Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested in Texas After Airport Gun Incident

Ted Nugent's Wife Arrested in Texas After Airport Gun Incident

Shemane Ann Nugent said she was carrying the pistol for protection after receiving death threats

So, Ted Nugent's wife walks into an airport …

Shemane Ann Nugent, wife of “Wango Tango” wailer Ted Nugent, was arrested at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Thursday, after a loaded pistol was found in her carry-on baggage, according to an incident report obtained by TheWrap.

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Nugent, 51, was arrested after TSA screeners detected what appeared to be a firearm in her carry-on bag at an x-ray screening point.

Asked by an officer if there was anything in her bag that the officer should be aware of, Nugent — who was booked on a flight for Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — replied, “I know what the problem is, I forgot the gun was in the bag.”

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A subsequent search found a .38 Smith & Wesson with 5 rounds in it, and an additional 10 rounds were found in the soft case that was carrying the gun.

Nugent, who has a concealed handgun permit for Texas, told police that she had received death threats, and was carrying the gun for protection. She said that she carries the gun in the bag for safety while attending physical training classes.

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Nugent told the officer that she knows it's illegal to carry a weapon into a secure area of an airport. When asked if she had seen the signs posted in front of the checkpoint stating that firearms are prohibited, she said no.

  • klunkerboy

    Of course she didn't see any sign placed in front of them as they entered the building, that would require active intelligence, only an idiot would walk into an airport with a loaded gun in their carry-on, especially in this day & age 10 years + after 9-11, you have to be completely clueless to go anywhere near an airport packing, any carry/concealed permit or not, its just plain stupid.

    • Martin

      It's just the governments way a taking freedoms from law abiding citizens They are not trying to protect us they are trying to control us. Remember when the government said that the terrorist would not win! That life in America would return to normal. When Bush said it would be cheap security because the government would hire people that couldn't get a job at McDonald's. He said “After all it doesn't take much intelligence to watch a TV screen”. Now it's turned into to more than watching TV. TSA has to much power and now the government is going to give them military weapons and training. Really?