Kardashians’ Stepmom Sues Family and Ryan Seacrest Productions: ‘They Defamed Me!’

Kardashians' Stepmom Sues Family and Ryan Seacrest Productions: 'They Defamed Me!'

Widowed stepmom claims Kardashian clan trashed her as a gold-digger and tried to frame her for blackmail

The Kardashian clan and Ryan Seacrest Productions were sued Wednesday by Ellen Kardashian – the TV stars' widowed stepmom – who claims the family and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" show tried to frame her as a blackmailer and paint her as shameless gold-digger.

Ellen (left), who was married to Kardashian patriarch Robert Kardashian before he died, filed her lawsuit Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging single counts of defamation, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy. She's seeking unspecified damages.

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The suit names Robert Kardashian's ex-wife Kris Jenner and her daughters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney; son Rob; and Ryan Seacrest Productions (though not the "American Idol" host himself).

Ryan Seacrest Prods. had no comment when reached by TheWrap.

The suit says "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" producers sent a private investigator to try and sell damaging information about the Kardashians to Ellen Kardashian – purpose: to make her look like a blackmailer — but she wasn't buying it and rebuffed the P.I.

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She also says the Kardashian girls' banter on a June 9 show made it seem like she married Robert Kardashian "on his deathbed" in 2003 (they were wed just a few months before his death from cancer) to get his money.

"This statement is false and implies that Robert was an invalid when he married Ellen. The truth is that Robert and Ellen had been engaged for a year and a half" before deciding to get married after his diagnosis, according to the lawsuit.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report

  • MikeTX62

    Gee, the Kardashians are in trouble again!! What are the odds??!!?

  • Ivan

    I don't know why she's surprised. Oh wait. Yes, I do. It's that bad facelift and the addiction to botox.

  • April Means

    In my opinion…the Kardashians (esp the twitty trio) NEED a reality show. They're talentless, gossiping, trash who never would be able to MAKE REAL MONEY without one. What the hell do they do all day anyway? Shop, travel to Greece to VACATION (why do they need a vacation?!! lol), shop more, gossip, trash people, shop, eat out @ fancy restaurants, shop, & the FUNNIEST of all to me is them & their PHOTO SHOOTS. ALWAYS doing some type of “shoot.” Lord. I'm shocked their a**es can even fit into a frame. Oops. That's the beauty of Photoshop. Anyhow…TRASH. I feel sorry for them. I hope this woman gets what she deserves.

  • Enmajo

    Oh she's suing guess there's truth to it all! Anyway to make a buck!

  • GlamGail

    Kudos to Ellen Kardashian! Whether she wins a cent, she won by just filing this lawsuit against these silly people. The lawsuit validates that she is a person of value and not to be trashed for the money of it. And, possible bad publicity and loss of money is the only thing these cotton-candy people understand. I remember her husband Robert. He was engaged and married Ellen because she was the anti-Kris, who cheated on him by her own admission. As for the class-less, vacuous, and uneducated, media hogs he allegedly sired, ssh, that sound you hear, is poor Robert spinning you-know-where.

  • Charles Almon

    Another plastic surgery night mare.
    Doesn't look a day over 65.

  • Baby Doll

    thats cause the kartrashians is used to a few days engagement and 72 days of marriage, or choose to just live together,

  • Michelle Beeks

    If they lied about their stepmother marrying their dad on his death bed then I'm gonna be woundering why???and would anyone of them like it if anyone said that about anyone of them?also I'm sure kris would contact a attorney a.s.a.p and take action am I right?sure I am,anyways I really like the show and the family but if I find out they lied I'm gonna wounder is everything a big fat LIE and these are their dad's diarys right?His handwriting his words his hurt his truth his PAIN at the end of the DAY I think if that was my DaDS words about how much hurt kris put his kids through and him I'd be so darn mad at kris for hurting the one man who loved his kids nomatter what I don't care if he's passed on or not Stand Up For Ur Father My Goddness do what's right tell the truth because it will ALL come out it always does,don't chose fame and Monet over ur dad I'm sure he didn't raise anyone of you like this come on be REAL Please for me and the rest of ur FANS!!!Seems to me Kris has always and always followed the MONEY and with her legs and hubsands and now kids and just wait does she ever watch her other 2 grand baby's by Scott D. And talk about it on T.V makes you wanna say huh??whys this because he's not a rapper and ain't worth millions like Kimmys man,lol I feel sorry for this family it's a hot mess and Bruce walking out from getting surgery on his nose maybe from cancer and not one person walking out with him where's kris when u need her what a wife I want the truth and we all deserve it.robert k. Would be so ashamed of all of this and kris living off his name lol it's not her name anymore she lost her rights to it when she had an affair with Todd W. And probley still is truth be told,I hope the 2 youngest stand up for their dad unlike the others for their dad all for sake of money can't buy all ur kids kris hopefully and granddaughter North heck with ur 2 other grand babies they don't bring to much to the table.So happy for all of you just please stop with the lies it's getting old Bigtime no wounder Khole doesn't know who her real dad is what a mess kris I love Khole she is one that calls kris what she is and don't act fake and lie that's why everyone loves her she could have her own show and stores and she would be bigger then everyone of you even Kim that's a fact seen to many polls and Khole always ranks the highest she won't let kris lie on the only father she grew up with besides Bruce,I hope he tells all and I bet real soon he will oh I can't wait!!!lots of love to Khole,Bruce and 2 youngest girls and Scott his poor kids will never be loved like Kim's because we'll we all know why what a shame were they on kris jenners talk show? Maybe I didn't hear about that if they we're.I hope Roberts wife takes kris to the cleaners if what she's saying is the truth about marrying Robert 2 months before he died and so on,I'm gonna be really mad if kris had these girls lie for her again and I'd say so is a lot of others will be to.