‘The Sound of Music Live’ Reviews: Critics Think Carrie Underwood's Acting Is Biggest Problem

'The Sound of Music Live' Reviews: Critics Think Carrie Underwood's Acting Is Biggest Problem

Underwood underwhelmed critics, but at least they gave her credit for trying

NBC aired a three-hour live performance of “The Sound of Music” on Thursday and audiences absolutely loved tuning in to talk about it, even if it wasn't all that good — as more than a few television critics declared.

The adaptation of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical following a woman's journey from Austrian convent to governess was produced by  Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, and starred singer Carrie Underwood as Maria Rainer and Stephen Moyer (“True Blood”) as Captain Von Trapp.

While director Robert Wise's 1965 film adaptation of the 1959 Broadway spectacular won five Oscars, including Best Picture, this version probably won't be winning any Emmys. The biggest problems noted by critics seemed to be a number of technical glitches, and Underwood's acting.

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“The strength of the songs and of her own vocal talents pulled her through when she was singing. It was the speaking that did her in,” USA Today's Robert Bianco wrote in his review. “The eyes went blank, the voice went flat, and Maria turned to wood. It left her unable to establish any chemistry with her Captain, Stephen Moyer, who was shaky himself. And without that, the romance that propels the story makes no sense.”

Washington Post critic Hank Stuever agreed that “it's impossible not to notice that she can't act,” but identified other, more experienced culprits participating in the production, as well.

“She wasn't alone — others who ostensibly have more acting experience, especially ‘True Blood's’ Stephen Moyer in the role of Captain von Trapp, struggled with a format that is all but alien to today's TV,” Steuver wrote. “Even stage veterans — like Laura Benanti, as Frau Schrader, and Christian Borle as “Uncle” Max Detweiler — gave the production a sense of professionalism but not shine.”

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Critics made sure to note, however, that Underwood never really stood a chance at impressing them because she was facing inevitable comparisons to original Tony-award winning Broadway star Mary Martin, as well as Julie Andrews, who received an Oscar nomination for the same role.

“To say that Underwood was no Julie Andrews is one of life's greatest certainties, and maybe it's not fair to compare the two stars. But the truth is that millions of people tuned in Thursday night to do just that, compare Underwood to Andrews… and then throw her off an Alps cliff when she didn't measure up,” Daily Beast critic Kevin Fallon wrote. “Underwood's performance, however, really just underlined what a tricky role Maria is to pull off, and how astounding it is that Andrews managed to do it.”

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AP critic Mark Kennedy also piled on Underwood's lackluster performance before giving her “full credit” for having the courage to even try to compete with Martin and Andrews.

“The only real problem was the real reason most people tuned in: Carrie Underwood … sang well as Maria but her acting inexperience was laid bare. She had zero chemistry with her love interest and lacked any intensity or shading,” Kennedy wrote. ”Theater lovers mocked her on Twitter but the only reason we got to see this Rodgers and Hammerstein masterpiece on TV was Underwood. No one is about to build a live network musical around a Broadway star, alas.

Every critic was able to find at least one favorite moment — Audra McDonald singing “Climb Ev'ry Mountain” was a common highlight – but couldn't endorse NBC's overall attempt to mount a full-scale live musical for the first time in more than 50 years. People critic Tom Gliatto likened the holiday special to  ”a snow globe with scarcely any flakes.”

“You could turn it upside down and shake it, really shake it,” Gliatto wrote. “But no magic ever swirled around that plastic Alpine scene.”

  • Mega Oceanus

    We thought this was an excellent production and we did cut Carrie Underwood some slack for her first time acting, but we filled up with tears, when she went back to the Abbey and her eyes filled up telling the Reverend Mother how she felt. We felt it was refreshing, uplifting and loved the way they changed the scenes. We deliberately tried not to compare her to Julie Andrews. We looked at it with new eyes, as if seeing it for the first time. Kudos to all who made this possible.
    Also, I think people today have become jaded by too much information and crass entertainment. The critics aren't always the ones to listen to either. I bet the general public really enjoyed this production!

    • Lynn

      Uh . . . what?

    • lovemusic

      Did we watch the same show?

      • Mega Oceanus

        Yes, but we didn't ” see” the same show. We chose to look for the good and enjoy it. We chose to also dismiss the flaws and accept the effort of people to bring a live production to a new generation, who may not ever have the money to see a live show. NBC did a great job bringing this story and time of history into anyone's living room.

        • Bob

          I totally agree with you that it was a wonderful show. People have to learn to watch the show and learn from it. I have seen the original with Julie Andrews and the road shoe version with Mary Martin. For a “Live Television Show” this was as good as could be expected. We should not criticize the inexperienced actors when they attempt to do their best. I would think that anybody that watched the show would think likewise.

    • joyj

      GOOD JOB…AGREE TOTALLY…AND……..ENJOYED IT THOROUGHLY…even with some flaws!!!!!…….

  • Mary

    Kudos to Carrie for attempting it. But she was pretty awful. It was very strange to hear Maria with a southern accent. Her Captain wasn't much better either.

    • Broadwayfan

      I really enjoyed it.
      Carey was very brave to do this and I think she did a great job.
      I hope this is the beginning of a new musical era on TV with other
      productions going on live in this manner.
      We need to bring back the era of the Live TV Special that everyone watches.
      My compliments to all involved – including the set designers.

  • Joanne

    I totally agree with Mega….This was more like the Broadway Musical…I actually thought Stephen Moyer was worse…very wooden and stern acting, never soft, and he is an actor, so lets cut some slack for Carrie…Enjoyed Audra with her beautiful voice. Overall, I thought the production was good …and I enjoyed it. Compared to what is on TV nowadays it was refreshing to watch a program that did not stress sexual situations or silliness masking as good writing…..

    • Donna Mentrasti

      Moyer WAS the worst. Just awful….loud, aggressive, irritating, and phony sounding throughout, etc. When a leading lady is in her very first acting experience live in front of millions without a safety net, it would be nice to have a costar to at least complement you, and experienced enough to help bring the best out in you. He failed miserably in both.

  • Tarap71

    I personally thought she did quite well. Shes not an actress, never claimed to be, but one thing she definitely is, is an extremely talented singer. I didnt hear any southern twang as you call it, but then again, Im used to her singing voice. Lackluster performances? Granted, Im sure if I were looking for mistakes, I couldve found them, but I definitely was watching to enjoy listening to my favorite singer, perform a play of a movie I have seen so many times, my son was telling me to stop singing. Yes, they had 4 months practicing, but then again- dont most movies have that much prep- and then have the option of reshooting if someone slips up? I saw her slip in the forest and thought, as I giggled- classic Carrie- girl after my own heart!! But she caught herself, and kept on singing, not missing a beat. Anyone panning her needs to cut her some slack- shes a singer, not an actress and acknowedged herself that she had some mighty big shoes to fill.

    • Kate McGarry

      I agree….but to say she “never claimed to be” an actress when she clearly took on one of the most beloved roles of the last century is kind of ridiculous. By signing up to do this, she indicated that yes, she considered herself to be an actress. Otherwise she would stick solely to albums and concerts. However, I agree that she deserves a lot of credit for even daring to take this on. My hat is off to Carrie!

    • Lynn

      She's a singer with a harsh, forced tonal quality — very, very ill-suited for this sort of thing. Pitiful, pathetic and embarrassing.

      • kaye V

        I didn't bother watching, I saw a clip and what were the producers thinking? Frist, this is a true classic you don't mess with a classic plus Julie Andrews lost her vocals no way if I were a singer remake this movie. Can you imagine how Julie Andrews thought? I think this was a total disrespect of Julie Andrews and the Von Trapp Family.
        Movies That should never be re made or Part 2
        !. The Way We Were
        2. Forrest Gump
        3. Gone With The Wind-I think there was a part two a mistake if so I could think of more-what a mistake.

      • Rog

        kinda like your comments. jealous much?

        • Candiiey

          lmao you're an idiot.

    • Sound of Music Fan

      So if she's not an actress, why did she take on the acting role? I've seen other musicals performed as concerts (notably “Les Miz”) and they were wonderful. This was a waste.

      • Rog

        but yet you watched!! LOL

        • lovemusic

          of course this person watched, Carrie Underwood was in it. She did not make a good production.

        • Aphrodite

          People would have to watch in order to make a judgement. The performance blew, you're just being a troll.
          Get a grip!! LOL

  • Donna Mentrasti

    I hate critics! I wonder how many actually listen or watch with their hearts….very few I'm sure!

    • Lynn

      I usually listen with my ears, watch with my eyes. Then I ask my heart whether it's moved. Last night my poor little heart just responded with a pitiful whimper. I felt so sorry for it, I changed the channel.

      • Orion

        I changed the channel too. It was boring. I prefer the original.

    • Michelle Eavey

      critics are just people that FAILED to achieve anything on their own and they base their view on how they alone “viewed” the performance.

      • Aphrodite

        Everybody's a critic, same with you, otherwise you wouldn't be here expressing your opinion about ‘critics’ – Do you think that you ‘have FAILED to achieve anything on your own’ ? SMH

    • Aphrodite

      So you saying you ‘hate critics', yet you just displayed a negative
      “judgement” about ‘critics’ which is exactly what a critic is……OMG! I
      swear people are getting dumber by the day. SMH

  • David Perkins

    Okay, so what the critics said is that Carrie Underwood shouldn't quit her day job. That means she'll have to go back to being just a multi-platinum selling, six-time Grammy winning, sixteen-time Billboard Music Award winning nobody. The poor thing, those critics are so harsh! (But seriously, I'd give her an Emmy just for having the guts to attempt it. Bravo Carrie!)

    • Kevin

      Yeah but the Grammy wins are in Country categories. Everyone knows that Country is the lowest form of music. So, yes she won. But on a curve.

      • Mega Oceanus

        I never heard country music is the lowest form of music. I think it really speaks for the heartland of our country. Some of the music today you can't even understand the words!

      • Rog

        Kinda like you are the lowest form of human? LOL go back to your mothers basement.

  • Jean Zdunczyk Davis

    I loved it! Carrie was great. I plan on watching it again I DVR the show.

    • Lynn

      Ooo-wheeee! I'll bet you all are from Carrie's home state. You all have fun now re-watching that mess of a show.

      • politicallie

        Ya, once was more than enough.

      • Dave

        Wow are you effing bitter or what, you elitist gash!

      • Rog

        Looks like your family tree has no branches there Lynn.

        • DonnaMarie

          You seem to be pretty nasty to anyone who disagrees with your adoration for Carrie and/or country music, Rog. I thought it was almost painful to watch because of the horrible acting but go ahead and tear me apart, too. You've shown your intolerance already so it's expected and will be ignored.

  • notsoundinglike music

    This whole production was a stinker. There were a few bright spots, but there better be to get through 3 hours or boredom. Carrie Underwood is no Julie Andrews or Mary Martin, was not before and certainly was not after this program. The vocal arrangements of the music made it abundantly clear to me that these people were not capable of achieving the music ranges of the film production. The actor who portrayed the captain was just plain awful, he may hv done capturing the role of a tree on that expensive sound stage. Casting for this production was F.

    • Rog

      must not have been too boring, you watched it all. LOL

      • lovemusic

        A fair person WOULD have watched the whole thing in order to give an objective critique. Just because someone watched the whole show do not make it a good one.

    • Aphrodite

      I have to agree about the casting being an “F”. I would think if you wanted a great production the ‘popularity card’ would of went out the window because the “Sound of Music” is classic in itself….but this is was happens – it flops.

  • Patty T.

    This was a very disappointing production. Carrie does not have the acting chops, there was no chemistry between her and Captain Von Trapp nor the children. Even the music was somehow tinny and the actors voices seem disembodied. Even the tempos were strange. Also, if you are going to air a live show – have an audience! The actors would have benefitted from their presence and applause and it wouldn't have seemed so “empty and hollow”.

  • Rae

    I thought it was great! Anyone that can sing like that and do that live without any mistakes should be praised, not thrown under a bus. So much negativity!

  • papafrita

    Please lets all; the super critics, hollywood(yes with small letters) and all the ones that rather glorify sex, violence and bad taste in these days (that sells, right?) Give them a break, please! We all know the Julie Andrews version is top and a classic. But they did their very best and should be commended and NBC as well.
    They brought something positive to our lives.Specially the boomer generation who saw the first one.Some probably would have love to see sex, violence, bad taste. That sells; not kids singing and dancing with adults. Remember; this story setting takes place during one of the most tragic, somber and violent times of the human race; commend them; they did their very best.

  • Kenneth Williams

    Finally taken down a peg. Carrie is the worst…yet people buy the crap out of her music. They give her tons of record sales…why?.couuntry music, rap, soul music today, is all garbage. And frankly, carrie is not that great of a singer..I don't care what people say. Carrie is no lorretta lyn, dolly parton, just because you have big voice and stay on key most of the time doesn't mean you have that certain quality. …not quantity. Carrie is blessed to be white/blonde/attractive with a big voice in country music. Which is not meaning much.

    • Elizabeth

      If you don't think much of Carrie , I beg you to watch her on You Tube singing How Great Thou Art , with Vince Gill . I get goose bumps every time I see it !

      • Candiiey

        YOU get goosebumps…that doesn't mean the world agrees with you or has to.

    • CeCe1

      Really?! You're comparing Carrie Underwood's talent with Lorretta Lyn and Dolly Parton?! This girl has more technical chops in her pinky finger than either of those two ever had and the pure sound and nuance of her voice is light years better.

      • leeann

        Dolly has an amazing voice and great technical ability. I agree about Lynn, but she is more authentic and to be fair had no training. Carrie had the benefit of training.

        Dolly and Lynn are Old School country singers who grew up in tough circumstances in rural America. Carrie is more of a pop singer and IMO not as gifted as Parton nor any more technically proficient.

        • CeCe1

          Carrie is from a small town in Oklahoma where she too had no training. It's like comparing apples and oranges. End of discussion.

      • Candiiey

        Yeah if ya like cats scratching on your shingles at night ;)

    • karla

      Only a black person would be jealous of a white girl who can sing better than Lorretta Lynn.

      • She Codes

        I'm not black and I agree with him 100%.

  • barb

    There are certain movies and musicals that should not be tinkered with and The Sound Of Music is one of them. When a production/cast is extremely well done/talented the first time round…..then just leave it alone. It only provokes comparison which often is not fair.

  • supportall

    Critics is all they are and they are also IDIOTS.

    • Aphrodite

      So you are calling ‘critics’ IDIOTS, yet you just displayed a negative “judgement” about ‘critics’ which is exactly what a critic is……OMG! I swear people are getting dumber by the day. SMH

  • Mara

    Horrible. Thank you for ruining one of the best movies of all time. This had nothing to do with Carrie Underwood at all. It was Horrible on too many levels to even begin to mention!

  • NativeNewYorker

    Bravo to the cast and directors! Instead of running the Sound of Music on Broadway again….NBC brought Carrie Underwood and the talents of our New York Broadway to a LIVE 3 hour performance at our Long Island Grumman Studios. It was a well done theatrical undertaking, no different than a Broadway show, and with a larger and magnificent studio set…and no one had to pay $125 a ticket and we all watched it for free in the coziness of our own homes. Don't compare it to Julie Andrews and Mary Martin. It was a new, refreshing musical for this new generation! Loved it!

  • Joeiivail

    Carrie sings well but she should have practiced acting on a sitcom walk on role or a commercial first. Personally this story only speaks to an older crowd. It needed a serious update to make it relevant. Musicals are for a certian type of person. Carrie is too good for that type of thing. It was beyond boring and the kids were all homely and talentless! Carrie only did it to broaden her résumé! She flat out told us insiders that she wasn't doing it for the paycheck. She doesn't need it. She did it for fun. She's working on her album and needed something to occupy her off time! I say bravo to the much needed update. Christina aguilera would have been better though. Vocally, no me touches Christina's voice. Everyone can agree that she has it some pipes on her carries voice is great and my forced like the previous idiot stated. Forced for broadway style music? Yes! She blows the other country females out of the water. She's a shy and introverted person and I think that came across on live tv.

  • http://allthingsareyours.wordpress.com/ Heather Goodman

    Carrie seemed to be trying to put her own personality into the performance – the problem is, the culture and personality of a southern evangelical gal from the 21st century isn't quite the right personality for Maria of Austria in 1938.

    • AnnInFL

      Carrie Underwood has NO concept of what is means to act a role. You are not supposed to put your own “spin” on a character, like you would bring your own style on a remake of a classic song. You are supposed to BECOME the character. The only part of yourself that you draw on is the emotions. You have to BE Maria by imagining what her life was like growing up in the mountains of Austria. She was humble, reverent young girl, naiive, secluded, in awe of God's natural beauty and the music arising from the Abbey, that inspired her. She had a dream, but needed the courage and self-confidence to seek and find her true purpose in life. She was NOT overly confident, bold, and brash, as Carrie Underwood projected. He meekness was gradually overcome by her true love and concern for the Captain and his children, nurtured and guided by the loving wisdom of the Reverend Mother. It is very beautiful, human, and complex role. I am disappointed that Carrie Underwood did not have the sensitivity, intelligence, humility, and imagination to bring Maria to life.

  • Kevin

    Yes, Underwood's acting was a cringe-worthy, as was Hoyer's. But I still somehow managed to enjoy myself. Everyone already knows that this doesn't nearly compare –and was never meant to even touch — the brilliance of the film. It's like seeing a children's play of A Christmas Carol. I can enjoy the play, and it still doesn't ruin Dickens for me. Grow up people.

  • Barry Bridges

    There are many, many takes on different scenes in movies and sitcoms. Carrie had one shot with with it being live with no previous acting experience. I say she did pretty darn good ! Put her in a movie and give her 10 chances to get a scene just right and she will do it !

  • mimiabelle

    love this article. Carrie fans are foaming at the mouth “she was great!” “don't talk about our carrie!!!!!!!!” Ugh. she was horrible. Still a nice person and great country singer though. I like her, too. just not as Maria. That was a disaster that coulda been avoided.

  • Aphrodite

    I feel that who ever did the casting for this play did a poor job. The scenes I did see were so stale that it made me feel like I was watching a high school play. I rapidly lost patience to continue watching so I just changed the channel. #sorrynotsorry

  • Zenkiea Hjerpe

    After reading some of these comments, I'm really proud that we choose not to have network or satellite tv in our house, only internet. Carrie, Hun you are a beautiful girl with an amazing country singing voice. That aside,now it's time for me to tell the truth and shame the devil: Please leave Musical Theatre, Opera to the professionals and most of all , acting! If you stay out of all of those genres you will do well.

  • Jo

    I watched and never compared this production to Sound of Music the movie. How many retakes did Julie Andrews get until it was perfect. No snub to Julie she is one of my favorites. This was a live play and as such will never sound like a movie. I thought Carrie did a good job for her first acting gig but other “actors” not so much.

  • yvonne

    carrie underwood knew going into this that she would be putting on a live production show and a lot of critic would be out there to get her and destory what she needed to do to bring joy to others. I just found out about my sister having stage four cancer and this show reminded me of us went we were young. LISTEN PEOPLE TRY THIS YOUR.. SELFS SEE IF YOU CAN DO IT.Life is to short let go and thank carrie underwood and her friends for a little happiness in this world today

  • gone

    Stop trying to redo something that is already perfect.. she doesn't fit the part…

    • Rog

      You do realize this was based on the play and not the movie don't you moron?

  • gone

    Christopher Plummer would have laughed at this,… he was perfect for his part as was Julie Andrews…No more stupid stunts please…………..of Carrie Underwood.

  • Dorie

    She did a great job,considering what she was up against and with no previous acting experience. However, nobody mentions anything about the director(s). If they felt she was lackluster in rehearsal, why didn't they encourage more emotion? Don't blame it all on Carrie.

  • lovemusic

    I tried, I really tried!!!!!; however, the show felt rushed and unemotional. Stephen Moyer looked scared to death through most of the show. There was NO chemistry at all between he and Carrie. I did not compare the actors to the ones in the 1965 movie; it was just a poorly executed show. Reverend Mother sounded like a gospel singer, too loud and too stern. I really enjoyed the children, all were great actors and singers. I do not think that the producers will be able to get backers for future “attempts” of TV musicals. The ratings may have been great due to the number of people who wanted to see Carrie Underwood; however, I doubt they were that impressed.There was such an atmosphere of tension, I felt like I needed to breath for the actors.

  • D. J. Fone

    As a country singer, Carrie's a superstar. As an actress, though, this Underwood's just a bedeviled ham.

  • sapphirre

    I was really disappointed with this, all the weeks of hype leading up to it and it was just a big let down, the children singers were fabulous but thats about it.

  • Cathy Connally

    I think Carrie did a great job. And people need to quit picking her acting apart. Give her a break. Julie Andrews gave her a thumbs up.

    • winner

      Julie Andrews just stated that she has not seen it!!! Where did you get your info….the internet??

  • Joseph Richardson

    Well….she at least was better than Pierce Brosnan

  • TheBobs

    I watched the first 2 hours – then I just had to change the channel. I have a modern, hi-def TV, good soundbar….and yet it sounded like they were having problems with the mikes or sound system. There was just something “off” about the sound. The sets and costumes were very good – very professional. However….

    I've been to a LOT of Broadway and off-Broadway musicals in my time. I even saw a touring production of Sound Of Music with Richard Chamberlain as the Captain… This TV production was not the worst musical production I have ever seen (a very strange production of Sweeney Todd where the actors also played the instruments comes to mind – but I digress), but it was not the best, either.

    Stephen Moyer was AWFUL. He was mechanical, wooden…he had no chemistry with Carie Underwood. The Max and Countess actors were very average and I'm being generous. I actually thought Underwood's singing was quite good, but she seemed breathless in some scenes such as Do, A Deer, when she danced around the stage. I did not think there was much chemistry between her and the children, either.

    I think the person who REALLY shined was Audra McDonald! Wow, can that woman sing. But – and not to sound racist – there were no black Mother Superiors in Salzburg, Austria in the 1930's. It was just kind of strange seeing her in that role. But SHE was the best performer, in my opinion.

    • joy j

      I agree with YOU …liked your review…and Audra was the best, though I wondered the same thing about Austria…..also agreed with your evaluation of Stephen Moyer…he really WAS terrible wasn't he?? I couldn't quite pin it down….but the energy that some of those scenes must have taken was something…where Carrie was almost breathless…I really think though that people also forgot it was a ‘play'..not a ‘movie'…at least some of my friends who commented negatively even about the scenery..and I thought it looked good! Anyway….thanks for your expertise…appreciated it instead of all the slams!! …Joy j

  • disqus_OsFI5rPg7e

    I wanted to like the show but gave up after about two hours. Cast was disengaged from each other. I am not going to slam Carrie Underwood because I wasn't expecting much from her to begin with. Acting is not her forte. Moyer as Captain Von Trapp was beyond bad. Laura Benati as Frau Schrader was pleasing to look at. The kids were a mixed bag…some Ok some not so. Overall a C minus production.

  • JOY J

    Joy J………..I am tired of hearing of all the complaints! NO …it was NOT Julie Andrews..but…..it also was a STAGE production…I think many people FORGET that, so it doesn't look like the movie…….because it is a PLAY PRODUCTION!! CUDOS to the cast for pulling it off, even with the flaws. Carrie Underwood's voice was wonderful, tho she lacked the acting experience, but watching her, knowing that it was LIVE ..made me appreciate how much ENERGY some of these scenes must have taken!!!…..and how EXHAUSTING it must have been……….GREAT TRY TO ALL..IT BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES OF LONG AGO when I FIRST SAW IT……THANKS!!!!

  • lulubird

    The reason Carrie Underwood was chosen for this role is because of name recognition. Without that, not nearly as many would have tuned in to watch and NBC knew it. Carrie is not an actress, she's a celebrity. I am certain the producers could have found an excellent actress to play this part who could also sing. It is not Carrie's fault they cast her in a role she is not suited for. And, in light of that, she did her best to try to fill the shoes of Julie Andrews, but that is an impossibility.

  • Gaily

    My 81 year old mother and I enjoyed sound of music with carrie Underwood equally as much as the Julie Andrews version. We were moved by Miss Underwood's performance finding it to be real and genuine and heartfelt and it was LIVE! Everyone did an outstanding job for a great story such as The Sound of Music

  • Lea

    But…she just sang a mean-spirited song regarding Affordable Healthcare Act on latest CMA. She acts like a spoiled and naïve child full of phony Jesus love. This is what's called a reality check to learn from to direct future efforts, if she can cut herself lose of her ego and denial and her self-imposed ideal of perfection that herself, parents and handlers have led her to believe she is. Perhaps she could learn the reasons why PRIDE is the mother-lode of all deadly sins instead of covering her perfect ears.

    • leeann

      Yes I saw that. I was going to cut her some slack for the “mean people need Jesus” comment but no more, not after she proved herself such a freaking hypocrite.

      She gives Christians a bad name frankly. She shouldn't be invoking Jesus to defend her weak acting performance.

      I bet she's a Birther too.

  • Dick F

    I loved it!! Carrie Underwood, her beauty, voice and obvious love for children,
    combined to make this presentation outstanding. The children were great. No bad comments please. You can not compare a movie with real scenery to a on stage musical.

  • Nonya Biz

    Sick of so called critics. Who are these people anyway? The critics only supposed talent is criticizing others. As a fan and a viewer; I enjoyed the production with my daughter. We enjoyed the music the most. It was not a movie it was a musical. Get over yourselves critics. The viewers and fans are who matters. Because of us NBC set ratings records. That means commercials exposed to viewers, which means money to many companies. Go crawl back in your holes. You are only jealous because you didn't make it in show biz. You can't sing and you can't dance and you can't act. All you do is bitch, bitch, and bitch.

  • Lecia

    Carrie is not a trained actress. She was SURROUNDED by professional broadway singers/actors. The show was off balance because of her wooden performance. Her voice is good. Not as good as the woman who played the baroness or mother superior (or Andrews) NBC and all networks, WAKE UP! Yes, we want to see another production like this again, WE WILL TUNE IN IF YOU CAST A BROADWAY STAR IN THE LEADING ROLE. YOU DO NOT GIVE YOUR AUDIENCE CREDIT! YOU DO NOT HAVE A SHOW WITH A LEAD THAT CAN'T ACT! HELLO! Again your show will fall flat if you cast your lead on the merit of popularity vs TALENT! GOD, AND YOU PEOPLE ARE PAID SO MUCH MONEY!

  • Cailan

    Fans these days are such fanatical morons they can't even admit when the object of their insane devotion does something truly stupid like star in a live production when they have no acting ability and make absolute fools of themselves on a live broadcast! Their fans make them look like even bigger idiots when they defend such stupidity. Attacking people for having honest valid opinions makes it look like they have brain dead fans is all…

  • BillK

    I think there is an interesting comparison with the film adaptation of Les Miserables from last year. If you remember back then, the film (which many thought should never have been made), was criticized for casting Russell Crowe because of his less than stellar singing ability. Les Mis has a story, like SOM has a story. But for most of us, Les Mis is about the singing, and the criticism back then was that strong singers should have been cast, as this was way more important than the story.
    Roll ahead a year, and now we have the producers electing to cast a strong singer (Carrie) over acting talent, and now we hear that the story and acting was the critical production decision- that we needed a believable Maria.
    I will say when it comes to Rogers and Hammerstein, for me it has always been about the singing. The stories are not complex – it is the music that we take away. I must admit when watching the SOM last week, I had forgotten that Climb Every Mountain was from the SOM, and I had seen the film several times- years ago for sure- but it just goes to show how the music prevails long after the story is forgotten. I enjoyed Les Mis, and I enjoyed SOM. And I think millions of others did also. Carrie is not a great acting talent, and Russell is not a great singer, but that does not mean there is not a lot to treasure in these productions.

  • Jen

    Carrie is a soulless robot. Her talent is mediocre. This was a shame, better if it werent attempted. Stage actors and singers are embarrassed, they work too hard to perfect the show with pride. Run to Jesus, Carrie, make it about religion not secular talent lmfao

    • creeper

      And Faith Hill's legs are better.

  • She Codes

    Frankly, I wish America would allow people to stay in their talent lane. Stop trying to turn models and pretty women into “singers”. Stop trying to turn singers into actresses. Stop assuming that actresses can sing. A triple threat is a RARE THING… and give genuine triple threats a chance to shine.

    • She Codes

      You will find such people on Broadway… and your limitless advertising budget can be used to bring those people to the forefront of these productions. People WILL watch… all actors were nobodies at one time too.

  • Cobra : )~

    Well obviously a lot of you did not watch THE MAKING OF THE SOUND OF MUSIC the week before The Live Performance !! Hmmm let's see 6 weeks to prepair on a very small budjet should show you Negative Folk just how Carrie and everyone involved from the little ones to the Adults Kicked it's Ass !! Julie Andrews was a True Diva However, She's an Actress and why not enjoy the Classic and yet get a feel of a younger crowd ?? Carrie honey looking forward to seeing you Grow as an Artist and now you can walk with a little more Swag !! I liked them both The Classic and The Youth so we'll leave it at that. Happy Holidays to you all !!

    PS Did you all notice the little slip walking down the hill side while singing in her debut ?
    Carrie almost fell but, was able to catch herself and stay in key without losing her note and continuing to sing. I'd like to see somebody else try that.

  • GalPal

    I thought Carrie and the cast did an exceptional job on the SOM. It's sad that almost immediately the fangs were out against this production because it was wrong to remake the movie or replace Julie Andrews. To which, NBC had no plans of doing either but remaking the Broadway play and bringing back family entertainment. I wonder how many takes it took the actors from the movie to get that scene perfect for the director or to perfect that musical number. This was a live 3-hour production and I thought it was good. Julie, I am sure, after her singing Lonely Goatherd and being out of breath had the opportunity to regain her composure before the next scene. Carrie never professed to be an actress but you know you have to start somewhere and the girl can sing. Thank you NBC and to the cast and crew for an enjoyable evening.

  • Don Thompson

    Take any other singing artist, who has little.acting experience, give them the script and 14 weeks of rehearsals
    and throw them on the stage “live” to perform for 18 million viewers and watch the meltdowns begin.
    Few could have come close to Carrie's
    Wonder how many retakes there were in the original movie? Carrie had no second chances on live tv.
    Give her a little credit!

  • bubbah

    I too enjoyed it, although I spent most of it hearing echoes of Mary Martin & visions of Julie Andrews throughout the latter two interfering …would live theatrical TV not better do new works not leaving us crestfallen…?