‘Pacific Rim’ Star Charlie Day Accused of ‘Soiling’ His Airplane Seat (Video)

'Pacific Rim' Star Charlie Day Accused of 'Soiling' His Airplane Seat (Video)

'Pacific Rim' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' star confused for someone with difficulty controlling his bowels before takeoff

Charlie Day was accused of joining the yuckiest mile-high club ever.

Verdict: NOT GUILTY.

The "Pacific Rim," star says he was nearly taken off his flight to his "Jimmy Fallon" appearance after airline officials accused him of "soiling" his seat.

Day explained to Fallon that he was innocently sitting in his (unsoiled) airplane seat and preparing for his flight to New York when the captain announced the plane was "holding for something." That something turned out to be a "very official airport guy" wearing a Hazmat suit, who boarded the plane and asked Day if he "soiled [his] seat."

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Day says he responded "I have not soiled my seat. I'm about to soil it." At that point, the airport guy realized that he'd boarded the wrong plane. Which means that someone out there did soil his airplane seat and had to be removed from the plane by a guy in a Hazmat suit, but it wasn't Charlie Day.

Fallon did take a second to check Day's chair just to make sure he hadn't soiled that seat, either. It, too, was clean.

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It was a scary and potentially embarrassing moment, but Day was ultimately pleased that it gave him something to talk about as he makes the "Pacific Rim" promotional rounds.

Watch the video: