Dailies | ‘Breaking Amish: LA’ Preview: Introducing Felicia … Matt's Girlfriend (Exclusive Video)

'Breaking Amish: LA' Preview: Introducing Felicia … Matt's Girlfriend (Exclusive Video)


The TLC series’ Mennonite cast member lays down the dating ground rules on Sunday's episode

After defending himself from accusations that he's gay, Matt introduces someone to help squash the rumors on Sunday's new episode of TLC's “Breaking Amish: L.A.” airing at 10/9c.

As the AWOL cast members return to their respective homes and face the consequences of their actions, Matt has a bomb to drop. There's a special girl back at home in Pennsylvania. Her name is Felicia and she's English!

Apparently, Matt was hot for Felicia before he left for Los Angeles and now wants to lock her down. Can she help squash the suspicions that Matt is gay?

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“I don't know why Matt's roommates were questioning his sexuality and everything,” Felicia said. “Trust me, Matt is straight. I have never thought otherwise.”

Closet case closed, right?

Watch TheWrap's exclusive preview below in which Matt informs Felicia of the ground rules for dating:

  • Kelsang Drime

    The word ‘safe’ comes to mind every time I see them together…
    Course, it could be that he's so Amish that he can't see his way out of the closet…yet…

    • Jerry

      I totally agree Matt can't seem to find his way out of the closet…yet, but I'm sure he won't be able to resist the temptation for long.

  • Adam B.

    Matt is “gay” he just needs to come out! Being gay is not a bad thing! He needs to just be free from his cover of Felicia which is not working! Sorry not believable!:

  • bucktwo

    It really pains me to see this guy deluding himself – and it's only going to result in pain for Felicia eventually. It's a story that's as old as the hills. I did it, too, 40 yrs ago, and I regret the girls I hurt and disappointed because I lacked the courage to be honest with myself. Yet I think in Matt's case, it's possible that he still thinks he may be straight. And while he plays this awful game with himself, he also missing out on lots of nice guys who might be ‘the one’ for him. Sad, sad, sad. Organized religions like this can be so destructive to the human soul. Ironic, isn't it? :(

    • LaBoricua Cubanita

      9/30/13 WELL SAID!! Although it took a long time to do so, & you & those around you went through heartache, you eventually found your way. I am glad you had the courage to be and live your authentic self.

  • kristen38

    So…Felicia's his beard?

  • Steve

    We all know Amish men love a good beard.

  • Booga

    Matt is GAY! He's afraid to admit it because of his upbringing or possibly it's just another angle of the show-in the end, they all accomplish their dreams and realize who they really are (Iva being a baker, Matt hooking up with the guy who helped him start his clothing line, etc). Watch…it'll happen. Matt is gay.

  • Jxjxjdjx

    Wait, lizzies love was a non amish, non white too and he got all the hate. I think this girls asian….no ones saying a thing! (Im a caucasian)

    • LaBoricua Cubanita

      9/30/13 my guess is that Miss Felicia is either of part Native American Ancestry or part Hispanic ancestry. Either way, her not being Menonnite, is the second biggest obstacle these two face. The first obstacle is for Matt to face reality about his sexual preference. Exactly what was that “horrible sin” he committed awhile back that has left him feeling such shame? I feel once that is revealed we just may have our answer to that “burning question.”

  • BloggerDave

    Felicia actually confirmed that he's gay.

  • Dolphintam

    Matt is SO gay…why the heck not come out? EVERYONE knows you're as gay as they come,Mattie-boy…it's ridiculous…

  • romy

    why ???????????? oh my good!!!!!!!!!!! Im love you matt ,
    beam broken my hear……I've looked everywhere
    marry me