Dailies | TLC's '90 Day Fiance': Paola's American Dream Didn't Include the In-Laws (Exclusive Video)

Reality settles in for the Colombian city girl on Sunday's new episode

Things are starting to get real on TLC's “90 Day Fiance.”

On Sunday's episode, the international couples are settling in to their American lives and there's still a lot to get used to.

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Russ, 27, and Paola, 26, for example. He's an all-American oil worker raised in a small town in Oklahoma. She's a city girl from Colombia. He was working abroad when they met at party and it was love at first sight.

In TheWrap's exclusive preview, Russ introduces Paola to her new home – which happens to also be where he grew up, his parents’ place. That's bad enough, but Russ has something else he needs to break to her.

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Russ and Paola are one of five couples who allow the show's cameras to follow them as they reunite in the United States and hope that a special 90-day visa for fiancés provides enough time to seal the deal on their marriage.

Watch the preview above.

“90 Day Fiancé” airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

  • steve

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    • yohomie

      You seem like an ugly of dude who couldn't find a woman on his own continent….or either an ugly old dude who wants a woman way too young and pretty for him…so rather than date in his own league, he goes and buys one. Loserville.

    • Rebekkah

      You do sound like a loser, Stevie! We young women want older (Viagra) men about as much as you want older women. When your purchase gets her citizenship and finds a new man her age, you are welcome to cry on my shoulder.

      • soctal

        i couldn't agree more! so many of these guys are such hypocrites! they want younger women, but don't want older women, but insult younger women for not wanting older men!

      • steve

        First of all i dont look 49 i look like im in my 30's i happen to be an 8 out of a 10 till this day thank you LOL and im in great shape because i have been working constrution for along time I own a well todo construction company rebee And if she does leaves ill just go back and get a younger one LOL No only kidding!! yohomie is right i was looking for a really pretty girl could'nt find her here. so i met a really really pretty girl in colombia. Listen you want great food you go to a great restaurant.Colombian woman to me are the most beautiful girls in the world. And to SOC i had alot of older woman they just used me for sex they already had there family . I was on match for almost 10 years thats alot of woman and its steve not stevie for people that dont know me

        • des

          If older women wanted a man just for sex, they sure wouldn't go for a man in his mid to upper 40's. They want a younger man who doesn't need viagra. You're full of baloney.

          • steve

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          • des

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          • Gabriella

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          • steve

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          • des

            I was going to ask you the same question.

  • Reality Shows are Ridiculous

    His mannerisms just scream closeted to me. Upcoming episode: Imagine Paolo's dismay when she finds out Russ would rather be with Paul than Paolo. Also, Fat boy Louis from Indy gets defensive when he's smirked at for the 8,563rd time when he tells someone his “fiancé” is Pinoy. Next, culture shock is the word of the day when beautiful rube from boofoo Brasil learns that hardcore Mormonism isn't as fun as Alan made it out to be.

    • me

      Yes I also believe he may be gay. Its just a feeling I have.

    • Nana

      You spelled Brasil with “s”, proper Portuguese!?

      • Reality Shows are Ridiculous

        No, but I can wish…. that girl sure is beautiful and I hope she gets to get back to her family before becoming a depressed American trapped in an unfamiliar culture and indoctrinated in a domineering religion.

    • claud

      I was thinking that he might be straight but metrosexual guy who happens to fit every modern stereotype of effeminate gay men but being a part of an extremely homophobic cult where being closeted is the only way to stay in the community…well, I'd be shocked if he wasn't gay. His fiance is smokin', though.

      • Reality Shows are Ridiculous

        Yes, being that gorgeous also makes her an excellent beard. I'm not sure about the metrosexual tag though – I think you're much closer to the truth with the part about being closeted in a very homophobic part of the country.

  • Vegus capelli

    Vegus capelli
    first off just my opinion
    I think Russ is a simple guy
    I think he bit off more than he can chew
    With out telling Paola from the door
    How shit was going to be like tonight's episode.
    Russ could of found a cheaper Apartment
    That was in budget
    And I get he's a nice guy
    And doesn't want to loose her
    But I'm engaged and I'm a Man
    And I know how to say no to my fiance
    I very romantic to her and buy her things
    As she does for me
    But another thing He works
    She doesnt
    She needs a fucking job
    To buy clothes and shoes

    I see the types of guys she messed with
    Russ paola is a beautiful woman
    But you cant let her walk over you
    You guys need to sit down and
    Make sure your on the same page
    Cause the way its going youll
    Be broke..
    Cant turn agold digger into a housewife

  • Lorie Wallace

    Russ dump this girl she's out to get all you have when the money is gone for her life style your going to be history as well.

  • Elke Kelly

    Sorry guys, In my view Paola is a spoiled brat. Period.

  • Oceanhexe

    Mr. Oklahoma is in for it, he better get a second job because saucy Colombian Paola will surely take him for all he's worth. She likes too many “choes” LOL. I feel bad for the very nice guy from Ohio who has the ice-cold Russian to deal with. What's up with her refusing to eat the tiniest morsel, even at an appointment made specifically for the purpose of wedding food tasting? He deserves better! The Brazilian girl is very cute but I think once she comes out of her shell there will be issues with her fiance. I doubt he will let her model in peace. The poor lady from the Philippines needs to RUN not walk! Bratty step-kids AND an ignorant, tough ex-wife who actually had the gall to inquire about birth control since SHE had decided there wouldn't be any more kids? Excuse me? Aya is a nice person who speaks excellent English and can find a better guy than one who is broke and under his ex-wife's thumb.

  • Guest2014

    I feel so bad for Mike: Aziza used him to get to America! Remember the first episode: her work visa was denied. She was determined to get here one way or another…and found a sucker, poor Mike. She's clearly not interested in becoming intimate with him (and that's okay)…but she seems (to me through the TV) almost repulsed by the whole idea of being with him…and then on this week's episode, clearly not into the wedding plans at all–not the venue, the food…future goals (kids). Plus, she said she doesn't feel like they've spent enough time together to be intimate….yet she's still planning on marrying him?! Or so he thinks! Poor Mike got played!
    Now Paola…and Russ. From episode 1, I thought “Russ is gay”, but he's with this bombshell woman…and it seems they've been very intimate…so perhaps closeted is more like it…or bi. Anyway, Paola does seem to be high maintenance/possible gold digger…but she's my favorite out of all the Visa women.
    Kiryam and Alan: he's a control freak coupled with insecurity, and Kiryam seems…something's off there: seems interested in him, but could have ulterior motive for appearing so. Also, Kiryam, you won't be the next Gisele! For one she's about 6 feet to your…maybe 5 feet, and Gisele models need to be tall!
    Louis and Aya: Aya needs to tell Louis’ EX-wife to stay out of their business. Yes, can understand the childrearing part, but future children?! Aya seemed to be holding her tongue, so hopefully she unleashes it!
    I will be watching!

  • Michael

    I instantly saw the gayness in Russ! it only took me 30 seconds…. at first I didn't realize it was a reality show about straight marriage I thought it was about gay marriage! (that's how gay he comes across! all I am waiting for is for him to confirm it by using the word “fabulous!”)

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      For you Americans “everybody is gay”. Say the truth, you could never ever get a real woman like the Colombian high-class girl, so you throw “gay” at the guy. The only “gay” thing about him is in the old sense, of being so happy to have intimacy with a woman that can walk circles around American fatties.

      • Mike Smith

        Dude, he has carebears in his closet… are you looking for a sign or something, because that's it. And as for everybody is gay nonsense, this dude is definitely gay, he feeds her calf testicles the first day of meeting her and it's obvious that he has no interest in women. I'm married to a Brazilian myself, and I'd take a Brazilian before a Colombian any day of the week.

      • Michael

        well ur entitled to ur opinion as am I. but I think I should point out how u r closed minded you are as well… I have what “society” assumes is an exclusively male name but I am female. see u assumed that just because my name is Michael I MUST be male but when I draw my conclusions about Russ being gay at least I know enough to make an educated guess! and don't get all high and mighty about Americans being anything but perfect because it honestly makes you sound even more like an ignorant, jealous foreigner…. :-)

        • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

          A “foreigner”? Dude(tte?), the Internet is not located in the US.

  • Eeshiee81

    TLC hasn't been winning any awards for its authenticity lately, so it doesn't surprise me that they have a gay man, trying to convince us he's straight. Oh yes son, not gonna work!

  • Professor D

    All the guys in this show are just pathletic. No carisma, no personality and then you add the fat ugly exwives and horrific conservative families. These women deserve much better guys than these slugs. The show really give americans a very bad name. I hope the gals all become citizens aqnd then get some interesting real men.

  • Bob

    Columbian slut rock OKie boy's world.