Dailies | TLC's ‘Little Couple': A Crash Course in Indian Life and Daughter Zoey (Exclusive Video)

The series continues its sixth season in which Zoe will join the family with Tuesday's one-hour premiere episode

TLC's “The Little Couple” returns on Tuesday to continue its sixth season.

On Tuesday's one-hour premiere episode, Bill Klein, Jennifer Arnold and their adopted son Will arrive in India to pick up the new addition to their family, daughter Zoey — after a year of preparation and 20 hours of traveling.

From the first step off the plane in Mumbai, the family finds that there's a lot to learn about India. Thankfully, they have a helpful guide who's willing to give them a crash course.

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If this adoption is anything like Will's, then the new parents will try to soak up some culture so they can pass it on to their new daughter.

But unlike Will's adoption, Jen and Bill have very little information regarding Zoey's health and well being. Plus, how will Will react to his new sister?

The proud parents will be live tweeting during the premiere episode from @JenArnoldMD and @ReallyBillKlein. Viewers can join the conversation using the hashtag #LittleCouple.

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Watch TheWrap's exclusive peek above.

“The Little Couple” premieres Tuesday at 10/9c on TLC.

  • Jo Ann Keys Theus

    I loved every minute of the show. They are so inspiring. I never get over how positive they are about life, despite the obstacles they may or may not face.

  • Fairness

    I love,the Little Couple and watch it whenever I can, ( I couldn't help but notice how dirty the beach and the garbage on the beach in Mumbai, that's sad…)

  • Shortcake

    Was so glad we all could partake of the joyous time of seeing little Zoey being held by her new American parents & little brother, Will. This will stay in my heart forever . . . the Little Couple have endured so many heartaches in achieving this goal of a family. . . and it has become reality. Who couldn't be happy for this blessed couple?