NFL Star Tom Brady on Richard Sherman’s Epic Rant: He’s ‘That Kind of Guy,’ Says ‘We Win With Graciousness’


The Patriots QB, whose team is not going to the Super Bowl, weighs in on the radio from home

Tom Brady pulled some punches — but not all — when asked about Richard Sherman’s now-infamous postgame rant during the quarterback’s weekly radio appearance on the “Dennis & Callahan” show on Monday.

The New England Patriots quarterback, whose team was eliminated from Super Bowl contention by the Denver Broncos in the earlier game on Sunday, called the Seahawks’ Sherman “that kind of guy” in the interview, adding, “We win with graciousness.”

See video: Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Goes on Epic Rant During Erin Andrews Interview

Here are his full remarks from NESN:

“I don’t know him at all,” Brady said when asked about the postgame explosion. “I’ve watched him play. He’s that kind of guy. So, you know. I approach the game — and I have respect for my opponents. That’s the way our team always plays. We win with graciousness, and when we lose, we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that, or that’s not their program. The only way to counter that is to beat them.”

“When you don’t win, it’s hard not to say — you just gotta shut your mouth and listen to it,” Brady continued. “Maybe when you get an opportunity down the road, maybe that’s a source of motivation. But they got a good team. They played well all year. They played well at home. And that’s why they advanced, too.”

Brady, who has been on the receiving end of Sherman trash talk in the past, has been known to rant once in a while himself — click the link immediately below for a fun example from this season.

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Following Seattle’s victory over San Francisco — in which Sherman made a key play to close out the contest while covering 49ers wideout Michael Crabtree — the Seahawk defensive back went off during a postgame interview with Fox Sports sideline reporter Erin Andrews. She asked him to breakdown the games final (meaningful) play. He didn’t really do that.

“Well I’m the best corner in the game,” Sherman told Andrews. “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me!”

To which a confused Andrews asked Sherman, “Who was talking about you?”

“Crabtree,” Sherman replied. “Don’t you open your mouth about the best. Or I’ma shut it for you real quick. L.O.B.”

The Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, Feb. 2.

  • Mike Green

    it’s funny this is coming from Tom because he’s right, they do win with class, however when they lose, they also show how classless they are, hey Tom, didn’t your head coach just go attack Welker for head hunting an opposing player? Welker (an undersized wideout) was wearing a special helmet to better allow his BRAIN TO HEAL from being bruised and Bill thinks he deliberately hit anyone in that game??? It couldn’t be that his emotions got the best of him and he said something in the heat of it that was entirely biased from past history??? whoops! well at least none of the pats wives have publicly defended their men (yet) and also congrats to Bill for not leaving the field early again… in case your history of the pats showing their @$$ after a loss was a little hazy but never mind that, never mind how well the Seahawks played, never mind no one cares about that awful injury Bowman endured and we saw 50 bagillion times, let’s all talk about how Rich Sherman has no class.

  • Eddie Coyle

    I am REALLY rooting for Denver now, just to see this back half of the bell curve TOOL get burned.

    • Rich_De

      That back half of the bell curve had a 4.1 GPA in high school, and has a Master’s from Stanford.

      • Eddie Coyle

        I don’t judge intelligence, class & culture by academic grades. In our society, grades are waaay overvalued, and the former sadly undervalued. That display on TV was of a baboon.

        • Rich_De

          Baboon? Nice racist take. Why don’t you also look into the charity work he has done? What cracks me up about people like you is I have seen so many fans screaming “rip his head off”, “kill him”, and actually raging at TV sets over a game he plays. His rant was lesser than 95% of football fans across America. Get over yourself.

          • Eddie Coyle

            I knew that would get the knee jerk race card, thanks for taking the hook, that is always fun. Baboons come in all colors, including some rather light ones. The comment was accurate, I don’t right-size my speech to avoid offending the politically correct thin skinned. As for fans screaming “kill him” or raging at electronic devices, well they are behaving as baboons as well.

          • Rich_De

            I knew I would get the knee jerk anti-race card response, but I am sure you are well aware that African Americans have been referred to negatively as baboons and monkeys throughout history. You could have used any number of words but you chose to use one loaded with racial overtones. So please don’t whine about the knee jerk race card.

          • Eddie Coyle

            Neither African Americans nor racists, nor pc whiners own my language. I use it as accurate and make no apologies. His behavior very much mirrored a baboon on a rant. Go be thin skinned elsewhere, you are a bore, and dismissed.

          • Eddie Coyle

            So if I said he behaved like a spoiled boy, that would be racist because Blacks have been called boy in the past? sorry. One can not use the word “Niggardly” because it is close to an entirely unrelated word? A Black singer/actress can not promote the latest Burger King chicken sandwich? The last two actually were fairly recent (and stupid) examples of thin-skinned PC outrage. You hem in your language, I will use mine. What you REALLY object to is my pointing out that Sherman is acting like a fool.

          • Rich_De

            Funny, you say dismissed and then come whine some more? Please feel free to act the fool yourself by thinking you are giving me a history of racism and exposing your own thin skin at being made the fool. My initial post was that Sherman is intelligent and does good things for the community yet you, like so many others, choose to judge his entire character based on this one incident. Apparently, you are perfect (outside of acting a fool and being thin skinned) and have never raised your voice to anyone at anytime in your life. Like I said, get over yourself.

          • Eddie Coyle

            You don’t answer any points made. The race card thrown always signals a liberal losing an argument, and your post reveals I am spot-on: What you REALLY object to is my pointing out that Sherman is acting like a fool.

        • SDV

          Let’s see “bell curve” and “baboon”: can you possibly be any more racist? Wait, that’s a rhetorical question (if you understand that term), please don’t say anything worse. And btw, the last time I checked racism was not really considered either “classy or cultured”.

          • Eddie Coyle

            please see my other reply regarding baboon. As for the bell curve, it cuts across all races. As I said, I am not so concerned with an academic IQ bell curve, I am concerned with a bell curve of class, culture. I will give you the epitome of the football ideal MAN, Gayle Sayers. When watching one of the early signs of the decline of our culture dancing after a score, he said “Act like you’ve scored a touchdown before, son.” Want a (White) epitome of the decline? Look no farther than Mark Gastineau’s nonsense.

          • Eddie Coyle

            Rather than just regurgitate what the Huff Post readers or some pony tail prof has to say about the book “The Bell Curve” why not read it? Better yet, read Charles Murray’s follow up: “Coming Apart”. He deals with the falling apart of the culture, and sticks scrupulously to only white people, so the faint of heart won’t get their panties in a bunch, and the message lost in their bleating. Our culture has declined mightily in behavior, class, comportment and style from men like Alan Page to the likes of Richard Sherman. If you enjoy wallowing in it, so be it.

  • Steelerworld

    There is “white trash” and then there is Sherman. Drugtesting might be a good idea. Not particularly pro Denver and the Manning-show, but go Broncos!

  • Cajun Boy

    I agree Steelerworld…. likely “ROID RAGE”. The NFL has no interest in testing & tarnishing their image. Sherman is a frustrated player, as he hardly sees any action in a game and craves personal attention. Great player, but classless. That “all about me” fool, still hasn’t praised teammate Smith for the game ending interception, TMK. His tipped pass, would only have ended the play with out Smith backing him up & making the pick……. 2 decent teams in the SB, I don’t like either of them…..should be a good game

  • Rich_De

    Quit while ahead? Perhaps if your head is in the loo. There is nothing wrong with the word niggardly, and the book was used to show you that this is not about political correctness.

    And if you can’t stand Sherman, you must really hate waking up next to Rush Limbaugh in the morning. Your condescending attitude is pretty funny, considering how ignorant your replies are. Keep coming back and demonstrating that you give a bad name to the meaning of TOOL. Your faux “byes” and “dismissals” are asinine in that you keep returning.

  • Richard Douglas Moore

    This is good stuff, the American media never enters into any racial issue discussions. I particularly liked the bit about “NFL idiot fans”; who make up 80% of the paying customers who watch 85% of the black, sorry, “African American overpriced players”.
    Also interesting is one of the protagonists is; SDV and the other is; Rich D. Who are you guys?

  • RICO

    Rush actually defened Sherman you douchebag lib!

  • Rich_De

    So what? How does that matter? He still yells louder than anyone else. You might want to get your GED, as well, so you can “defened” your comment.

  • Eddie Coyle

    I don’t care about the racial angle. Some of the best models of stoic, classy, cultured, strong men I had growing up included African American athletes. That culture is degraded accross the board in all races, and this Sherman is a poster child for the impulsive children now passing themselves off as men.