Anne Hathaway Vents About Paparazzi, Lil’ Wayne Style (Video)

The actress shares with Conan O'Brien a way of dealing with personal and professional stress that she borrowed from the hip-hop star

Anne Hathaway shared some paparazzi-fueled frustration with Conan O’Brien Tuesday, expressing her angst through a character rap that she claimed was ‘in the style of Lil’ Wayne.”

The actress stopped by Conan’s show to promote her upcoming film “One Day,” but got on the topic of “Dark Knight Rises” and the high level of images and clips leaked from the Pittsburgh-based set.

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“The paparazzi attention’s been a little intense,” Hathaway conceded. “So I actually wrote a rap song about it.”

“I go pop pop pop pop pop pop my camera’s up yo’ crotch,” Hathaway croons in a style that was actually less Lil’ Wayne and more Oscar the Grouch.

Here's the clip: