Dailies | ‘True Detective’ Baffles ‘TheSoup'; ‘TheSoup’ Parody Baffles ‘True Detective’ Fans (Video)

Joel McHale argues it's too hard to understand what the characters are saying, while fans of the HBO series “don't get” the joke, since the great writing “spoken quite clearly”

It's easy to make fun of something you don't understand, which is exactly what Joel McHale did on “The Soup” this week with a parody asking, “Can anyone understand ‘True Detective'?”

The sketch (above) takes Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson‘s characters to task for speaking gibberish, but there's only one problem: They don't.

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And fans of the critically-acclaimed HBO series don't get how creator Nic Pizzolatto‘s complex, rich dialogue — that doesn't spoon feed audiences answers like the common cop procedural — can be boiled down to nonsensical gibberish, and are calling “TheSoup” out.

“This isn't funny at all. They're just making up words or stringing together random words,” one fan wrote on the video's YouTube comments. ”True Detective’ has great writing that makes sense and is spoken quite clearly.”

“‘Can Anyone Understand ‘True Detective?’ Yes,” another fan commented.

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“I don't get it,” chimed in another.

What's not to get? McConaughey and Harrelson both have funny accents in the show! You know, the two guys living in Louisiana sound Southern and stuff. Get it? Get…it?

Comedy is in the eye of the beholder, so yes, the parody does have some viewers LOLing in their seats, because their earbuds can relate.

“This is excellent,” a “Soup” fan wrote. “Besides, I feel less alone for not understanding everything they say!”

The eighth and final episode of “True Detective” premieres on Sunday.

  • David Goulding

    Seriously??? I would guess the average IQ of the soup fans is in the double digits.

    Whats not to get?? The dialogue is as simple as it gets and definitely not complex.

    They are probably the same people who dismissed The Wire.

    Go back to NCIS!!!

    • fulder

      Dude everyone needs to chill out and get a sense of humor. This isn't an either/or situation. I love True Detective and this made me laugh because sometimes I do have to turn up the volume or rewind the dev to understand something contextually or verbally. It took 3 passes to totally get everything the ex Tuttle maid was laying out and those were some big puzzle pieces. It's comedy, you don't have to get uptight and literal just because they lightly mock something you like and don't share their perception. Especially a good natured, non mean spirited knock like this.

      • Nate

        Thank you. Seems like a fan tribute as much as anything. Lighten up, people.

  • Shannon Shoffner

    I'm a huge fan of the show I think it's hilarious.It's not a sacred cow people. Lighten up.

    • BLE7481

      Likewise – good show and getting better, but that spoof is a flipping riot.

  • jon

    I get it, I usually watch it with the subtitles on so i don't miss something. I guess it's the southern accent for me.

  • James

    Anyone ever heard of subtitles?

    • Lizzy S.

      They aren't available on all HBO go devices.

  • tess

    I love the show and understand everything said, however, I think The Soup is on target with how the dialogue “sounds”.

  • Emerson Reiff

    I watched the final episode of True Detective last night and was in despair when I couldn't understand the final line by Rust. I knew I could look it up later, but it ruined the flow. Later when I was watching Soup, I almost died laughing because I so got it. Seriously, I am from Georgia, and sometimes I cannot understand or hear the characters. It's not a slight on the writing or actors. It just is a truth, but it makes the show more lovable. In life, I cannot always understand or hear people. Just to clarify for Mr. Goulding. It's not understand as in comprehend;it is understand as in hearing clearly.

  • whatthefork

    “Are we go go real me ma?” What? “Broom Satchel!!” “What?” “Gooner.” Huh?