‘The Situation’ Bombs at Donald Trump Roast (Video)

The “Jersey Shore” star stinks up the joint on Comedy Central

The words "tanked" and "bombed" have been used before to describe "The Jersey Shore" star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. But they took on new meaning Tuesday night during Comedy Central's broadcast of its celebrity roast of Donald Trump.

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The Situation bombed — or "grendaded," to use the Sitch's moronic parlance against him.

In our estimation, the Situation's braggadocio-infused stillbirth of a routine make his five painful moments at the podium the worst televised comedy performance since Magic Johnson's debut opening monologue on "The Magic Hour," in which he said "What's up with that?" approximately one hundred times.

Thank you, Snoop Dogg, for busting on this fool big time elsewhere in the roast.

  • Ma'at

    And some dumb-ass studio suit will think this twit can put asses in seats and will make movies around him.

    Talk about ZERO talent. (Both him and most of the stuido suits).

  • Daddykap

    the only way he could have stunk more, is to do that bit from inside lisa lump-a-bellies pussy!

  • http://joewatchestv.blogspot.com/ @JoeWatchesTV

    Moronic parlance FTW!!!

  • sidewalk

    What a collection of morons – clapping and grinning when they get insulted. Larry King, you've fallen so far since CNN …

  • BJ78

    i thought there was were some decent jokes there but wtf the guy is NOT a comedian. most of these roasts arent funny with professorial comedians.

  • Guest

    Well at least Snoop killed at the Roast, all in all not a bad Roast, other then The Situations stinky situation. If he got hit with a skunk 5 times he still would have done better. Working nights at DISH network I use my sling adapter so I can watch something good on tv while I take my lunch, and that part of the roast was not worth it, if there had been people around me, they might have heard me yelling at my phone. Rebecca Black would have done a better job and she would have just told you what day of the week is coming up. At least when I get home if I decide to watch the DVR of it I can skip over The Bad Situation.

  • Ellass2000

    this was the worse roast i ever seen in my life… the worse and Mike from my gym in jersey was at his best at anything he does well that says a lot about his talents in anything he's a loser from jersey like most corny guys from jersey beach area… but just got camera's around him i mean this world is all messed up following losers like them from jersey shore and acting like they have something to give us in return, what a joke

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Carl-R-Gottstein-Jr/507404060 Carl R Gottstein Jr

    The Donald was GREAT..The situation went down in flames..it was ugly.

  • GiantUnderpants

    Really? I'm shocked!!! I mean, I thought celebrity = talent. Comedians spending years honing their craft is a waste of time, all they are doing is standing up and yapping, how hard is that?

    With the number of distribution channels available to provide content to viewers it never ceases to amaze me that d-bags like this are fostered to proliferate.

  • Jh1289

    My God, that was great. The laughing and clapping, like they were actually enjoying themselves, was some of the best acting I've seen from these folks.

  • Alopezgman

    Who let the Zero-ation on TV to roast the real estate No Body, how is married to a gold digging hot Body.

    TV suits, please don't mix Un-real-real-TV with who cares Hollywood roast. You wouldn't bring your stripper girlfriend to meet your kids now would you.

    Get real, and stop trying to mix high rated who gives a sh*t about you people with people that have talent.

    You suits need to Re-think TV before you you end up with no job.

  • Pirate91

    He makes doug williams look smart, i mean a least (doug) tried this dumb ass made a fool of himself.

  • http://newschoolmag.com/ Trey Michaels

    lmao wow

  • ebelleboo2

    Who the heck invited The Situation to Trump's roast in the first place?  All he's good for is picking up low class broads for a 4 second phuck.  He's really good at calling taxis though when it's time to send the whores packing.

  • http://twitter.com/dchanimaya Darlene Postma

    Classy move on Mr. Ross's part to rush forward and at least try and save the poor bastard. xD