The Tiger Woods Apology Scorecard

Scoring scorned golfer’s press statement, hole by tricky hole

The media paused to watch Tiger Woods read his apologetic statement on Friday, and then promptly began its dissection — microscopic, frighteningly thorough, and ultimately unnecessary. (Did you know ESPN had a “body language expert” on call? Neither did I.)

That’s not to say it wasn’t darkly fun, though.

Here’s a handy scorecard to Woods’ apology (each hole labeled with what he needed to do, scored accordingly), adapted from the Masters’ course at Augusta National — one many feel Tiger will still play this year.

So by my count, Tiger’s in the clubhouse with a one-over-par 73 (+1).

Not a championship score, but luckily for him, his public rehabilitation has many more rounds to go.

Remember to sign that scorecard, Tiger, or the round doesn’t count!

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