Ann Curry Double Indignity: Cruel TV Chyron, Ironic Magazine Cover

Fate plays a couple of jokes on Ann Curry as she reportedly heads toward the "Today" show door

Someone might want to hand Ann Curry a napkin on her way out the door at the "Today" show, because it looks like she has a lot of egg on her face.

Curry, who's reportedly being phased out of her "Today" show co-anchor gig as early as next week, suffered a one-two punch of humiliation on Thursday — once, in the pages of "Ladies' Home Journal," and again on her own (but probably not for long) TV show.

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Curry graces the cover of the August 2012 "Ladies' Home Journal" — on newsstands July 10 — and, as sometimes happens, the dynamics of magazine lead time doled out an "ouch!" moment. As exhibited by an excerpt of the story published on the LHJ website, Curry was a lot more optimistic about her prospects on "Today" when she sat down for the interview than she is this week.

Asked about where she sees herself in the next few years, Curry replied, "I've been at 'Today' for 15 years and I'd love to make it to 20. I think eventually I want to become a teacher, like my father wanted to be, and hopefully positively influence the next generation."

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On the bright side, Curry will probably be able to start on that education degree a lot earlier than she expected.

That wasn't the only indignity that Curry would suffer.

On Thursday's installment of "Today," Curry interviewed Steve Carell about his upcoming film, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World." The accompanying screen chyron that appeared under Curry during the segment ostensibly referred to the end-times theme of the movie's title. But it also offered some commentary on Curry's current status with the morning show.

"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow," the banner read.

A case of cluelessness, or bit of deliberate cheeky cruelty on the graphics department's part? Draw your own conclusions as you watch the video.

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  • Use to watch The Today Show

    Ann Curry is having the last laugh, since The Today Show a year later is still in the slump with their ratings…Matt Lauer seems to be the problem, and Guthrie did not save the show…too bad.

  • Brian

    You no what comes around goes around, Guthrie better watch her back , I have no respect for her, she make me sad for the way she treated Ann Curry. You will never have the class that Ann did. You suck, just because you're a lawyer and can talk many languages doesn't make you a better person, if you were my daughter I would be sad to call you one. Women needed to stick together and not be a bitch to other women, and you played that part really well. I hope having Ann's job makes you happy, because you'll never be able to replace her, we will never forget all the great years Ann had on that show before you came. So keep your orange set and your sucky smile and Matt and Al, and sink together.