Dailies | TLC's '90 Day Fiance': Paola and Bacon Don't Mix (Exclusive Video)

The Colombian city girl and her potential in-laws begin to clash on Sunday's episode

Four's a crowd when you're living with your potential in-laws on Sunday's episode of “90 Day Fiancé” on TLC.

Paola, the Colombian beauty engaged to Oklahoma oil worker Russ, is finding that things aren't going well after moving in with Russ's parents.

She's certainly taking it in stride. But, her big city habits are starting to clash with the family's conservative views.

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In TheWrap's exclusive preview, it's one inconvenience after another that comes to a head at the breakfast table – lingerie is apparently not acceptable breakfast attire for Russ and his parents and bacon isn't an acceptable breakfast food for Paola.

Also on Sunday's episode:

Louis brings Aya home to Indianapolis, where she is forced to confront his blue-collared lifestyle, and meets his ex-wife and boys for the first time. Kirlyam takes a trip to a salon where Alan learns she's been referred to a modeling agency. And Aziza proves tough to please as she and Mike scout locations for their wedding reception. The couple hits a pivotal milestone in their relationship.

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Watch the preview above.

“90 Day Fiancé” airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

  • Lorie Ferguson

    Can't stand Russ's mother and why in thw world does Aya have to meet that creepy gothic ex-wife? Ugh

    • Nanny State

      Louis should have a ring in his nose………the way his ex wife drags him around……… she still wears the pants in that ex relationship………

  • Nanny State

    Paola's not going to be around long……….not with Russ's mother……..wow, sour controlling,…… yeah, you have to learn to cook and eat bacon, so you can get fat like me………..needs to run away from that future mother in law ……..fast……………….

  • luly

    I just wanted to point out, I'm from the same hometown as Kirlian and the show has been portraying it as a poor village without hot water or efficiencies, where poor country Kirliam comes from. Absolutely wrong! It's a town with 4 million ppl, modern, with same efficiencies as in the U.S, including hot water, one of the greenest cities in the world.
    As to Aziza and her fiance, someone please bring him back to reality! So she only wanted to have sex with him after she saw him talking to other girls? As in “shit! I better have sex to lock down this green card”. Hmmm and what's up with the eating thing?
    And Paola is playing Russ so well that I have to applaude her. Poor guy will be broke so fast…
    For Aya, I hope she has a plane ticket back – 2 rowty kids and an ex wife weirdo controlling her fertility? too much, man

    • Fiz

      Yeah.. I've been to several places in Brazil and agree with you. It has everything that we have in the US. Kirlyam is from a RURAL zone far removed from city life and they should have portrayed that better otherwise viewers will think that the entire country is like that.


    Paola, if you are in need of a new sugar daddy. : ) Mamma needs NEW SHOES LOL all the way to to poor house. Dump him for richer man.

  • Lida1022

    What bacon did she eat that still had hair on it? Yuck