Dailies | ‘True Detective': The Yellow King References You've Missed (Video)

'True Detective': The Yellow King References You've Missed (Video)

The mysterious Yellow King has been hiding in plain sight

Sharp-eyed “True Detective” fans have noticed several subtle references to the mysterious “Yellow King” at the center of the show's mystery. But one YouTube sleuth has documented all of them.

The user, identified only as Kyle, has a theory that the Yellow King may be even more important to the show than we've previously realized: Writer Nic Pizzolatto managed to sneak in references to the mysterious figure in the sex scene between Rust and Maggie, in the interrogation scenes, and even into the six-minute tracking shot that ended episode 4.

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Can you spot the Yellow King in each scene? You may have to watch the video multiple times. Kudos to Kyle for putting this together — we believe that he's on to something.

Watch the video:

  • Anna Marrie

    I figured out the yellow king theory before you were born! You's still be looking for the hamburgeler without me. Now go write my report before I vaporize your soul with my eyeballs or give your wife the best 17 seconds of her life. :0


      TO Anna Marrie…Damn that was funny!

  • Mark Johnson

    I wanted this to be real. Damn it.


    Okay…I've watched the clip…I thought it was real, too…I agree with Mark Johnson — so wanted it to be real too — the fact that the The Wrap actually did a blurb on it is funny and props to them…It's almost like they are in on the gag.

    • DD

      JM is YK

  • Kevin

    This is stupid and a waste of time.

  • AnonymousG

    This is f*ing hilarious. I love the pseudo-serious analysis and the blatant shots of the yellow king throughout.

  • seeingthruneweyes

    I saw the yellow king once it was pointed out so clearly. I thought I had a good eye because I saw the Tyler Durden figure flash up in Fight Club the first time I watched it. How could I miss this Yellow King so many times? Brilliant discovery!