Dailies | TNT's ‘Dallas’ Stars Strip Down, Oil Up in Sexy Season 3 Teasers (Photos)

TNT's 'Dallas' Stars Strip Down, Oil Up in Sexy Season 3 Teasers (Photos)

Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson and their leading ladies get naked for a good cause … your viewership, of course

The new posters for TNT's “Dallas” revival will have viewers not caring a lick about who shot J.R. Ewing.

The sexy, though probably messy, photos were tweeted out by the soap opera's official Twitter account on Friday.

“You can't strike oil without getting dirty” one reads, as John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson), Elena Ramos (Jordana Brewster), Pamela Rebecca Barnes (Julie Gonzalo) and Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) bath in a pool of oil.

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“Get into bed with big oil,” the other says, with John Ross Ewing chest-deep in the crude stuff.

Season 3 of “Dallas” premieres on Feb. 24 on TNT.

Take a peek at the black gold below:




  • DQ

    Loved the show before, love the show now. REALLY miss JR tho :(

    • Anonymous

      The show will never be the same..

  • Pacificsun

    Few shows could carry on without their main villain JR, but Dallas is succeeding. Because the young actors are really hot and (surprise) they can “act” too! Sue Ellen is carrying on JR's traits, and Bobby is still the hero. The story is so convoluted that sometimes you have to watch the replay that follows the first showing! One thing though, don't change actors, just change their appear a bit. Both young leading men don't need to have the same beard shave. All 4 of the ladies involved now, have long brunette hair. There are too many brunettes. The need a hot redhead or another accent. The Blonde is an imperfect Kristen or Afton. This young character needs much more depth (believability) or character contrast (vulnerability). She can't be all bad, all the time or there'll be no surprises! She needs a sympathetic thread to keep viewers guessing. The Stable Girl is a little too predictable. And waaay too easy for Christopher. Some of these characters either need fleshing out (backstory) or they risk making the plot line too shallow. Put more depth into fewer characters. The way the original Dallas mainly focused on the immediate family. Then brought in a few key Guest Stars for contrast. There was nobody more beautiful than Deborah Shelton “Mandy.” They need tof ind somebody really special like her! And if they're going to use the “Housekeeping” character so much … then they need to give that poor woman a real life, instead of just serving the Ewings Tortillas. She's a good actress, and could handle more “meaty” parts! I love the show though… thank you so much for bringing it back!!!!!!