Grammys: Taylor Swift Draws the Haters Out on Twitter (Photos, Video)

Was it singer's head-banging performance? Her dancing? Or when she thought she won Album of the Year? It's all of the above

People really dislike Taylor Swift.

The singer writhed and headbanged her way through “All Too Well” on Sunday's Grammy Awards — while playing on of all hard rock instruments, a piano. Rumored to be about her very short dating history with actor Jake Gyllenhaal, you'd think the spirited and unique (though let's face it: Tori Amos was doing crazy things on pianos before Swift was born) performance would have won the crowd over.

Watch the performance again above.

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I have to say that I was naive about the amount of hate that surrounded the 24-year-old country singer. But in the course of covering Sunday's Grammys, I searched her name on Twitter. What came back was an overwhelming amount of hater-ade.

It wasn't just her performance that rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way. It was her dancing and her face when she allegedly thought she won Best Album.


Thankfully for her, she has lots of fans willing to come to her aid — at least a couple have a TV show or a highly-read blog:



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But, they aren't as hilarious as her many haters — let's be real.

Read some of the the funny hate-tweets about T. Swift at the Grammys below:










  • brianc6234

    Screw the haters. They should all die!!!!!!!!!

  • Gina

    Good lord, about a third of the way down this article I thought, “a girl must have written this–it seems too personal, too hateful and jealous.” So I scrolled back up to the top and I was half-right, a girl and a guy wrote this pile of gossipy, evil garbage. You both suck, although I'm willing to bet the hateful, catty, jealous little girl did a majority of the “writing.”

  • melis

    people are just mean..leave the girl alone.. jealousy is hate and boy are they jealous

  • cameron

    Yes, people hate Taylor so much.. that's why she sells more albums than all the pop divas 2:1. The only female artist to sell over a million albums in a single week, TWICE. According to Billboard 2013 year-end touring chart, she had the highest selling tour in North America. Sold all 66 shows including Stadiums 9 that's 55,000 people per stadium show) . Beyoncé, sold-out 40 out of 59 shows. If you bothered to watch her performances on Youube , you would know she's been flipping her hair in concerts since she was 16. But of course, no hate for Beyoncé swinging that weave back and forth and sideways for 20 years,
    BTW, sold out shows in the UK and Germany next month.
    That's right everyone hates Taylor. .

    • Anon

      That would be because Beyonce looks good when she performs. Taylor Swift can't even find the rhythm during Drunk In Love, whilst Beyonce is tearing it up on stage, Taylor's out of time trying to act black, but is only blocking the view of the poor people in the seats behind. Taylor's hair flipping just looks so, so bad. If it's such an emotional song, sing it properly, don't take away from the moment by giving yourself whiplash so you look like you're really into it. She could take notes from Beyonce. People her own age find her irritating.

  • email2532000

    I don't even like country or whatever she does, but it's obvious she's extremely talented and will be around for a long time.

  • Shivam Murari

    Taylor Swift has never done a show which wasnot sold out, ever in her life! She is the only female singer to sell more than a million copies in opening week of her album release. She is the bridge between class and mass. Let the jealous hags say what they want. Taylor rocks! She is the best thing to happen to Hollywood Records in the 21st Century!

    • Ari

      I guess other, more talented female singers don't exist. Christina Aguilera ring a bell? Or how about Aretha Franklin? Taylor has a bunch of brainless 12 year olds on Twitter to endorse her and her music. If you honestly think SHE'S the best thing to happen to music in the 21st century, you need to rethink your entire life.

  • Jon

    She was totally channeling Tori Amos in that performance…nobody will ever have Tori's magic on the piano though.

  • Cass

    I just find her personality so annoying. Her music is good but she is awful