‘Titanic 3D’ First Hollywood Film in Decades to Get Myanmar Release

'Titanic 3D' will be seen in Myanmar has instituted political reforms in recent years

"Titanic 3D" will sail into Myanmar on Aug. 17, becoming one of the first major studio films to be released in the Southeast Asian country in decades, according to its producer Twentieth Century Fox.

The re-release of James Cameron's romantic drama will hit Myanmar (also known as Burma) through an arrangement with  the Mingalar Company. In a statement, Twentieth Century Fox alluded to the political reforms taking place throughout the country as part of the reason for its decision to open the film there.

"In recent years, we have entered markets such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea," Twentieth Century Fox International co-presidents Tomas Jegeus and Paul Hanneman said in a joint statement. "We have noted with great interest the reforms taking place in Burma under Thein Sein and look forward to visiting our newest territory when we travel Asia later this year."

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Though the country was notorious for its human rights abuses and repressive regimes, it has begun to makes its election process more democratic and has released some political prisoners. Burma was previously controlled by a military junta, but following elections in 2010, power was ceded to elected officials — though many of them still have ties to the junta.

Since its re-release last spring, "Titanic 3D" has grossed nearly $344 million worldwide, bringing the lifetime worldwide total for the film to $2.19 billion, to date.

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