TLC's ‘Little Couple’ Stars Address Double-Adoption Criticism (Exclusive Video)

TLC's 'Little Couple' Stars Address Double-Adoption Criticism (Exclusive Video)

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold explain their decision to adopt two children at the same time

After years of working through their fertility problems, "The Little Couple" stars Bill Klein and Jen Arnold decided to go forward on adopting this season on the TLC series.

First, they planned to adopt William, a 3-year-old Chinese orphan who, like Klein and Arnold, has dwarfism. But then the couple suddenly received a second offer to adopt a little girl – also with dwarfism – from India.

And while they say they've received mostly encouraging feedback, a few have criticized their decision to adopt two children at once.

"It's all been positive, I mean, a few crazy people, but mostly comments on how crazy it is to be adopting two kids at once, but we are. That being said, we're happy crazy," Arnold told TheWrap.

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"I guess we kind of looked at it as, you know, there are a bunch of other people, friends of ours, that have two, three, some even four kids, you know, they haven't killed each other yet," Klein added.

It took 11 months from when they discovered William in February 2012 to the point in which they were able to pick him up in China earlier this year. The time was compacted for television to half a dozen episodes this season.

The opportunity to adopt 19-month-old Zoey came as a surprise. The couple placed themselves on a waiting list with the organization, Little People of America, when they first got married about four years ago. Not an adoption agency itself, the LPA does work with agencies when they need to place a child with dwarfism or skeletal dysplasia.

"It seems like it's simultaneous, even though it's really not," Arnold, a pediatric doctor, said of the timing of Zoey's adoption.

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A few months after finding William, the couple got a call from the LPA's adoption coordinator telling them that they were next on the waiting list and that there was a little girl from India in need of a family.

"I always wanted a little girl, too," Arnold explained. "We always thought we wanted two kids in general. What were we going to do, say no? No, of course not. We decided, let's do it. If we're going to have our two kids, hopefully, and this will be it. So that's actually how it all played out. It wasn't that we intended to, or tried to, adopt two children at one time. It's just how the stars aligned, really."

"So for those people who said, 'You're crazy,' well, it's just kind of like life," she continued. "Like getting pregnant with twins, it's not something we planned on. But hopefully, it's a blessing that we'll figure out a way to handle."

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So, where does Zoey's adoption stand now? "It's taking even longer [than William's adoption], so it's just different depending on the country," said Klein, an entrepreneur.

"We are anxiously awaiting her," Arnold added. "We found her almost a year ago now, and we're still not done with that process."

Watch an exclusive preview for Tuesday's new episode below.

Tuesday's episode of "The Little Couple" airs at 10:30/9:30c on TLC.

  • tbh

    Kudos to Jen & Bill (“the little couple) for adopting Will & Zoey….
    They have given these kids a chance @ a normal, happy life !
    Something they wouldn't have in countries like China or India.
    Where they still consider babies born w/disabilities as “Cursed”
    I wish this new little family all the best!!
    TBH San Diego

  • Carol Scott

    How could you watch the three of them interact, see that big smile on Will's face, and not get teary-eyed? What love they have for him, and it's obvious Will loves them, too. I wish them all nothing but a happy and healthy future.

  • Sadworld

    I don't understand why the celebrities have to adopt kids from foreign countries with all of the children right here in the USA that are in need of a home & family.

    • gabi532

      Red tape. and they wanted kids who had Dwarfism…These children are UNWANTED.. in their home nations…

  • brit

    Great parents a learning curve, we are not given a book of instruction's, love the way they discipline him and explain why you have set boundires that is work in progress great job

  • joann

    no doubt he has a better chance here than in china.

  • WenPap

    Why would anyone think they have the right to criticize the decisions of this couples choices in adoption ??? Wow…..Good luck guys and God bless. Only God knows your path. Its no ones elses business…

  • karen 722

    I am so happy for both of u BUT I can't believe it is all over until next season how long is that I am looking forward to meeting Zoey but I guess we have to wait

  • karen 722

    oh yea I noticed in the show the other day when Bill was paying for the book will was hitting his back so I guess it is Bill's fault with Will hitting

  • leilacat

    In my opinion, Jen appears to be physically struggling when she handles their son. It seems as if it is difficult for her to run around with/after Will, not to mention lifting him etc. Also, it looks to me as if Will is not very attached to her and prefers Bill, no doubt because her work requires long hours. Jen's affection looks forced. 2 children are going to be very difficult, physically, for both parents to care for. As any parent knows young children need to be lifted and carried frequently. On another note, from what is shown on their show, the food they eat is quite unhealthy. Jen is a physician and should be quite knowledgeable regarding food/nutrition choices. Both Bill and Jen often reward Will with food and are constantly offering the kid snacks. I have never seen a toddler shovel food into his mouth the way Will does, and in large quantities! It's actually quite gross. I just think it's odd that Jen and Bill do not recognize a potential problem, especially since it has been mentioned numerous times that Will needs to drop a couple of pounds and throughout his lifetime will need to keep his weight in check due to his physicality and medical issues. The toddler stage sets the standard for healthy nutrition and eating habits throughout one's lifetime.

  • jeri

    I started watching this past season and just fell in love with Jen,Bill, and Will. I am thrilled they are adding a daughter to the family. I wish them all the best. They are an adorable family. I also want to wish Jen a full recovery , i'm saddened by the news she has been battling cancer . I will be praying for Jen and all of her family . God bless.