‘Teen Wolf's’ Tyler Posey Confirms Scott and Allison Are ‘Done,’ Teases New Girl (Video)

TheWrap speaks to the MTV thriller's stars about romantic entanglements and what to expect on Season 3B

“Teen Wolf” returned to MTV with a bang, and TheWrap‘s Jethro Nededog sat down with actors Dylan O'Brien (Stiles), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent), and Tyler Posey (Scott McCall) to hear all about brewing romances, Stiles’ rough journey, and what's in store for the rest of the season.

Posey addressed the obvious blooming love interest between Scott and Kira, the new girl in town (played by Arden Cho), as the love affair with Allison is officially over.

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“There's obviously this connection on the surface, but then you find out later in the season that there's a deeper connection between the two, which is really cool for Scott.”

As for O'Brien, his character enters a bit of a dark place this season, not leaving much room for romance.

“Lydia is always a part of Stiles, he's just got other things that go on this year… it's not a time for dating,” O'Brien says, referring to the nightmares and psychological war going on within Stiles.

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And how long should fans expect the crazy mental chaos storyline to play out?

“Until the finale,” Reed reveals. “It's all very psychological until the finale, which I love.”

Watch the video above for more on the romantic entanglements of Season 3B.

And below, find out more of what to expect this season, including a tease about Season 3B's big death.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

  • Valerie Hill

    Wow I hope nothing bad happens to Stiles, and I was kind of hoping Scott and Alison were going to get back together

    • Mel

      I hate no Allison and Scott for awhile them pursuing other interests is fine that's high school…BUT they better ultimately they better get back together ..I really hope they did some foreshadowing season 2 when Alison and got broke up and he responded ” its ok because I know we will end up together” BEtter happen

      • Valerie Hill

        I know!!! Scott and Alison better get back together. I love them two as a couple, just like Stephen Lunsford said last night on wolf watch.

        • Weecho

          she might die this season. :( she's not comfirmed for season 4 and jeff davis said that one of the core characters aren't gonna make it to the end of the season. if you watch her interviews she seems a little depressed.

          • Valerie Hill

            OMG don't say that pleaseee lol, I really hope she doesn't die :( . I thought they didn't know when season 4 was going to air though?

  • Valerie Hill

    I really love teen wolf though!! :)

  • angel

    well I do hope that Alison and Scott get back together I really like them as a couple, I so hope they get back together.

    • Valerie Hill

      Sameeee lol

  • Valerie Hill

    I think it's really cool that they are having Dylan Sprayberry joining the show, i'm the same age as him, lol

    • Weecho

      i know by his character description he kind of sounds like jackson

      • Valerie Hill

        Yeah he sounds like a younger jackson who might be a bit nicer haha.

  • Moya Rob

    Allison is cool and all but am so feeling Scott and Kira!

  • Sara Waggoner

    I want Scott and Allison to get together so bad… I cried my eyes out when I found this out, Jeff cant do this to his fans… Look how cute they are together… Please Jeff get them back together…

  • Sara Waggoner

    I really want Scott and Allison to get back together… When i found out this I cried…… I mean look how cute they are together… (Please get back together, just please!!)

    • Valerie Hill


  • Maggie

    Scott and Kira all day! They're both supernatural and have an understanding of each other (Kira's going through the same thing Scott went through when finding out he was a werewolf), whereas Scott and Allison it was all just physical, another cliche high school romance with some supernatural occurrences of course. Anyways, I'm loving the attraction between Isaac and Allison, so whatever Allison and Scott had it was cute, like every teenage girl's dream but that's the past, too much pain and death (including Allison's mother's death) surrounds their relationship. Time for a fresh start and that's Kira!

  • vandana kumar

    i really want alison and scott to get back togerher in teen wolf series because they make up series more refresing and good to watch.please jeff its the viewers choice so please cast both of in the teen wolf series…