Sharon Osbourne Tells ‘View’ Hosts to ‘Go F— Themselves’

Sharon Osbourne Tells 'View' Hosts to 'Go F— Themselves'

“The Talk” co-host says she still holds Barbara Walters in high regard

Sharon Osbourne has a new set of public enemies: the hosts of rival morning talk show “The View.” Except for Barbara Walters, who Osbourne adores. Everyone else, including Whoopi Goldberg, can go f— themselves, Osbourne said.

“The Talk” co-host expressed her sentiments while appearing as a guest on an installment of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” which is slated to air Wednesday. During the appearance, Osbourne and her co-hosts drank from what appeared to be red Solo cups often used at college keg parties. The fiery Brit's rant began when Hall asked what differentiates “The Talk” from “The View.”

Julie Chen diplomatically began by saying that “The Talk” doesn't discuss politics or debate, only for Osbourne to dramatically gulp down the rest of her beverage, toss the cup away, and let loose.

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“Stop being polite! Cut to the fucking chase!” Osbourne said. “The situation is: Barbara — idolize her, divine, she is super-human. I love Barbara Walters. The rest can go fuck themselves!”

“The View” is still beating “The Talk” in the ratings, although Osbourne's show has recently narrowed the gap. Meanwhile, “The View's” ratings have decreased slightly compared to last year.

“The View” had no comment on Osbourne's, um, suggestions.

Watch the video:

  • Matt Clayton

    Sharon has some big cajones. That's what I love about her.

  • Genevieve

    That what I love about Sharon, She says what she thinks. It how she feels, And that what I love about her!

    • Angel_3

      She is a BULLY! Big difference between speaking your mind and intentionally being rude!!!

  • Osbourne lover!

    Most of these “fuckers” need to be told that! Superlative! We need more Sharon's like that in this world! Actually Matt, Sharon has a big vagina, they can really take a pounding! (NPI)!

    • Thomas Stusek

      Then fall in it!!

  • cahartley

    After the way that witch talked about Susan Boyle she can go F herself. If she hadn't married up she wouldn't amount to a hair on Boyle's chin.

    • Angel_3

      DEFINITELY agree!!!

  • matty

    Good for her, A phony she is not. By the way what ever happened to Joy Behar? I'm sorry who cares?


    Don't know what caused he tirade, but Lady Sharon is nobody's fool. She doesn't molly-coddle anyone. So…if you don't want the truthful answer, don't ask Lady Sharon!

  • me

    Seriously? I think it's good to be true to yourself and speak your opinion, but I also believe that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Why does her opinion matter?

  • Thomas Stusek

    She needs her mouth tightened as well as her vagina-and any other orifice she's got. One thing to speak your mind-another to be a classless c#nt. Period.