‘Today’ Scores First Weekly Ratings Win Against ‘GMA’ Since July

'Today' Scores First Weekly Ratings Win Against 'GMA' Since July

NBC's morning offering edges out “Good Morning America” among the 25-54 crowd

Christmas came early for NBC's morning show “Today” this year.

In a bright spot amid its ongoing ratings battle with “Good Morning America,” “Today” scored its first weekly win against its ABC competitor since July on the week of Dec. 16.

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During that week, “Today” took first place in the key 25-54 demographic, its first weekly victory against “GMA” since the week of July 8. “Today” edged out “Good Morning America” in the demo, averaging 2.214 million total viewers, compared to 2,196 million for “Good Morning America.”

In total viewers, “GMA” still came out on top, averaging 5.572 million compared to 5.235 million for “Today” — though the NBC offering did win total viewers on Dec. 18.

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CBS's “CBS This Morning” drew third place for the week, averaging 1.119 million viewers in the demo and 3.048 million total viewers.

  • angela townsend

    Maybe that's because GMA's top anchors play hookey more than high schoolers. These people are paid millions to sit in front of a tv camera and report the news 2 hours a day, yet can't show up for work each day like the rest of us working stiffs who work 8 or more hours a day for not even a small fraction of what these people make. It's insulting to the viewers.

    • Kitty Alexander

      It's insulting to you. I couldn't care less. Get a life and stop worrying about the employment guidelines of others.

      • angela townsend

        I'm sorry Kitty. I can't “get a life”. I happen to work for a living! And you sound bitter, lonely and depressed. Go away.

  • William Moran

    God these people are so into themselves,,,