Dailies | ‘Breaking Amish: L.A.’ Preview: Lizzie's Mysterious Beau Speaks (Exclusive Video)

'Breaking Amish: L.A.' Preview: Lizzie's Mysterious Beau Speaks (Exclusive Video)


Viewers will finally get to know Hoj on Sunday's new episode of the TLC series

There are still more secrets to be revealed on TLC's “Breaking Amish: LA” as it heads into its season finale and reunion show next week. But, at least one secret is finally out in the open now.

Last week, we finally met the father of Lizzie's baby, Hoj. Shunned by her community, Lizzie was forced to have her baby English-style in a hospital rather than with midwives at a home birth as the Amish cast member wanted.

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At any rate, the hospital setting allowed the baby's father to be present and thus the show's big reveal of his identity. Not only is Hoj not Amish, he's black. And that's certainly going to create some precarious situations for Lizzie going forward.

Sunday's episode airing at 10/9c finds many of the show's cast members at a crossroads as they make some life-altering decisions after their experience in Los Angeles.

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Who will return to the culture they grew up in and who will decide to strike back on their own? And what will happen when Matt decides to bring everyone together for the first time since leaving L.A.?

In the meantime, watch TheWrap's exclusive preview below in which Hoj, a body builder and barber, reveals how he and Lizzie met:

  • afteru

    He is actually pretty cute and charming in spite of the stutter. I can see why Lizzie likes him. And I do like those muscles…

  • Jenny

    What Lizzie did to Hoj was WRONG!!!! This guy tries to do the right thing and she runs back to her community without even trying with him. Lizzie it's his baby to, GROW UP !!!

  • frank

    if this is all true, and Hoj is a decent man which he most definitely seems to be then Lizzie should be ashamed of herself. That child needs a father and he should fight for him.

    • Kate

      This is true, but the child needs a white father and a white mother. Not a mix of black and white.

      • Kerasi27

        You are a joke. An abomination to the human race.

      • Brandi Jones

        Wtf is wrong with you crazy racist bitch. I'm mixed Wtf is wrong with that

      • Aegys87

        Although it may sound racist, I have to agree with that, Lizzie is Amish and Hoj should know that before getting her pregnant IN THE FIRST PLACE….had this happen 50 years ago Hoj could have been hanged…

        • WhatFuckinEver

          BUT ITS NOT 50 YEARS AGO. Get over it.

      • Tee

        Fcuk you racist asshole

      • Tee


  • Ashley

    Does Hoj have a facebook or twitter page where people can leave him message of support? What Lizzie did was wrong on so many levels. Hoj didn't deserve that. I'm so disgusted with Lizzie and frankly the show for the fairly blatant racism implied in this situation. Add to that the glaring hypocrisy that Lizzie displayed to her brother and others after what she did.

    • Kate

      Yes, he does have a facebook.

      • Mina

        what is it?

  • http://www.timmalonenow.com Lowbar77

    Hoj seems like a decent guy and certainly didn't deserve what she did to him. Lizzy, you should be ashamed of yourself. I have never felt this bad after watching one of these shows.

    • Lorna

      I was upset too, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, maybe her brother will talk some sense into her.

  • Vicki Wizard

    I feel so bad for Hoj – it's so unfair to have his family broken up because she needs her family to help with her new baby. I pray he can somehow be a part of his baby's life.

  • stacy

    Hoj showed more class than all the rest of the people on the show. He is a better person than most of those around him. Our hearts broke with you, for you. I hope he knows we all saw who he is, which is much more than how he speaks. Your son is very lucky to have a father like you and hopefully Lizzie will grow up. He is yours forever and hope you get to see him soon.

    • Linda

      I agree 100%

  • mijoi

    Wow, hopefully Hoj will be able to see his child on a regular basis and they co-parent with no tension. Hoj you will find the right person, so keep your head up and love your child. Time heals all things.

  • Lorna

    Shame on Lizza for behaving so badly, you have a lot of growing up to do. your acting like a 13 year old who needs mommy & daddy to help you. I thought you were the together one of the bunch, NOT. Your parents should boot your pioneer ass out to the curb. Hoj has rights to see his child. So you better understand that.
    You think some other guy is going to want to take the responsibilities of being a father to your child. think again.

    • Jlme

      Im completely appalled also, Hoj is a amazing guy, he deserves his baby more then her!! My heart is completely broken after watching that, I don't ever want to watch again. I just want to know that he's ok!!!!!!!

  • Aegys87

    Hoj was asking for it when he chose to date an Amish girl, cummon what was he thinking…get her pregnant!?…he should be glad he didn't get lynched by racist mob…

  • lizg2011

    Pretty pissed off at what Lizzie did to Hoj. That's so disrespectful especially since he's the father. Idc what religion you your family should SUPPORT you in whatever decision and if your family loved you they would make a way to come see you. End. Of. Story. Grow up Lizzie. Seriously. Stop using your religion as a shield to why you do this crap. End. Rant.

  • Ashley Marie Young

    OMG whats Hoj's facebook? i soo wanna send some love

  • chandler

    Iva is a tramp. She has no morals and spine to admit where she went wrong. She is letting Devon take the fall for everything.

  • Waunette

    Hopeful they will get a spin off! This was a pleasant surprise true love prevails!