Ratings: ABC's Oscars Dominate as CBS, NBC, and Fox Tie for Third

Ratings: ABC's Oscars Dominate as CBS, NBC, and Fox Tie for Third

Univision broke up the so-called “Big 4” networks with a second-place finish on Sunday

ABC dominated Sunday with its Oscars coverage, leaving a 3-way tie for third place in its wake.

Univision broke up the so-called “Big 4” networks’ party with a second-place finish.

ABC was first in ratings with a 10.2/26 rating in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demographic and first in viewers with an average of 35.2 million, according to preliminary numbers. Though due to the live nature of the awards ceremony, the numbers are approximate. More reliable data will be released shortly.

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However, for now, ABC's Oscars Red Carpet arrivals at 7 earned a 5.3/16 and 21.4 million viewers. At 7:30, the continued coverage received a 6.8/19 and 25.7 million viewers. At 8, the carpet got a 9.1/23 and 33.3 million viewers. The awards show itself at 8:30 had a 12.1/29 — which is flat with last year — and 40.2 million viewers.

Univision was second in ratings with a 1.2/3 and fourth in viewers with 3.1 million.

In third place was a three-way tie between the rest of the so-called “Big 4” networks: CBS, NBC and Fox, each with a 1.0/2. CBS was second in viewers with 5.4 million. NBC was third with 3.7 million. Fox was fifth with 2.3 million, airing entirely reruns.

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For CBS, “60 Minutes” at 7 p.m. had a 1.4/4 — down 31 percent — and 9.2 million viewers. “The Amazing Race” at 8 got a 1.5/4 — tying a series low — and 6 million viewers. Repeats followed.

For NBC, “Dateline” at 7 received a 0.9/2 and 4.2 million viewers. A rerun followed.

Telemundo was six in ratings with a 0.4/1 and in total viewers with 919,000.

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