‘Breaking Bad': Is This How It Ends?

'Breaking Bad': Is This How It Ends?

BuzzFeed highlights a "pretty mindblowing" theory

Has the Internet cracked "Breaking Bad"?

A weekend BuzzFeed post highlighted what the site calls a "pretty mindblowing" theory about how the AMC meth drama will conclude. We'd love to give credit where it's due, but the theory is tough to source. A fan on the Straight Dope message board, identified as Bob Ducca, says he read it "somewhere, maybe Reddit."

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Or maybe he snuck right into Vince Gilligan's mind. We don't know. Here's the theory:

Meth mastermind Walter White has killed lots of people, and — we never noticed this before — he picks up some little trait from each of his victims. He starts cutting the crusts off his sandwiches because Crazy 8 did. He gets a Volvo like Gus Fring had. He starts getting drinks on the rocks, because so did Mike.

In the Denny's scene that started season 5, Walt shapes his bacon into his new age, 52, just like his wife, Skyler, did when he turned 50. And he uses Skyler's maiden name on his fake ID.

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"Based on his history of picking up traits from his victims," writes Ducca, "I believe Walt is going to murder Skyler before the series is over, and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny's in the Season 5 cold open."

Well, that's dark. 

Of course, maybe Walt just arranges his bacon that way because he misses Skyler. Or to tell his dear friends, the viewers, that a year has passed.

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Or maybe this really is his ultimate victory: He's finally allowed to have real bacon, instead of the veggie stuff Skyler made him eat. Is this what the show has been about all along? Overcoming emasculation through the power of cholesterol?

Of course, the show can't end with Skyler dying: Walt still has that ricin with which to kill someone else. And I think, personally, that the show has been building up to one or both of Walter's kids dying. Skyler's pregnancy with Holly was one of the catalysts/justifications for him to get into the meth game in the first place. And he fiercely loves Junior. There would be no more savage karma than for Walt's children to die after he's threatened so many other people's.

There's lot of speculation that Junior will die by his dad's own meth, but that seems a little on the nose.

Anyway, yow.

  • angrycommentor

    I think i've figured it out.

    First I'd like to say, Walt's passion and kindness towards Hank is a ploy. Walt has used and abused Hank since the series began. Not to mention Walt's little confession, putting Hank and his entire lively hood in jeopardy. You'd have to be a sap to believe that Walt's predilection for Hank is sincere. Walt hasn't killed Hank yet for a reason. He NEEDS something from him. Walt needs Hank alive for a reason that I'm not sure of yet. Walt will betray Hank once again in a BIG WAY. A lie or a plan or whatever, which will un-intentionally yet unabashedly risk the safety of Walt's family. A major blemish in his character that contradicts the reason he keeps assuring himself this mess will all be worth it, which of course was to secure the future of his family incase of his untimely death.. This is the tip of the iceberg in regards to Walt's internal conflict. Walt is suffering from a major identity crisis. Inside of that tenacious brain of his, Mr. White (his light side) and Heisenberg (his dark side) are both battling for the rights to gain control of Walt's body. And its happening now more than ever. Hence why Walt's character has become progressively more sporadic in his decision making. Flip flopping from a foggy emotional state to a mindset of clarity, strategic manipulation and ruthless greed. With all that being said, Here is my theory for the last THREE EPISODES:

    At the gunfight in to'haijalee, Gomez will die. Hank, Walt and Jesse will survive, as will Todd, but Todd's uncle wont be so lucky (dead). Todd and his minions will retreat after hank reveals his badge. Leaving Hank to once again pick up the pieces. Hank will be devastated over the loss of his partner Gomez. The Heisenberg side of Walt's personality feeds off of this despair just to gain an inch. Walt use Hank's anger and desperation for justice as an opportunity to once again use Hank as a puppet. Since Walt knows Todd, and Todd killed Gomez, Walt will convince Hank that he will help bring Todd down for killing Gomez. Walt may also inform Hank that Todd is a missing part of his investigation just to sweeten the deal.. He'll tell Hank something like, “Its all just gone to far” and use his family as an excuse for suddenly co-operating. Walt will even confess to butter him up. But it's all a ploy. After all, Walt knows he needs at least a square of freedom if he ever wants to get his money back. So he creates a plan created by his Heisenberg side, his deepest darkest side. Most likely to be foiled by his impulsive emotional Mr. White side. Heisenberg will write a check that Mr White can't cash. Metaphorically and physically. That square of freedom Hank granted Walt will lead to a MAJOR betrayal and wrong doing upon Hank. Turning Walt's freedom square into the recovery of barrels and barrels of cash. This Lie/Plan/Betrayal towards hank will inadvertently cause the death of Skylar. right there in her own home, the White household. Lydia, or Todd will kill her when they find out that walt agreed to help Hank. And thats the last straw on the camels back before everything begins to buckle.. Walt JR and Holly will be taken, and seized from Walt's custody. His house will be searched and condemned, and all of Walt's belongings will be confiscated. This is when Walt realizes just how dark he's really become. He couldn't keep his family safe and together, but he's managed to keep the money safe, and hidden from danger. Walt no longer understands who he has become. He's lost all sense of self. He had convinced himself that he wanted to make this money to keep his family safe. But it tore them apart. And in the end, he chose his money. Could this desire for money have spawned from a deep seeded regret that began growing after he haphazardly sold his share in Grey Matter ultimately costing him billions of dollars? His identity crisis will implode, He's been trying to make up excuses for his actions for so long he started to believe his own stink. He became his own stink. The stink of the rotten Heisenberg. As he realizes this its almost as if he's coming out of a daze. The illusion of clarity that his Heisenberg mindset held so dear begins to evaporate ushering in a wave of confusion as he ponders who he is and reflects on his motives for starting and staying so devoted to his meth monstrosity. I think we will find that Grey Matter had a lot to do with it. Being disillusioned, Walten-burg decides that the solution his identity problem is to create a brand new one. a decision of course fueled by guilt, shame, and warrants. Since his kids are torn from his custody and his wife is dead, He's out, on the lamb, with a whole new identity granted to him by none other than good old Saul Goodman and his identity-renewal connection.. Vanishing from new mexico without so much as a peep. except to Walt Jr of course. And for the average viewer it will be good riddance. We're not gonna want to see that guy anymore after what he does to Hank and his own family..

    Walt, once again leaves Hank with a huge mess to clean up. Hank is left with a dead sister in law, dead best friend, and a supreme court sized mishmash of an investigation to construe. He's absolutely discouraged. All he wants is Walt to rot in prison. And he almost had him. Hank deep down knows in his heart he will never see Walt again. He got away. And he feels responsible. Guilt weighs on his conscious that his wife's sister would still be alive if he hadn't given Walt the room to wiggle. Hank underestimated Walt. And Marie will never forgive him for that.. That's the last nail in his coffin. He's done. Hank kills himself. Im guessing he will blow his brains out, he was always cleaning up after other peoples messes, now its time for someone to clean up after him. One last hurrah, why not.. WAIT BUT THERES MORE.

    Since Walt has gone missing Lydia still needs some one to cook up that pure blue Meth. If she was smart she would close down shop with all that heat from the feds so close behind… but with Hank dead and Lydia's no nonsense clients demanding Heisenberg quality meth she decides to take the risk, and Todd's pussy whipped by her so he's not gonna disagree, plus he just lost his Uncle in a gun fight and is super unstable and out of his mind. Anyhoot, the fact still remains that Lydia needs a cook cause Todd's meth ain't quite there yet.. So if they cant get Walt himself to cook, who's the next best deal? You guessed it. Mr. Jesse Pinkman. So in a last ditch effort, Lydia orders her new bitch boy Todd to kidnap Jesse. Which Todd is probably pretty excited about on the count that he wants to get to the bottom of why Pinkman was un-cuffed hanging out with the Feds at the time his uncle got shot. So they kidnap Jesse who will most likely be at Brock's mom's house. Walt gets word of this and all hell breaks loose inside of him. His new identity isn't enough to keep the dark out. The he empire he built still stands to haunt him, reminding him of the terrible decisions he made that lead to the death of his wife, Brother in law, and seizure of his children. And theres only one thing he wants to do. He MUST destroy what he's started. Put an end to the madness. That means everyone else left involved. Lydia, Todd, and whatever is left of the entire operation. And HOW is he going to do it? Ill tell ya.. He'll do it all with The ricin. Thats right. Every one is going to die by Ricin. Walt's a chemist. not a shooter. Two words.. Chemical Warfare. Walt will build another bomb, except this time with the Ricin inside of it acting as a chemical agent ensuring the horrific death of his victims.. A small amount of ricin can go a long way. especially with Walt's chemistry skills. An interesting fact about ricin that i have recently discovered is that it is considered by the government a chemical warfare agent, and every chemical warfare agent is issued a “military symbol”. The interesting part is that the military symbol for ricin is W. Anyways. Walt will appear at the Meth operation with some crazy story that Lydia will trick herself into believing because all that woman wants is some nice blue Heisenberg Brand Meth to slang. (which of course is Lydia's main weakness, and Walter is taking notice of it.) Walt will get out of this mess by convincing Lydia and Todd that he's the one who killed Hank. Walt will convince them to let Jesse free on the condition that Walt himself will cook. Granting him all night access to the lab. giving him enough access and privacy to build and plant the Ricin bomb. Walt makes a final glorious batch of his famous blue meth, Lydia, finally impressed with the product, is eager to finally sell it to her “important and demanding clients” . When Lydia's clients arrive Walt realizes something.

    Lydia's demanding clients are Walt's old business partners from Grey Matter. THIS is the moment when many secrets are revealed and questions are answered and raised. And there he is. standing face to face with both of his empires companies subsequently feeding off of each other. On one hand you have Grey Matter, The company started by the Mr. White side of his persona (his light side) , and on the other you have the Meth Empire, created by the Heisenberg side of him (his dark side). Both companies are no longer in his control, yet are inadvertently dependent on him to function. Maybe hell get an offer to get back his cut of the company if he agrees to keep cooking the Meth, who knows. The one thing I think Walt is looking for at this point is a sense of control, as he realizes that all of the sudden he's the one being worked and manipulated and pupated..

    BINGO, it all clicks. just as it had clicked for Jesse about Walt poisoning brock.

    He realizes both the companies he has started are using him just as he had used Jesse and others around him. He becomes frightened, how long has he been being used? Was Gus Fring in kahoots with Grey Matter too? Lydia was the methylamine supplier for Madrigal. Walt suddenly realizes Lydia has been carefully planted by the owners of Grey Matter for the sole of purpose using Walt's skills to further the company. Lydia isn't in this for selling meth. She's selling secrets. Walt's secrets. That is why she is so concerned with the meth being blue. Because Grey Matter has discovered something proprietary, and profitable about Walt's purification process that can be applied to all things that need purification, not just meth. Grey Matter has been trying to copy his purification method and patent it since before he was at Madrigal. with Gus. Yes Gus was in on it too. So was Gale was actually an employee at Grey Matter, which is how he knew so much about Walter White, and was actually put there to steal his method of purification before Walt realized the power. The Purification industry is a trillion dollar industry. This includes water, oils, gases, all different things. Ironically all along Walt has had the power of purity. Hence the last name White. He tainted himself when he got caught up in the green of money. Losing sight of the purity of being himself, becoming a poison to all of those around him. which has cost him everything. Now that walt realizes he has over looked the only beautiful part of him that he has left while unknowingly become a puppet to his own creations. While subject to a manipulation so deep it has killed almost all his loved ones and torn apart his family. He longs to regain control of the empires he started he does the only thing that makes sense is what he does best. If its one thing Heisenberg taught him is that sometimes the best way to purify a situation is with poison.
    Explode. BOOM.
    He detonates the chemical ricin bomb. It wipes out everyone on the compound out, leaving absolutely no survivors. Including himself. The only trace of Walt's revolutionary purification process lies in the book Hank stole from Walt's bathroom, and in swimming around somewhere in Jesse's head assuming Walt taught Jesse the purification process.

    Jesse will probably end up with Walt's money, but he wont keep it. I have a feeling a special young latina lady and her little boy are going to wake up with a large sum of money on their doorstep. Maybe Walt's kids too, Maybe something to help Marie, Maybe Something in Mike's honor. if you pay attention to what Jesse wears, he wears a lot of red. Dare i say, Like Santa? It would SORTA make sense that he gets a little santa clausey at the end thing is they already had him do that a few episodes back so who knows. maybe all the money will burn.. and jesse will start a company with Walt's unmatched purification process. Maybe Walt JR will find the book and figure out the trillion dollar idea. Maybe I'm 101% wrong on everything i just said. Jesse will probably disappear forever (identity swap) Leaving Saul Goodman the last man standing. Just another day in the life for the salty lawyer. And its onto the next client in a Saul Goodman spinoff series.

    There are some obvious holes left in my theories. i think jesse, walt jr, and todd are going to be way more interesting than i wrote. just trying to get the basic point across though. What do you think?

    • angrycommentor

      Walt's selfish obsession with retrieving his money will be the reason Skylar dies. Walt doesn't personally kill her but he fails to uphold his promise to protect his family, and leave the danger out of the house. Walt tricks hank again a real low blow that causes Hank to put a hold on the investigation, allowing walt to roam free to nab his money. during this time Todd,livid with the vengeance of his uncle who will be killed in the shoot out in the desert kills skylar in her own home. The worst part is, he will come looking for hank. but he wont be there. Todd's not the kinda guy that leaves empty handed. Anyways. Walt feels guilty for Skylar's death, so subconsciously he takes on a trait of hers. its not a foreshadow of what he did, its a glimpse into the mind of a confused sociopath suffering a deep seeded identity crisis.