‘The Glades’ Canceled by A&E

'The Glades' Canceled by A&E

The crime drama wrapped its fourth season on Monday

"The Glades" is no more.

A&E has canceled the crime drama, which wrapped up its fourth season on Monday.

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The drama starred Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth, a homicide detective from Chicago who takes a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain's wife.

The series drew 3.408 million total viewers with its Monday finale, according to TV By the Numbers — up from previous finales. However, Season 4 as a whole didn't fare as well, averaging 2.6 million total viewers, with 762,000 of them in the 18-49 demographic most important to advertisers.

  • gladesfan

    That's a bad move the Glade story line were just getting really good now We will never know who shot Jim I'll miss the show very much

  • Sherwin Hoopengardner

    Are they kidding? They can’ leave us hanging. That was a crappy way to leave.

  • angry

    I think we all should boycott A&E. This is why I hate getting involved in any program.

  • Sue & Jim

    THANKS!!! A&E for CANCELING one of the BEST shows on TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Us grownups LOVED the GLADES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for your new ZOMBIE series !!! My husband and I watch shows that are well acted or make us laugh. As we are over 50 , comic book shows like ZOMBIES ,are just a little stupid and should be shown on Saturday morning kid networks !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for leaving us hanging , with Jim on the floor shot on his wedding day ! S J

  • Disgusted with TV Exec's

    A&E PLEASE bring back the Glades, Why does everything have to revolve around the 18 -49 age group? Mature people are more likely to be staying home watching TV than the youth. We like sensible/entertaining shows. The Glades was great; actors very good; and a wonderful story line.