Dailies | '90 Day Fiance': Can This Mormon Missionary Hold on to This Brazilian Beauty? (Exclusive Video)

TLC's new reality series delves into the murky waters of international romance

TLC's new reality series, “90 Day Fiancé,” examines the world of international romance.

Five couples allow the show's cameras to follow them as they reunite in the United States and hope that a special 90-day visa for fiancés provides enough time to seal the deal on their marriage.

In TheWrap's exclusive preview, you'll meet one of the five couples on Sunday's premiere: Alan and Kirlyam.

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They met while Alan, 29, was on a religious mission in Brazil. A devout Mormon, he and Kirlyam, 21, have only really seen each other a few times and they've saved sex for marriage.

The move to the U.S. will be a huge change for the Brazilian beauty whose hometown doesn't even have running hot water.

Will 90 days be enough for the couple? Or will Kirlyam realize she has made a major mistake leaving her family and everything she knew for a man she barely knows?

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Watch the preview above.

“90 Day Fiancé” premieres Sunday at 10/9c on TLC.

  • Xavier_Ninnis

    Brazilian beauty? The poor gal is frighteningly gaunt. Yes, I know that obesity is at epidemic levels within the US, and without doubt carrying too much weight is unhealthy, but flirting with malnutrition in order that one may be fashionably, “heroin chic” thin, is certainly no better.

    • Logic

      I think you're a little off base. She's naturally petite and doesn't look malnourished to me. She doesn't appear to wear much make up, but has a very naturally beautiful face. I don't think the Mormon boy will be able to keep her. He's obviously very interested in her. I'm not picking up the same level of interest in him from her though.

      • lefttoright

        I kind of get that from all of these couples, but I don't want to generalize as I was in the same boat once.

      • WTF

        I think as of now she loves him but I think she's smart enough to recognize he's becoming creepy.

    • Cory Stereo

      “frighteningly gaunt”? Are you kidding me? I'm beginning to see why we have such an obesity problem in the US. Not only is “fat acceptance” becoming a civil right (what's next; “untreated cancer and HIV acceptance”?), but now we're teaching our children that girls who take care of their bodies are sick? GTFOH!!

      Firstly, for all you know her BMI could be an on-point 18.5. I know fat people like to attack BMI as “worthless” because they can't get theirs below 40 (reminds me of Marilyn Wand; a morbidly obese woman who invented a scale with “positive phrases” instead of numbers!), but BMI is actually one of a group of tools that, when used in conjunction with one another, accurately measure overall health.

      Frankly, as long as she's getting all her nutrients and is eating 1500+ calories a day, any nutritionist will call her healthy, not gaunt.

  • anjealka

    He is 29 & she is 21. Mormon men leave on missions at age 18(maybe 19 if they are finishing a school year). The missionaries are not allowed to be over 23. So when did he meet her? when he was 23 and she was 15? There is something very fishy about this story. I live in Utah and have run across many couples that met on missions(even look at Elizabeth smart who was 21 and met a 22 year old on her mission & they married) but they met at similar ages. I have never met a couple who met on their mission with such a significant age gap.

    • twentyfivemanroster

      Actually the age is 19-27 for males as per lds about dot com

      • anjealka

        That is the old information. The prophet had a revelation about 3 years ago that men were to leave at 18 and the cap was 23. The church established new singles wards with a push to get married by 25. The new ages have caused a huge shake up in our school district (which is very LDS) because of the age being 18. I asked a local bishop and he said 18 the recommended age, 19 is easily accepted, but over 21-23 has to have very special reasons to go. The church does not want grown men (for this very reason, it is much harder to have grown 25 year old men hold back sexual feelings for 2 years). 2010 was the last year a 27 year old could be in the mission field, and they had to start at 25 in 2008. Do we really think this guy waited 3 years for her? Something is just not adding up.

        • twentyfivemanroster

          so it was a few years ago it changed. He could very well have been there then. Still doesn't mean she was a little girl.

          By the way. A story from 2013 says age is 25 max not 23 and that women have no age limit.

          • anjealka

            23 is the max age you can leave(with very special reasons) meaning you are 25 when you finish. I asked the bishop and the reason have to be very extreme after age 21, like a terminally ill parent or an illness you had yourself(which almost 100% means you will stay in the US for a mission). I asked on a local Ut moms group I'm a member of and no one there understands the ages and no one could come up with a plausible situation. I guess we will have to wait and see if what TLC shows us or what leaks from other sources.

          • Anthony Knight

            look you both wrong. it's NOT 23, never was, never will be and it's not even 25. the oldest you could possibly leave for a mission is 26. occasionally 27 depending on the circumstances. women can leave at whatever age they wish. the age was before 19. but now if you have finished school you may leave at 18. and women at 19. I am a member of the church and served a mission in Brazil as well. i knew MANY missionaries above 23, so that's just an outright lie, or misinformation.

          • anjealka

            I asked a bishop today and he said as of 2011, it was 23 to leave that would mean 25 to come home but he was advised to be very very careful approving anyone over 21 and he has not, and it is for this very reason. Older missionaries are more likely to be distracted by women on their mission or at home. This mission program has really changed in the past few years. My husband went on a mission in the 1990's and there were many over 21, in fact his AP was 27. Isn't the whole point of a mission suppose to be the gospel not finding a wife? I hope that Alan just tells the full story then no more guessing? I know my husband belongs to a website with his mission & connects with others he served with. Maybe Alan would be listed on a missionary reunion type site?

          • Illis

            You're cult is strange. None of you are on the same page with your rules… The guy is weird and has low self esteem because he's Mormon and his parents treat him like shit. Crazy belief systems create strange adults. Missions… pfft, they're like a hall pass for getting some strange. By the way, how many illegitimate kids does your husband have from his “90's mission”?

          • anjealka

            I'm NOT Mormon! I married an ex-Mormon and live in an area that has a lot of Mormons. I came here to write my thesis(went to catholic school for 13 years!) and my parents retired here. I kept my research going kind of as a partciapant observer. My husband went on a mission because his dad died and he wanted to get away after having a lot of family responbility. He never converted anyone and was here in the states. he knew by the end of his mission, the church was not for him and never went back. No extra kids, sorry!

          • bobbie

            I just left the church after being in it for 10 years. You can mission anytime but they expect you too by a certain age.

          • Kristin Lynn

            This would explain why she is able to get married in the temple if she was an investegator if his. And I would feel a WHOLE LOT better knowing he didn't court her on his mission which makes this mission website idea much more plausible. Do we know they met on his mission??? Maybe they met on LDSSingles!!! :)

          • Datha N McCrea

            Well they didn't get married in an LDS Temple. The whole wedding scene was totally not an LDS temple wedding ceremony. No one goes in the back door, there is no walking down the isle, no officiator at the front of the room, no cameras. The bride and groom arrive together or close to the same time and meet with a Temple official. I could name another dozen things but the whole “Temple Wedding” for these two was bogus.

          • Kristin Lynn

            Ahhh, ok. That makes sense. I didn't. Watch the episode. I was going by the preview they kept airing. San Diego temple in the background him saying she's late. Them showing him coming through what I THOUGHT looked like a back door, which I thought was wierd if they were entering the temple. Not to mention, cameras in the temple!! Who ever thought that was allowed!? Not me! I need to watch these episodes, but I can't find the show “on demand” anywhere. Not hulu, not att on demand. Haven't checked Tje networks website yet though. Maybe there!?

          • John

            Who fucking cares?! Seriously! Alan is a geek w/ a Brazilian wife who accidentally bounced into a modeling career and he's freaking out! Those are the facts! Who gives a fuck what the missionary age is! They've both surpassed it at this point! Is this guy gonna fuck up his marriage? That's the damn question!!

          • some truth

            he will lie cheat and steal before he lets her go . that could not be my sister or daughter . he is a creep plain and simple . she needs to hit big in modeling and tell him to marry his mom or sister or another Mormon

        • Mel44

          Actually, you can still be 27 and go on a mission. Im married to the bishop ;-) just to clear that up. Nothing fishy folks.

          • Kristin Lynn

            THANK YOU Sister!!! :)

          • John

            Thank you Mel44! My dad's a mission pres, I saw all this crap on here and personally asked him. 27, and there is even special provisions for more than that. There is a divorced elder in my home town, right now:)

        • some truth

          ask yourself how a racist religion let's a almost 30 year old man marry a 21 year old Brazilian . I believe the religion just started letting minorities join hummmmmm.. I smell tuna

    • Kristin Lynn

      I'm MORMON. It is really weird that he is so old coming off a mission. Men are usually 21-26 when they come home. The motion that LDS men can't be older than 23 is not true. Many converts have gone on missions older than 23. He is not a convert though. At least it doesn't look like it. Chaperones are used to keep the couple accountable to the law of chastity that we choose to practice as members. It keeps people from spreading rumors about the couple, because they have a chaperone and also keeps them out of a situation of being alone where passion could take over instead of them thinking clearly. She is a member, she has been for at least a year. This I know because they are having a temple marriage. It's only available to worthy members that have been a member for at least a year.

      • apreciah

        Worthy members…a little cultish.

        • John

          God Damn it! Mormons are not a cult! It's the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! No personal beef, but fuck people! As a political science professor…nothing makes me more upset than mislabeling an over 13 million member group! You cannot begin a truly objective study if your facts are wrong and you are fully subjective! Let's get this straight…Alan is a tool box. Who would want to be w/ him anyway? But he's not in a damn cult!

          • Begum

            sorry but all religions are cults in one way or another

          • some truth

            cult cult cult . and yes I know all about your cult . I bet this is the guy from the show . CULT

    • Lilmama04

      I agree! Im in utah also and if they met while he was serving his mission? confusing!

  • lefttoright

    …I swear I've seen the girl from Colombia in adult videos before. This show's probably fake. They all speak pretty well in English too.

    • Ana

      Pfft, what about people that look a lot like? Personally, she reminds me one Russian actress (count that she is over 40 on the pic). In Russia most of kids start to learn English in elementary school, I believe in other countries too. English is an international language, you must learn it if you want to succeed in career, and just travel without difficulties in communication. If they would speak pretty good Chinese I would be surprised too ;)

    • Begum

      yes the colombian girl looks like she has been in the adult industry way to long.

  • Lola

    I don't see this one lasting. He's already displaying jealousy issues and self-control. He needs a chaperone? What are we, 12? Ridiculous! And what about his jealousy because she was taking pictures with a Depp look alike. I see control issues here and that does not look good for her since she is in a much more vulnerable position than he is. She is too pretty for him but she doesn't know any better because HE is the one they sent to Brazil, unfortunately. And the religion issue. Too many problems with this relationship. And that guy from Oklahoma sends my gay-dar spinning!

    • lefttoright

      Russ ghey as hell. What country boy from the OK is like that?

      • Meghan Gregory

        Im form Oklahoma asswhole have you ever been I actually live in tulsa city limits witch is 10 for Owasso

        • Tammy Nicosia Hubatsek

          Please tell me OK Public schools teach basic spelling and sentence structure?

          • HeyMan

            Well I suppose this thread wouldn't be complete without someone bitching about grammar on the internet.

          • lynne

            I'm from OK and you'd be surprised what can pass as education here. I was homeschooled and went to a public high school and it wasn't the same.

        • John

          Ya Meaghan! The guy is gay! Who in the oilfield acts like that? He's freaking gay dude! Get over it! He ain't showing up on my rig all pretty boy! You should watch your tongue!!

          • Meghan Gregory

            Ummm I dont need some guy telling me what to do I am a grown women I have to wright to say what I want to say so back the fuck up

          • Annie Kiser

            Well, at least you can spell the “f” work. Keep on keepin’ it classy. Wright, grown women? LMAO

          • Meghan Gregory

            Shut the fuck up bitch you are probably a yankee

          • Annie Kiser

            I think you should kick this nutcase off disqus.  Don't want her ever contacting me again.

          • some truth

            Ok we have one of those … loud mouth are you even dating ??? I look at you and run woof woof … now go back to the feminist forum

    • Ana To Find

      OMG finally I read someone saying something about the Oklahoma guy. I thought the same thing!!! I also think the brazilian girl might be in a bind. I think she is absolutely adorable. She also seems to come from a very tight family, probably very sheltered and naive. She is very bubbly and happy and with a jealous guy, disaster seems to be looming.

    • Ana

      Handsome guys usually bring too many problems and drama, it's better to choose smart and reliable ones ;) she is not blind,I believe she has seen better looking and worse looking than he is. It's not like she had a contract to marry first Mormon guy that comes to her town with a mission, she chose him. She developed feeling to him based on his personal characteristics. So I wish it will work out for them.

      • some truth

        it looks to me that he knows without a doubt that he is taking advantage of a little girl . she sees the big city life from her small town . he knows if she becomes self reliant she will leave him . she is sexy young innocent all the things that make her easy to control . that guy will use his religious beliefs to control her . Oh and by the way she can kiss that modeling career goodbye he is putting an end to that .. the guy from Oklahoma is funny and not in a joking way . she is sexy but I would send her back to Columbia . can you say gold digger .. and she makes it obvious that she is all about attention ..

    • erin Vogler

      He is hay for sure did u see the beanie babies in his closet. ..

  • Joe

    The guy from OK is either Bi or Gay. And look at that stupid haircut, what's up with that?

    • John

      Thank you !! Jesus! Someone said it!

    • Sparkey55

      Shame on you…he is nothing anywhere near either. That guy is as straight as they come and you could see they are in love….man are you guys jealous or what because they met in Colombia and most women there are beautiful. I know my nephew is marrying one.

      • Begum

        you must be paola lol

      • some truth

        most women there are beautiful ???? most look like short fat hairy women with hair lips .. beauty is a unique feature in all countries and race .. there are plenty of ugly women everywhere . and my opinion is Latin American women don't age well at all .

    • Begum

      the guy is ok but i hate his fiance “tas tas tas” annoying bitch

  • ana

    “What the heck?”, I thought when I saw Goiania, when they showed it like a poor village. To the author: come on, when you write an article and you state that there is no hot water, can you Google it first? I lived there for couple months, and there is hot water, and there are more tall buildings than probably in your hometown (excluding New York though). She might be from poor part of the city, but it doesn't mean the whole city is like that. Anyway as we say in Russia men should be a little bit more attractive than a monkey, and guy from LA is not bad looking, he feels insecure, because his parents make him feel this way, his own mom is curious what did this Brazilian beauty found in him, that's where the roots come from, he just needs support and love of his parents.

  • kira

    Hope it works, mormons are very nice guys. I met one and i loved him , didn't work but whatever. i'd invest if i was close .Very hard to get into his society i felt. I still in love but i don't know how to act with them. good lucky girl

    • Ana Jenkins

      They don't really like non mormom girls. If they do they try their best to avoid them. It hurts and make you feel confuse. You don't know how to act. You open your heart but the put a wall you don't know if the problem is the church or if the guy is not into you. The way they grow etc…. Very difficult to understand.

    • Joey

      Mormon guys are very nice? I'd say most are hypocrites and lead double lives. Look at Travis Alexander (Jodie Arias's Ex), he was a prime example.

      It is clear that Alan will NOT make this girl happy, she is way too good looking for him! and he knows it and sees the writing on the wall! Even his mom looks like they are just holding it together until the marriage is finalized before they show their true colors.

      • Kristin Lynn

        Wow Joey!!! Way to judge every Mormon after the very troubled Travis Alexander. What's your religion or belief system. Let me go find some crazy messed up situation with someone that believes the way YOU do and then ASSuME EVERYONE in your little world is the same way. SAD!!!! We are smarter than to stereotype aren't we???

        Kira, it is not hard at all to mesh into the Mormon world. We live among the same world you do, we just have different moral beliefs than a lot of others. If the man you love is still single, go for it!!!! Good men are rare in this world!! :)

  • Ana Jenkins

    i think the brazilian girl should go back home. If she's not mormom it's something that's not going to happen. The family will not aprove and i don't believe the mormons like non mormons girls.

  • patty giorgio

    I don't hink the problem is his religion or cult in the case of mormonism. She is beautiful and hopefully someone can help her get away from him so she can try to become a model. The whole idea of chaperones is ridiculous. His parents seem very nice, but he's kind of creepy. The Russian girl obviously has anorexia. She won't eat in front of others and excuses herself to the bathroom when around food. For him to be expecting sex so soon when they have been on the same continent for 5 minutes is disgusting. He needs to open his eyes to her problems and not just his blue balls. The Phillippino woman needs to tell the ex-wife freak to back off and mind her own business. It may also be a good idea to introduce appropriate discipline with her two brats as well as a healthy diet. I don't blame the Brazilian girl for moving the Eagle Scout out from Mommy's home. Now she can walk around in her undies whenever she wants to, (I think future father-in-law would have liked to see her in her undies). . Even if the guy is gay, he looks pretty happy with all the sex.

    • Illis

      Best comment ever. Spot on.

    • John

      Mormonism isn't a cult Patty. While I agree somewhat w/ your assessment, the dumbest thing you could do is call Mormons “cult members”. Jesus Christ. Learn some facts

      • some truth

        cult cult cult cult cult cult . now get your facts straight and present them with sources references and not some creep from you crazy church . and the bible is not a reference book .

  • Dudefromky

    I don know if anybody picked up but I swear it looked like Alan was packing a double sided dildo in the first episode on his black bag it was like black and red

  • WTF

    Alan is creepy and has potential abuser written ALL over him. The look of sheer panic when he couldn't reach her by phone when she was WORKING…ZOMG.

    I don't think he truly cares that she's “ok,” I think he's just scaring her out of doing stuff he doesn't like.

    Why be so crazy jealous of art and creative directors?? They're looking at her as a PROP for their photo, and she's VERY good at this. They're not sitting there fapping to her pics, they're professionals. Why not embrace that you have a fiancé that is absolutely GORGEOUS. You're only pushing her away by being so pushy and psycho.

  • Lorena

    I'm so upset with the image they trying and “lying” about the city of the Brazilian girl came from. I came from this same city, there is a capital as big as New York City…and yes we have hot water, international airport.There is universities, shopping malls, etc. Maybe this girls came from a modest family that couldn't afford much luxury. But in Goiania, Brazil if you have the money you could live a much better life than here in USA.

  • Jul

    The Brazilian girl doesn't come from a small town with no hot water. Check out “Goiania” on Wikipedia; Its sister city is Seattle. Stop working the poor beggar angle…

  • Hello me

    They are already married I remember seeing wedding pictures of them. I don't know when this show was recorded but I went to facebook and I didn't find their profiles anymore.

  • Datha N McCrea

    I noticed the previews of this show and because there was talk of an LDS Temple wedding I was curious how they would handle it. Well they didn't. The whole Temple Wedding scene was completely bogus. I can't imagine the motivation for this. My first clue was when she was late. Most couples travel to the temple together as they must meet with a Temple official before the ceremony. No cameras are allowed inside the Temple. The “ceremony” was nothing like an official temple marriage performed in an LDS Temple. ????

  • BenFranklin

    All of the guys were obviously inexperienced with women and awkward. If you compare all of the situations I actually think these two have the best chance of being married for a while at least. I think the Russian will split when she gets her green card, the Filipino will get tired of the ex and lack of finances, and the Columbian will spend too much money or party too much.

    • John

      Word up brotha!!! I agree in full!

  • Sparkey 55

    I really think his being Mormon and his jealousy because Mormon's do not want their wives to be showing any skin, neither does the church, he pushed the wedding up to control her as she makes a very beautiful model and should pursue her career but with male Mormon's being the head of the house I do not see this one lasting.

  • Sparkey 55

    Russ from OK and his girl are a definite match and in love..he is NOT gay for gosh sakes. I would give anything to have a man shed tears because he is marrying someone so beautiful and who cares for him so much they would do anything for each other and they have. Where do you guys get off calling him gay? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Bonnie Jean Nero

    there are a lot of ugly people commenting here…..ugliness that comes from within is pitiful and disgusting!

  • Begum

    I dont think she loves the guy, (he is nice and ok looking) but she loves the life he can give her in the USA. After couple years of working on her modeling, learning English and her way around, she will dumb him slowly but surely.