all are seriously so fucking quick to hate on anything. Stop taking everything so seriously and enjoy catchy music, goddamn.

  • cindy fuller

    Thats Mr Golden Voice Right THERE

  • cindy fuller

    Is this the reason some of you on twitter…to spread hate with your miserable pathetic lives

  • jklowling

    I thought T Pain's take on it was basically similar to started from the bottom now we're here. He's not being original I guess but I don't think the irony is lost on him completely and his point was to be like yeah we talk about our money because it's like a rag to riches type thing when people say this kind of shit in hip hop. Their life used to kinda suck and they worked their ass off to get a “better” life which to some people means money especially if you grew up poor as shit. I don't know if Drake and T pain were actually poor or whatever but that's the idea of it. I think Lorde's criticism is still valid. A lot of mainstream rappers today think the point is to either have 10 chains and a bentley or to be a convicted killer/crack dealer. The real point of hip hop to me is just started from the bottom now we're here. You might have come from the hood or a bad life but you can get out and be whoever you want if you put your mind to it and a lot of people in hip hop today have just lost the point. But the main point was probably to just be fun and not take it too seriously..

    • Hella Yella

      so poor people who get rich are supposed to be somehow less materialistic than rich people who were born rich? and even though literally everyone is materialistic and believes status is tied to how much you own, rappers are somehow bad for being honest about it? okay.

      • jklowling

        you might not agree with that but that's basically what i thought tpain was saying instead of him missing the point of her song

        “But I don't care cause never ever did I dream

        That Teddy Pain would grow up and now we makin’ millions

        Got enough money to take care of our children

        And I don't care, cause we came from nothing”

  • Hella Yella

    lmao please lorde's old-looking ass was criticizing black rap/r&b
    culture and t-pain clapped back. it's not ridiculous at all.