Tony Bennett Thinks Today's Music Is ‘Terrible’

Tony Bennett Thinks Today's Music Is 'Terrible'

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But the 87-year-old jazz singer is surprisingly tolerant of Lady Gaga

If you think the music you're hearing on the radio is terrible these days, take comfort in knowing that Tony Bennett — a 17-time Grammy-winning jazz singer — agrees.

“The songs that are written today, most of them are terrible,” Bennett told BBC Radio 4 on Thursday. “It's a very bad period, musically, throughout the world for popular music.”

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It's not necessarily the artists’ fault, though. Bennett, who is releasing an upcoming “big swing” jazz album with “musical PicassoLady Gaga, blames the money-hungry labels producing the crappy hits.

“They think the public is ignorant, so their attitude is, ‘Don't give them anything intelligent, because it won't sell,'” Bennett continued. “I grew up in an era where the record companies just sold records to everybody, and the whole family bought songs. Today, record companies are failing because they are putting their accent just on the young, and I think that's rather silly. They're missing out on thousands of people that would love to buy records but they don't buy them because they don't have a lasting quality.”

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The 87-year-old crooner has been pumping out hits since 1951, starting with “Because of You.” Bennett doesn't plan on stopping until his body does.

“I'll call it a day when I die,” Bennett said. “It's a wonderful occupation for me. I've never worked a day in my life.”

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    • Jim

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      My Pappy Herbert bought some cheap meth from your Aunty Sienna, and he ain't happy about it.

  • Jim


  • SallyinChicago

    I totally agree. I am so selective in the songs and CDs I download. The last “full” CD I downloaded was Emile Sande. The last single was Happy. I'm “of a certain age” and would listen to more music and buy more, but it's all crap. Even Beyonce has fallen into the trap.

    • lalala

      agreed except for the beyonce part, she's always been crap

      even today's kiddies prefer past music

  • Michael Difani

    He sang a duet with the late Amy Winehouse….I sure recall Bennett and his great “I left my heart in San Francsisco”, 1962. I was a GI at Ft. Ord, Calif. near Monterey at the time just before I was ordered to W. Germany. It played often there. Hard to believe Bennett is 87.