Bill Cosby to Donald Trump: ‘Run, or Shut Up’

America's TV dad says possible presidential candidate is full of it

Don't look for Bill Cosby on the next "Celebrity Apprentice": He says possible presidential candidate Donald Trump is "full of it" and should "run or shut up."

Cosby appeared on NBC's "Today" just after Trump, who recently placed second among potential Republican candidates in a New Hampshire poll. The TV dad turned social critic says Trump should stop talking about running and just run, if that's his plan.

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Host Meredith Vieira said in Trump's defense that it may be too early for him to announce.

"Please, everybody can announce. … You can run. You can run now. Start running now. But the only thing he's running is his mouth," Cosby said in the appearance Thursday.

Cosby added, to plenty of studio laughter, that he doesn't care what Trump does. And that he refuses to take Trump seriously.

Is it the hair?

Watch the video:

  • Shaun1138

    I have always loved Bill Cosby, and this makes me love him even more!

  • nnnnnn

    viera almost shat her pants bc trump baiting the public alomg is what puts money in her pocket.

  • Meesha

    Mr. Cosby is right. All Trump is doing is running his mouth and businesses. Which is totally different from running this country. I'm tired of the foolishness, like pulling up the President's birth place. Are we still on that? There are bigger issues facing our country than his stinking birth place. Next!

    • Paolina

      I agree, personally I think Trump runs his mouth on issues that don't matter. Who cares if the President is an illegal immigrant, when he's waging illegal wars and gave a trillion dollars to banking corporations so they could LOAN it back to the people with interest.

  • Chris Harbinger

    Bill you had our respect when you stated that blacks are negligent for not having males in the household: but you lost it there.

    Why are those Pro-Kenyan god king supporters 47-67% who do nothing now trying to silence TRUTH and everyone elsees descent of the facts…that has taken our nation into the abyss?

    Trump had the courage to state that the world was taking advantage of us dba the USA: not even the any of the presidential candidates.

    The world accepts our monitized debt printed dollars: but laughts in our face!

    So bill think about what you have attacked: not only the TRUTH, but our lst AMEND Rights and now someone who has stood up for his!

    PS I didn't see you listed as a Veteran either.

    This administrations priority has been not only welcoming our continued invaders: but rewarding them with US Citizenship which is degrading all of us whom have earned an honest living and export no more than what we contributed–including our ancestry!

    Illegals have no rights…but are stealing from us: just visit any ER USA and see who had the list illegitimate born in the USA upon the new year and in multiples.

    Then who pays?

    How long will that continue?

    Communist China can walk right in…especially when gangs, and they are armed and not the average working US Citizen of Generations whom has been law abiding and taxpayers…diminishing..

    Find out the background of the person who began the petition: no doubt an illegal because they want the USA it is LaRaza's goal to takeover…each female from Mexico etc is to have THREE illegitimates here…to outnumber us.

    LULAC 1929 Hispanic Rights organization: filed in the USA not in Latin America…guess how and where it originated…how about Mexico where 2/3's USA pop increase comes from alone..let alone all other Latin American nations…

    The Communist running from WWI ran to Mexico: they have had hundreds of thousands of organization like ACLU, Peter Schey, Southern Poverty Law Center to aid and abett while

    ALL WHILE US MILITARY–my family, friendds and neighbors die for this now coward nation of Traitors Within…destroy the USA..

    EVIL vsOne Nation Under GOD

    • DirtyLiberal

      Do you need more tinfoil for your hat there buddy?

  • Chris Harbinger

    PS Bill you obviously did not read Obama's books!

    Nor did you read the lst disbarred females Thesis!

    How about their friends; Ayers the bomber, Valerie, on & on.

    How about how many on here worked on the campaign that is against the illustrious man you bow to for his Senate race? The truth was told but the media lost it!

    Then we have “no can wear this US Flag Pin it signifies “oppression!”

    If you are a Communist–you enjoyed that and now you bow to the same in the White House.

    Those pulling the lever have sold your souls…Devil direct you can enjoy his company and the entire White House

    ….Amazing..and apparently Putin of Russia for those who just utilize verbage–stated that Russia voted down Communism but ignorant illiterates in the USA voted for it aka Obama!

    READ…when you spout out–its your movie of your life P-E-R-M-A-N-T-L Y!

    • miag

      you said it straight thanx from an American

    • Dirtyliberal

      what does “Permantly” mean?

  • miag

    Mr Cosby 1 st AMENDMENT he can say whatever he wants. Just like you and all the other LIBS who want to give this country away. okay. Some people talk for this country and some talk against this country. Why dont you talk about the AMERICANS who cant get a job? Why the black community has the highest rate of unemployment in the country. ? Why there are so many innocent people murdered in Chicago and they have a Mayor who hasnt done one thing to stop it. Why dont you talk about Detroit a once thriving city now a BANKRUPTED CITY? Why did these things happen? Why in almost every state that has a DEM. MAJORITY WITH A DEMOCRAT FOR GOVERNOR.IS IN TROUBLE. ? WHY? Forget Trump concentrate on those huge problems that are causing many people huge hardships and live in fear. WHY?

  • miag

    joe you are a braindead person. open up ur eyes and see what is happening to this country

    • Kevin Doyle

      Yea the black man is ruining it

  • Kevin Doyle

    TO: Bill Cosby Shut up too