Kris Jenner Fires Back at Obama Over Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Diss

Kris Jenner Fires Back at Obama Over Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Diss

Matriarch defends the duo on her TV talk show and calls the president hypocritical 

President Obama's dispute with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been getting the headlines, but now he's in a new beef with Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner, and this one could get really nasty.

The President recently said that the public's fascination with the Kardashians and other high-profile celebs was changing the American Dream, in an interview on Amazon's Kindle Singles site.

Where children once aimed for a good home, a good job and the possibility of higher education, he said, today's youngsters are exposed to such wealth in the form of celebrities’ lifestyles that everything seems smaller by comparison.

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“Kids weren't monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success,” he said.

Mama Kardashian fired back on her talk show on Friday.

“It's really great that people aspire to get a great job … but I wasn't aware that you could only set the bar so high and that we could only dream so big,” Jenner said.

And Kanye and Kim, she said, didn't deserve the grief.

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“I find it so odd that he's picking on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Well, Kanye West, first of all, doesn't go on vacation. Ever,” Jenner said. “And Kim Kardashian is the hardest-working young lady in the world. She never sleeps, she never stops, she never slows down and works so hard for what she's got.”

The president also mentioned that Kim and Kanye live in 10,000 square-foot home, and Jenner found that hypocritical.

“I bet the President has some friends with 10,000 square foot houses and that he wouldn't mind going over there… when [he was] asking them to have a party for [him] while [he was] campaigning for dollars to run for president.”

There's been no further word from the White House.

Here's the video from “Kris”:


  • Name

    kris jenner is a pimp and her daughter kim became famous for her sex tape.

  • carolyn

    I think everyone should just be happy for Kim and Kanye. Thats whats wrong with this world now. ppl in other ppl business.Well KIM and KANYE have my blessing.Only GOD can judge us.

    • Ernie Cioran

      Ok, but you still might want to exercise your own judgment once in a while.

    • Bob Jones



    • Hilda Orduno

      Oh Geeze you gonna post a video on you tube crying your eyes out because people say the truth about Kimhoe and her pimp momma?

  • indiana

    stupid ass celebs, is there no end to how fucking retarded they can be?

  • Laurinda pierre

    I agree with kris.Obama should worry about his business and leave the Kardashians alone

    • Sylvia Rodriguez

      Who said he was worried about them? He was using them as an example only, of course he didn't have to name them exactly but to put his point across he did. In that I agree but do u argue with his statement? Is ur life like thiers? Is there anything really real about them at all? I don't think so.

  • Kitty

    Kim Kardashian the hardest working young lady in the world??!! Are you joking? How about all the teachers, nurses, fire fighters and police officers who work 24+ hours a day. What an ignorant bunch of people.

    • makaveli

      the truth yet the irony.

  • Dan

    The KKK = Kim kris Kanye are a nuisance to the society and dirty folks the mama was caught in a trio with Kanye Kim and herself

    • Antonio Augusto Castillo

      Nope, it was KLD (Kris and Lord Dicksick)

  • Dan

    The KKK = Kim kris Kanye are a nuisance to the society and dirty folks the mama was caught in a trio with Kanye Kim and herself

  • Dan

    The KKK = Kim kris Kanye are a nuisance to the society and dirty folks the mama was caught in a trio with Kanye Kim and herself

  • Anna

    Kris is right… dream big and work hard. However, when your big dream is making a profit out of your homemade videos, how hard do you really have to work?

    • Guest

      Really hard. When anyone say something bad other people they should keep their mouth shut. They do not go to there door to give money to pay the bills and food to eat. They should mind there own business.

      • Anna

        I never said making homemade movies were a bad thing…

    • Esmeralda Villanueva


  • Randy

    Kris is an idiot. She says her daughter works hard!?! Question Kris, she works hard doing what? We want to know. She got famous off a sex tape, maybe she's making more of those. Queen garden tool turned her daughters into princess garden tools for a buck. Total trash.

    • Rippers is coming to ur soul

      What a hell can ur sex tape sell? Sissy

  • Stacie Bunton

    At least “some” celebs are seeing Obama for the total hypocrite jerk he really is. I bet Kanye isn't going to be called a racist for not liking Obama now!

  • Rippers is coming to ur soul

    Who God bless no men can lay a finger, respect for the rich. suckers

  • Rippers is coming to ur soul

    Am not a fan of K but I have big respect for them to get all this dollars never been easy forks stop hating and live with love

    • Anthony

      Wow how stupid people are to stand up for these Gyppos whos mom is their pimp…all media whores who,s bubble will burst one day soon i hope. No respect for anyone just themselves and what ever they can do to con people their mom will do. LOOK AT THEIR SPOUSES AND SO CALLED BOYFIRENDS .lol that should say a lot there ….Kris go to Nevada and Blow OJ maybe he will give you another Khloe …………….you all suck

      • TONY

        fuck them all them suck D AND GIVE COOD BLOW JOB K K K SUCK

  • forwardthinker2

    What kind of message are you really leaving other people's children? Are your kids in college are they contributing to society with any type of community involvement? Are they doing any kind of charity work or is it all about you? After all morally your younger kids might go through your divorce, your daughter is not married with a child and your other son and son-in-law are doing what?? You may have made money from being on TV but nothing I would be proud of–all it enables you to do is buy more stuff.

  • Brett

    Kimmie's “fame” is based on a sleazy,tacky sex tape which Momager Kris greedily EXPLOITED and profited from. They're ALL DOUCHE BAGS:TALENTLESS, bland,BORING,vapid,shallow, dysfunctional, GREEDY, sleazy hypocrites. America has grown weary of their whining and pathetic attitudes. And Scott Disick is a seriously UNSTABLE sociopath!!!!

    • james smith

      Brett I agree with you 1000% I couldnt have said it better.

    • Antonio Augusto Castillo

      Lord Dicksick needs to be institutionalized for his safety and our sanity….

  • Ramona Gray

    Everytime I watch that stupid show , Kims lying down …..always ,,,,,how the hell is that hard work???

    • Sylvia Rodriguez

      She's planning her next porn video maybe??????????????? Hell, she made so much $$$$$$ off the first, why not make another one. Why don't we ask her momma, she should know.

    • james smith

      Ramona Gray. Well its hard to give all those blow jobs standing up. Her best position is on her knees.

  • Richard Maddox Combs

    I agree with President Obama! The rich and celebrity egotists fill mainstream American TV (ie: the Kardashians, etc.), with programing that has nothing to do with 99% of the viewers

  • mwallek

    lip flapping cow

  • josey..

    President Obama and the Hollywood stars seem to worship one another as much as Obama worships the White House life and the high flying on Air Force One.
    So, for Obama to criticize anybody else for living a lush lifestyle is like the proverbial pot calling the proverbial kettle black. In fact, I dislike the characters on both sides of the issue, equally.

  • Pixie

    If anyone has changed the American Dream it's Obama! He could care less about America or it's people. His goal has been from the very beginning to turn America into a Muslim nation. He doesn't even believe in God and it's very obvious

    • Hilda Orduno

      I am sorry I did not know it was a requirement to be president to believe in God, silly me.

    • Judge Joe Brown

      America is based off of different freedoms and i think freedom of speech and freedom of religion is a couple of them…and plus president obama isnt even a muslim…smh ignorant ppl like pixie is the reason america is messed up like it is.

  • stella

    Obama needs to worry about doing his own damn job.

  • phowell4

    she is trash,they have no work ethics, they dont work. she has 2 new idiots to groom into stupidity.

  • Barb

    because he has class, a job and doesn't give a f*** about them.

  • gloya

    I think what the president may have implied is that kids are so engrossed with the rich and famous that there is a lack of focus on meaningful jobs that make this world a better place. Sure I bet working long hours under the hot camera lights, posing for Playboy, and having exhaustion from traveling long hours all over the world is “hard work” in a sense but I wonder…. would Kim have climbed to success had her dad not been who he was and the sex tape? I mean did someone show up at her door and say hey lets follow you with a camera because you are interesting enough all on your own and not riding on the coat tails of a tape or famous father. I mean what independent talent are we HONESTLY talking about here???

  • rio

    who would want to emulate the Kardashians! what a screwed up family.

  • Sis

    I'm so tired of them being referred to as celebs or stars. Kim made that family “infamous” because of a sex tape. Now isn't that something to be proud. Will she look her daughter in her face one day & tell her, “North, honey, all I have is because of a sex tape”. No, because North will be able to see it on the internet herself!

    • Oshun

      You are so right! And that's what I should say would be most hurtful. When the kids find out that their parents were the reason the President of the United States is concerned for our children! This is how you create a Lindsay Lohan, then the parent is surprised by the behavior…

  • marylou buchman

    obama not only is disgusting but he is an idiot a disgrace to the USA glad kris stepped up to the plate & spoke out against him he is an embarrassment to our country watch out kris the irs will be on you just as they were to dr carson when he stepped up to the plate

    • Bob Jones

      Mary Lou Buchman,

      so you are proud of Kris and Obama is a disgrace?

      You are fucking idiot in the worst way.

      On one hand you have what can be actually proven and verified; the current first African American President of the United States, Harvard Law School Graduate, former US Senator, and former Illinois State Senator,
      who you as much as you would love to
      cannot pin any of the
      bullshit lies to, and you
      are ashamed of him….
      and he (The Executive
      Branch) did not shut down the Government as if you ever paid attention in Government/Civics class should know that it is Congress holds the purse strings, not the president.

      Then you have the Kardashians… a family initially made famous by their father Robert who was more famously known for being friends and part of the infamous Dream Team for OJ Simpson in the Nicole Brown murder trial was the only person really known to the public. The mother, Kris (Jenner) was known for having an illicit affair towards the tail end of the marriage to Robert and this is why their is doubt aurrounding Khloe's paternity. Then daughter and most well known living Kardashian Kim, hooks up with R&B grammy award winning music artist Brandy's brother Ray-J who is also an R&B artist himself which makes her like a Groupie… The two make a sex tape which is allegedly leaked onto the internet and then she sues the person who leaked and charged for viewing of the tape/video for the funds paid/charged to paying customers. She claims to be deeply offended but then later does a photo spread with Playboy (surprise, surprise), and does some minor modeling on the side and dated a few other notable athletes/celebrities to include Reggie Bush who had his Heisman Trophy award redacted for NCAA violations, as well as having National Championships and winning seasons voided from when he played at USC, and cost his team scholarships and made USC bowl ineligible for 3 years after he was already gone and in the NFL. She is now with current boyfriend and baby daddy if they are still evwn together, Kanye West. West is most notably known for crying and whining and bitching and complaining at music awards to include his infamous and tasteless tirade when Country Music songstress
      Taylor Swift best female pop video of the year award claiming that Beyonce should have won.

      But that is who you are proud of??? No wonder you are a Republican; the party of stupid.

      • marylou buchman

        i am  american i was very very happy to still be alive to see him elected rosa parks was my idol it took a black woman to stand up to not only a man but for civil rights but i am also a christian who stupidity vote for him & his change i am from a military family he is not    to bring our fallen soldiers home the way he allowed is a disgrace to our nation the lies concerning bengazi including his big cover up is disgusting he out n out lied & hillary couldnot have blamed a video without his consent  mr stevens& the soldiers begged & begged for the help that was so close by & it was refused can you ever begin to understand a mother.'s love for a child then have to live with the fact the country's president allowed him to be murdered by muslims then fn lie about it omg i am not a fan of the kardasins but that thing allowed the illegal aliens to enter the mall to rally & refused access to americans to visit the ww2 memorial  i believe that he is the black plaque that is going to destroy the USA & i am 1 of the ass holes who voted for him the 1st time when my best friend who is african american told me not to because he is a muslim terrorist  ergo i voted for that mt but thank god not the 2nd time

      • marylou buchman

        so bob thought i'd hear back from you since i confirmed that basically what you implied about me is right fn idiot who voted for obomba may have voted but later realized what a big mistake never ever believed his shit re bengazi listen to what dr ben carson has to say re obomba so called health care if you ever went to school you would know how socialism begins with socialized health care may GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Sylvia Rodriguez

    “And Kim Kardashian is the hardest-working young lady in the world. She never sleeps, she never stops, she never slows down and works so hard for what she's got.”

    Thus the porn video that she put out there that everyone can c (in/out, in/out) on line that's if u like kind of lifestyle.

    “I bet the President has some friends with 10,000 square foot houses and that he wouldn’t mind going over there… when [he was] asking them to have a party for [him] while [he was] campaigning for dollars to run for president.”

    This is the type of statement that a hater or someone that is jealous of people who have been either extremely lucky or who have made it. We all have friends like this n we just have to be happy for these people, not hating on them. Hell, they r friends, we all have friends like that.

  • Lindsey A

    Hard at work spreading her legs; she has slept with more men then a hooker who has been working for 25 years. I would vote for a hooker brfore KIM K.

  • kimsucksblackcock

    that whole family is a bunch of gold diggers. if I was bruce id get the fuck outta that family too!the kardashians act like they live a happy life when there really fucked up

  • Ash

    But it's true….For our younger generation- the “American Dream” has changed. Kris, your ignorance speaks volumes.

  • nancydrewed

    Oh just shut up. Don't you have a botox appointment you need to get to?

    • Hilda Orduno

      Actually if it had not been for Kimhoe's sex tape nobody would have every know about the hoes and their momma pimp. They would have known the attorney's name and known who he was for the HONEST LEGAL work he did.

  • cinnabunnz

    OBAMA Is right. kids these days dont know what success is.. its all about social websites && name brand clothes. what about your highschool diploma && college?
    & this celebrity mom is so full of it. ” hardest working young lady IN THE WORLD ” #She Tried It. No Ma'am!! How Did She Get Famous? Yep mom. Thats Hard Work Alright….

  • Oshun

    are wrong. Because I respect the President and his achievements and I respect
    the Kardashian Klan and their achievements, this is what I can say to this:

    was wrong to point a finger at Kim and Kanye and name names. But there is
    reason why there were easy targets. The media does not present them well for
    various valid reasons. Yes the media exaggerates and it’s not all true, but I'm
    not surprised that they were a target. As the President, I would have expected
    him to word things better; to think about what he is trying to say. He made a
    bad conclusion about what a hardworking person looks like. Because Kim and
    Kanye are not shown in a positive light by the media, then he concludes that
    they are not hard-working. In regards to showing their wealth and success, they
    are entitled to express it. It's up to the viewer to determine whether seeing
    that wealth and success will motivate them to work harder and make more money
    in an ethical way or to conclude that creating a sex tape or becoming publicly
    obnoxious is the best way to make money. At the same time, Kim and Kanye need
    to work harder to present themselves better so that they are not giving the
    wrong impression about success. Even people like the President are watching
    them cautiously to ensure that their daughters are not badly influenced.

    Jenner responded as a mother in retaliation, like any mother would even against
    the President of the United States. She is brave and a typical mom. However,
    how she responded in her retaliation above was not thought out well. And it
    unfortunately does add to the bad press the family already has. Certainly there
    is bias when she says Kim is the hardest working person she knows; any mommy
    would say that of their child. But what Obama was getting at was a person who
    works as a nurse or doctor to save lives, men and women, K-9s in the military.
    He was talking about the hardworking people who do necessary work. We can live
    without Kim Kardashian's hard work and Kanye's hard work, we cannot live
    without doctors, nurses and people in the military which is what Obama, badly
    explained. Yes she and Kanye work hard to stay relevant in their industry which
    is apparently corrupt, but that hard work in my opinion can be compared to
    someone else as non essential to the growth of this country. And please don’t
    get me wrong, the world still needs entertainment, but we already have Jay-z
    and Beyonce as entertainers who are well respected. The world still needs a
    mental escape from all the hardships of life. Some doctors can afford to buy
    Louis Vuittons and fly in private jets because that is an escape from the
    horrors of the Emergency Room and a reward for their hard work. For me watching
    luxury living on TV is an escape from reality. The bonus would be if it was
    presented by people shown in a positive light, but many celebs have cracked
    under the camera and done questionable things to maintain that certain lifestyle.
    Am I surprised? They're human. Because they’re human will I let my kids watch
    them? That’s why its bedtime for them at 9.00pm on Sunday.

    to comment on her statement about employing people on the Kardashian show, yes
    you employ people on your show, that is by far the most relevant thing about the
    show in America today (aside from some fashion
    statements) But the number of people you employ are only a small fraction of
    the employed in the nation. Her tone was of a person who implies that she is
    doing Obama/Americans a huge favor. The Kardashian show can get cancelled,
    people are unemployed again for 18 months, but later find new stars to work
    with. Life can go on without you. Einstein will be remembered for centuries,
    the Kardashians, maybe, maybe not.

    could have said: We live in a world where the media is exposing unnecessary
    information about celebrity life, which can corrupt our children. Since the
    media is a beast to fight, celebrities should strive to present themselves in a
    positive way that shows their esteemed values and hard work. (If he was going
    to mention names :) And if celebs are going to start doing that, I recommend it
    to Kim and Kanye who have influence over a lot of young people; to portray them
    in a way that debunks the image the media has successfully portrayed of them.

    think this would not have caused a backlash by Kris, but if she did respond she
    should have said:

    hurts me that the President has something bad to say about my daughter Kim and
    Kanye West. It is clear that he certainly does not know them and has fallen
    victim to what is portrayed about them. I know Kim and Kanye work hard; I know
    every American works hard to be successful. We are just fortunate that we have
    a chance to show our success to people, to show them that it is possible, no
    matter what you aspire to be. I just wish the President had not said that.

  • drie313

    He wants you to set your goals lower so that when this is a full out communist country and you have NOTHING… You won't be looking at young ladies like Kim Kardashian and saying, “Hey, that is what I want… To work hard and accomplish the American dream!” Instead, you should be happier making less money (Or, frankly no money at all because you can't get a job) and having a less skilled job.

    • Hilda Orduno

      Not wanting them to aspire to be hoes is setting your goals LOWER? are you freaking kidding me? Is that what you want for YOUR kids? It is not certainly what I would want for my kids if I had daughters.

  • Bob Jones

    Mrs. Buchman,

    ive been working and am driving. Ill respond to your blatant ignorance later.

    Be patient.

  • ML Lueck

    I agree with Obama. Look at the following nine VALID facts of this family whose viewing audience unfortunately includes of a lot of little girls, pre-teen and teenage girls:

    1-Two daughters have chosen to have children out of wedlock.Unfortunately to teenage girls, since the Kardashians are wealthy, this makes these bad decisions look trendy and like valid choices to naive female viewers.
    2-Both baby Daddys are obnoxious, narcissistic, publicity seeking bottom-feeders who have both demonstrated bad behavior towards women, often while fueled by still present serious drinking problems.
    3-Kim made a sex tape when she was 17 and too young to know better, but instead of letting her daughter heal from this bad decision in privacy, her mother parlayed this into a reality show to make them all famous, so this trauma will never go away. She then pressured her into a playboy shoot she didn't want to do. (seriously do you ever hear the name Kim Kardashian and not think “Sex tape”? Gee, thanks Mom !! )
    4-One daughter had a DUI arrest, but took her lumps well without fuss. Only one with some character and maturity IMO
    5-The mother had an affair while married to Robert Kardashian, ending in divorce, which broke up her family.
    6-None of the daughters has a college education, yet are worth millions through celebrating trashy immoral behavior. Great role model for young women…
    7-Kim works hard? At what precisely, other than promoting herself?
    8-Heaven help the two youngest daughters, they are already being pimped out by their mother. Poor kids.
    9- No respect for Bruce Jenner for not putting his foot down and acting like a real father should: protecting his family, particularly his daughters, by saying “NO” to putting their lives on TV, or saying “NO” to the playboy shoot. Sad.

  • Esmeralda Villanueva

    Anyone that calling people stupid they are the one is stupid and idiot. None of us in this world has NO any space or room to criticize anyone. Regardless to our looks, to me all the same. You know why, because we all go down 6 to 12 feet under.

  • marion

    Kris jenner should be thankful that Bruce Jenner took the responsibility on taking raising and providing for her kids Mr Robert kardashian wasn't going give her the money that Jenner has giving her Jenner should do her own show like my 3 sons we need a father figure,American TV

  • Joe Budden

    The president was only stating that the youth has a false sense of what hard work and determination is based on tv shows like this one. He didn't say that they were bad ppl or anything about their characters, just that the young look at them and think they should strive for a range rover and lots of name brand clothes basically strive for popularity instead of a sense of hard work.