Amy Winehouse’s Last-Ditch Recovery Hope: Dr. Drew Pinsky

“Celebrity Rehab” host claims that deceased “Rehab” singer tried to reach him for help

“Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse, who died at the age of 27 in London last week, tried to enlist the help of celebrity recovery expert Dr. Drew Pinsky in the days before her death, the “Celebrity Rehab” host told Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM on Friday.

Speaking to morning-radio personalities Kevin and Bean, Pinsky revealed that the deceased “Back to Black” chanteuse attempted to reach him for help. Or, at least, that’s what infamously unstable “Celebrity Rehab” vet Janice Dickinson told him.

“Believe it or not she was trying to contact me which was weird. Janice Dickinson told me that,” Pinsky recalled. “I remember getting calls from Europe and thinking, ‘What the hell is this?’”

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During his interview, Pinsky also disputed the account of Winehouse’s death that the singer’s parents offered to the media.

“Just this morning, her parents put out some type of news release that suggests that what they believe she died of was alcohol withdrawal, which is a very interesting little theory,” Pinsky posited. “It’s wrong, it’s not what she died of, I can virtually guarantee you.”

In cases of fatal alcohol withdrawal, Pinsky said, “You get really really sick and you seize, and you become encephalopathic and confused, and your heart becomes erratic, and it’s not like you just drop dead like her parents are suggesting.”

Winehouse was found unconscious on Saturday in her London apartment by an ambulance service, which was unable to revive her. Authorities described her cause of death as “unexplained.” She was 27.

  • Gordon Franklin Terry, Sr.

    well, People Magazine, didn't mention anything about depression or cries for help or anything.

    People Magazine says that Amy Winehouse may have died from emphysema.

    personally I like The Wrap's coverage of Amy Winehouse's demise better than People Magazine's coverage.

    Its like, People Magazine totally whitewashed the details of Amy Winehouse's tell-tale lyrics and songs leading-up top her death.

    People Magazine needs to read The Wrap before it publishes anything from now on.

  • mpmayer2

    Well the expert physiologist Dr Pinsky could certainly be wrong. Amy probably was suffering from severe electrolyte imbalance due to her long history of heavy drinking,so she was really sick. I have seen a number of people in ETOH withdrawal seize and drop dead due to cardiac arrythmia in a short matter of hours..Your heart can give out before you have cerebral edema..An acute alcoholic in severe withdrawal is a critical emergency not the long process Dr Pinsky seems to suggest.

  • frisket

    Dr. Drew…………STOP………do your work behind the scenes, honor your profession and quit taking it on a reality show!