‘House Hunters’ Host Suzanne Whang Pens Apology Note to Her Breast Cancer

'House Hunters' Host Suzanne Whang Pens Apology Note to Her Breast Cancer

Actress and comedian addresses struggle with humor

Suzanne Whang, the comedian and former host of HGTV's "House Hunters," has penned an open letter to her breast cancer.

It's an apology — which should be the first sign that the actress has battled the disease with a sense of humor. Though best known for guiding homebuyers to their dream domeciles on HGN's "House Hunters," she also has a surprisingly ribald stand-up act.

"Dear Tit Cancer," she says in the salutation of her letter, posted at the site AnOpenApology. (As you may have guessed, many of the apologies posted on the site are ironic.)

"I'm sorry that I made fun of you mercilessly in stand-up comedy clubs and at spoken word events," her letter says. "I'm sorry that I made you feel weak. I'm sorry that I became unsuitable for habitation. I'm sorry that I evicted you and got a restraining order that you can't come within 100 feet of me ever again … I'm sorry that I'm happy, healthy, and thriving now."

Whang also included a photo of her scarred left breast.

The Korean-American also joked that "I'm sorry" means something very different in Korean than it does in English.

Things are looking up for the actress since her battle with the disease: She recently landed a role on the upcoming NBC series "About a Boy."