Dailies | TLC to Reveal New ‘Little Couple’ Logo Reflecting Children Will and Zoey (Exclusive)

TLC to Reveal New 'Little Couple' Logo Reflecting Children Will and Zoey (Exclusive)


TheWrap has the first look at the new artwork debuting with Tuesday's new episode

TLC is honoring its two new additions to “The Little Couple” cast with a new show logo.

Now that Bill Klein and Jen Arnold's family is complete with baby Zoey joining previously adopted son, Will, TLC will mark the occasion with the new logo debuting on Tuesday's new episode.

Playing off the design of the show's current logo with the letter T's in the shape of people, two new smaller people have been added to the design.

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See TheWrap's exclusive first look at the new logo above.

As the show's fans know, Bill and Jen had explored all types of methods to have children. In the end, it was decided that adoption would be the best method for them.

Will was adopted from China in March 2013 when he was three years old. And Zoey was adopted from India in October 2013 at two years old.

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Viewers have really loved watching the adoption process for both the children. As the story of Will's adoption unfolded last season, the show had record viewership. And this season's premiere episode, in which the family traveled to Mumbai for Zoey, earned the series’ highest rated episode ever.

Watch Bill and Jen discuss the kids’ latest milestones in the video below.

“The Little Couple” airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.

  • kathy

    now that “the little couple” have accomplished adopting will and zoey —shouldn't the name be considered to be changed to “The Little Family”? love this show!!!!!

    • Rory

      Yea Little family with the big heart.

    • Kristen Harris

      Nah. It makes it sound like it's a family whose last name is Little.

  • Sandra Buckbee

    Prayers go out to you both and we all need to pray for Jen's fast recovery. Bill your one of the tallest men I know when it comes to your wife , children and love and respect for your family. Jen and you are lucky to have each other and the children, I love your show.

  • Mari Manukyan

    sooo good

  • Shirley Ethier

    This is one of my favorite shows. I have loved watching the process of adopting their children. To see how strong this couple is amazes me. I pray for Jen's quick recovery. Jen is such a strong woman. Bill is an amazing husband and father. I love this show and this family. To see the children so happy as well as mom and dad is such a joy to see. I eagerly await every episode as it is on the top of my must watch shows. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey with us. Such a great show!

  • Sharon Rountree

    I love this show. I am praying for Jen's fast recovery, and I know that Bill will be her rock as she recovers. They are both fantastic people.

  • Mary

    Prayers go out to you Jen and also to Bill and your children. I hope that you recover soon. You are a wonderful family indeed. Take care.

  • Peggy

    I LOVE THIS SHOW, it is so uplifting, and such a good change from so many of the reality shows. This is my show for the week, I can miss the others but not this. Thank goodness for the recorders. You show what a family should really be all about, love and taking care of each other. The kids have given so much to the show, I worry now about the show being on long enough for us to see them grown and with their own families. I think that will happen only if you Jen and Bill just get so tired of living your life in the public eye.
    I pray for all of you to be happy and healthy for years and years to come. God loves you much more than we ever could and will always be there for you all.

  • BB

    I am so struck by the love between this couple and the values of this couple. They have unconditional love for each other and their children. They are true role models for all of us.

  • Marsha Atchison

    I love the new logo, it's so cute!!!

  • Cynthia McCornell-Palmore

    Well done Bill and Jen's for your family love you guys

  • Iris Maldonado

    I love this show. I hope Jen will recover very soon. This is a lovely family. Will is very smart and loving boy. Bill you are so great with your family. I salute you P.R.