‘The View’ Debates Whether Lena Dunham Is a Comedian After Controversial Molestation Joke (Video)

'The View' Debates Whether Lena Dunham Is a Comedian After Controversial Molestation Joke (Video)

Co-hosts call Lena Dunham's comedy credentials into question after her controversial tweet

Lena Dunham found herself in hot water Tuesday with several co-hosts of “The View,” who questioned whether the “Girls” star was a comic in the wake of a controversial joke she deleted on Twitter.

Dunham's controversial molestation tweet took center stage on “Hot Topics” as Barbara Walters panned Dunham's joke saying she thought making light of that kind of sensitive subject matter was never funny. Co-host Sherri Shepherd argued that outrageous comedy can sometimes work with the right people but not Dunham, who in her eyes, was not a comic.

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“Number 1, Lena Dunham is not known as a comedian so therein lies a big problem,” Shepherd observed. “Because you've got comedians who in a comedy club can make a certain joke. You've got a Sarah Silverman, Lisa Lampanelli, Chelsea Handler. They're known for doing a lot of risqué. So if they did something like that, I don't think it would surprise anybody.”

“Let me ask you a question,” Walters asked Shepherd. “They can be funny and they can be off-color and so forth. But is molestation ever funny?”

“But she's not known for that, Barbara!” Shepherd interjected. “Yes! I've heard people make those kind of jokes!”

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“I would never find it funny,” Walters opined.

“If Chelsea Handler made a very risque comment even something like that I wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea said it or Lisa Lampanelli. I might even laugh. Because that's what they're known for doing. Lena Dunham is known being a feminist, empowering women, so that is a contradictory (sic)!”

Jenny McCarthy asked guest Jeff Ross if those kinds of jokes ever worked.

“I think jokes in context are always okay,” Ross contended. “I mean, laughter comes from pain. If we don't make fun of the darkest things in the world, then comedians aren't doing their job. So hats off to Lena.”

“But she's not a comic,” Whoopi Goldberg argued.

“She's not a comic!” Shepherd chimed in.

“She *is* a comedian, because she has a comedy show,” Ross affirmed. “She roasted Howard Stern at his birthday party. She's a comedy writer.”

McCarthy added that victims of molestation would not find Dunham's joke humorous.

Watch the women of “The View” over Dunham's comic cred below:


  • Michael

    Brandi Glanville's molestation “joke” didn't go over very well when she tried it, probably because she isn't a comedian either.

  • Judy

    this is akin to saying the Holocaust is funny! SOME THINGS simply are not appropriate to joke about!!

    • Cthulu

      We'll wait while you post an official list.

  • Newzheimer

    Lena Dunham is not a comedian, it's true. She is an overrated, entitled millennial who purports to speak for her generation and lashes out at anyone who questions anything she says and does and calls them misogynists. She's a piece of work. And not a very pleasant one, at that.

    • Cassidy Robinson

      Bitter gen-Xers and baby boomers needed to invent the mythical “millennial” boogyman to fit their crotchety “back in my day” narrative. YAWN.

      • Proud Grandfather of 12

        Back in my day when you were molested you took it like a man! If you were lucky the priests went one at a time!

  • Pat

    She was terrible on SNL and featured a racist stereotype in one of her sketches; the same one that eviscerated the ‘other’ in society without giving it a fair shake, let alone a word in edgewise. (MRA)