‘Thor 2' Is a Rom-Com … in Jimmy Kimmel-Land (Video)

'Thor 2' Is a Rom-Com … in Jimmy Kimmel-Land (Video)

Say hello to “Thor Actually, ladies”

Sure, you might have thought that “Thor: The Dark World” — opening in the U.S. on Friday — is an action-packed superhero flick. But the evidence that it's actually a romance-driven film continues to mount.

First, there was the steamy fan-made poster that featured the hammer-wielding hero Thor and his half-brother Loki sharing a loving embrace. And now, Jimmy Kimmel has given a rom-com twist to the new release.

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On Thursday's episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel suggested that Marvel had revamped the film as a romantic comedy in order to draw more female viewers — and then rolled footage to demonstrate just how that would play out.

To the strains of the Katrina and the Waves chestnut “Walking on Sunshine,” carefully culled scenes from the Chris Hemsworth/Natalie Portman film while a cheesily familiar voiceover lays down the premise.

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“Jane Foster was looking for love in all the wrong places, until a blast from the past came out of nowhere to sweep her off her feet and make her wildest dreams come true,” the voiceover states. “Sometimes the strongest force in the universe is love.”

The name of the superhero/rom-com mashup? “Thor Actually,” obviously.

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Check out the birth of a bold new hybrid movie genre in the video: