Jon Stewart Defends Herman Cain: Pizza Lends Itself to Sexual Innuendo (Video)

Rick Perry seizes the moment — badly

Jon Stewart understands how Herman Cain ended up accused of sexual harassment.

“There is very little in the pizza world,” the “Daily Show” host explained Monday, “that is not sexually suggestive.”

That led Stewart into joks about sausage, stuffing and coming in 30 minutes or less, delivered in one of Stewart's trademark ethnic accents.

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Stewart criticized Cain's redundant defense, sloppy reporting on the issue, and Rick Perry's failure to seize the moment. He also noted that everything Cain says sounds a little dirty now.

Watch the video:

  • Mariana

    The term ‘Suss Jude’ (‘Sweet Jew') was coined by the one of the most despicable goups of beings in the 20th Century, who succeeded in convincing others that ALL Jews were the equivalent of disease infested rats that contaminated anything they came in contact with.  Their intetion was to create a climate of hatred and hostility towards Jews, and it worked..  As horrific and despicable as such an act was, I can't help thinking that there had to be a few individuals in the Jewish population of that era who must have been just  like John Stewart and Bill Maher, who have so  much in common with disease infested rats,and who might have inspired such evil in others.  It is incomprehensible how Jewish anti-difamation groups are silent about the demeaning effect that this two memebers of their community have on the  public's  perception of the Jewish community, and they fail to condemn and repudiate these two individual
    Stewart and Maher hide behind the claim that ‘they are just comedians', and refuse to recognize that their kind of humor is like the black plague or any other pestilence that is spread by the fllthiest, most repugnant rat.