‘Judge Judy’ Renewed, Will Bang Gavel Through 2017

'Judge Judy' Renewed, Will Bang Gavel Through 2017

Judge Judy Sheindlin likens the extension of her show to "a winning hand in blackjack"

Take heart, "Judge Judy" fans; Judy Sheindlin will continue to put small-claims litigants in their place for your entertainment pleasure for at least the next four years.

Sheindlin, the titular jurist of "Judge Judy," has re-upped to bang the gavel on the long-running court series through 2017.

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The series, which is distributed through CBS Television, is currently in its 17th season and averages more than 9 million viewers daily, making it the top-rated show in daytime television.

Sheindlin celebrated the fact that her series will run for at least 21 seasons, saying "I still love" presiding over the show.

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"Twenty-one is a terrific number," Sheindlin said. "It's when you officially become an adult, it's a winning hand in blackjack and it's the number of seasons we will have hit in 2017. I am so fortunate to have a job that I still love, working with a staff I respect and with a company who is at the top of their game."