Dailies | First ‘Expendables 3' Trailer: Wesley Snipes Has ‘Lots to Digest’ (Video)

First 'Expendables 3' Trailer: Wesley Snipes Has 'Lots to Digest' (Video)

…including rockets, bullets, explosions and laughter

“Blade” star Wesley Snipes is back in action in the first trailer for “The Expendables 3.”

The action consists of him wondering what the hell is happening, while new pals Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham have a good laugh.

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“Lots to digest,” Snipes says in the preview (above) that teases new cast members Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas, Kellan Lutz, Kelsey Grammer and Mel Gibson. There are also lots of explosions, bullets, cigars. And then some more  laughing, because barely escaping Death's clutches is hilarious to these guys, apparently.

The third installment of the Lionsgate action franchise hits theaters on Aug. 15 with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews returning. Bruce Willis was allegedly too “greedy and lazy” to reprise his role.

  • Benjamin Roussey

    I hope they do not stereotype any place like Expendables did in the 2nd one with Central Asia. That entire scene looked like a movie set.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • Benjamin Roussey

    I like Stallone. Good to see Wesley back.

  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • Benjamin Roussey

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  • http://www.michaelpshipley.com/ Michael P. Shipley

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