Taran Killam on Twerking With Miley Cyrus in ‘SNL’ Shutdown Sketch: ‘I Was With the Master, Right?’

Taran Killam on Twerking With Miley Cyrus in 'SNL' Shutdown Sketch: 'I Was With the Master, Right?'

The NBC late-night show's featured player assures that Cyrus is “fully in control” of her career as she reaches for “icon status”

Much to the dismay of rap music video vixens around the world, “Saturday Night Live” star Taran Killam has crowned Miley Cyrus as the “master of twerk.”

“I was with the master, right? I'm on set with the master of the twerk,” Killam told Vanity Fair about the government shutdown sketch, in which he portrayed House Speaker John Boehner opposite Miley Cyrus playing an overly-sexual (what else?) Michele Bachmann.

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While filming the parody of Cyrus’ hit single, “Can't Stop,” Killam said he was given pointers from the master, and even unveiled the secret to success when twerking on the dance floor.

“Of course, pointers. And here, I'll reveal it — I'm sorry Miley,” Killam said. “But she said: ‘It's more about the ankles. You'd think it's about the hips, but it's not, it's more about the ankles.'”

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Killam also assured Cyrus is more than just a vibrating pair of buns.

“I can tell you she's reaching for that icon status, but she's fully in control,” Killam said. “She is. She's with it, she's funny, she gets it. Everybody was impressed. And she's got a fantastic voice.”

  • superwolfkin

    the thing about Miley is that she's NOT that good at twerking. She's popular for it. She's not newbie for sure but she's not good. I mean seriously head on down to The South and you'll see some twerking and by women who have the body for it. Everyone has limitations.. and for Miley twerking never looks that good. That's her limitation. Ya can't culturally appropriate everything.

    Although judging from the way people faun over it.. maybe you can.