Ashton Kutcher on ‘Two and a Half Men’: I Kind of Won the Lotto

Kutcher appears before new castmates for the first time at CBS’ upfront presentation

Ashton Kutcher appeared with his new “Two and a Half Men” castmates for the first time Wednesday, and joked that he’d received so many congratulatory emails, he felt like he had won the lottery.

“You’d almost think I won the lotto or something … which I kind of did,” Kutcher said, while appearing with co-stars Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones during CBS’ upfront presentation to advertisers at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Kutcher, who will replace the departed Charlie Sheen on the hit CBS sitcom next season, stood almost a head taller than either of his co-stars, prompting Cryer to quip to CBS executives Nina Tassler and Les Moonves, “ Did you have to get a tall guy?”

Kutcher said he was once told to succeed in life you should surround yourself with the best and “work your ass off.”

“I am surrounded by the best, and I will work my ass off,” he added.

Tassler, CBS’ entertainment president, refererenced Kutcher’s Twitter confirmation of his casting last week: “Thanks to a well publicized tweet by one of our cast members, we all learned the square root of 6.25.”

Showrunner Chuck Lorre did not appear onstage, and the trio of actors gave no hint as to how Kutcher will be worked of the show.

And no one made any mentioned of Sheen.

  • “bushhater” hater

    kinda sounds like you need to take the stick out of your butt. I am sure that kutcher has no real fear from your obscure little rant. as clever as you sounded during your overbearingly boring rant above ( infact i stopped reading it half way through.) continue to bitch at kutcher and his new found tv show, because in the end he still is far more successful than you will ever be my friend. have a good day ;)

  • Shellydscarlett

    I can't wait to see Ashton on 2 1/2 men. He will be a breath of fresh air! Congrat's Ashton & have fun! We love you…

  • Capt-Hook1

    I'm sorry to Angus T. & Jon Cryer, both excellent actors, but I can't see how Kutcher could possibly follow in Sheen's footsteps. I'll miss all of the original cast. Speaking of which, where will Conchata land?

  • Incoperotheresa

    I use to watch two and a half men, and i really liked Charlie Sheen, but  when i watched him on TV , i realized he was really bad news, he violent towards women and that is a bad thing in my book, he is beyond out of control, and blew a good job with two and a half men, and bad mouthe the people who took care of him, he is a moron, im done with charlie sheen

  • GLP

    Ashton is WINNING now…….LOL

  • Msmith


  • Tilton Virginia

    Didn't like Charlie any way, the show was degrating anyway. Charlie don't need to be on family shows. 

    • Chuckavelly

      Then why was it the  #1 rated T.V.  show for YEARS?  idiot….

    • guest

      2 1/2 men really wasnt a family show

  • Sally 1956

    cool it will put a fresh spin on the show . It will be interesting to see how they add him to the show…

  • Jlbomba

    as much as i like Kutcher, he can't replace charlie sheen

  • NobodyAtAll

    As long as Rose comes back I'll watch it.

  • kathleen

    Ashton is one of the few actors that could replace charlie.I cant wait to watch.Thanks for taking the part Ashton(Smooch!)Good Luck Have fun!!!!!

  • kmalcb

    Charlie……………..I hear there's a new candidate recently released, who would make a perfect new Goddess for you.

    Call Casey

    (Anthony, you  I….D…..I…..O….T….S)

  • kmalcb

    CHARLIE: “….Ashton?!?……….Kutcher??!!??……chuckle….laugh…..snort…..gasp…..thump.

    ………………………….(yes, Charlie died). 

    Show's over unless Berta's got more relatives, and Alan more alter ego bits.
    Oh…wait a minute, what about Jake having a love child?!?

  • Chuckavelly

    Kutcher huh?   The only way to replace Sheen would be to spruce up re-runs of the show and call them new.  The show ddied when Charlie quit. They just need to let “sleeping dogs lie” and move on.
    Charlie “WAS” the reason everyone watched the show and with him gone,  anything after that will be a flop. 
    Good luck Kutcher

  • Chuckavelly

    Well said Ray…..  Well said.

  • Emmyers80

    You my friend are a douche!

  • Coastalshutters

    Its like replacing Brett favre…Just no matter who it is… doesn't matter..I like Ashton alot.
    he is in a tuff gig…the money will be good for awhile until the ratings fade…sorry i hope not…

  • Cdkasey7

    while i have to be honest in saying im not sure what i think of ashton Kutcher  as a person  i do think he is a good actor  and though i dont think hes the same caliber  of actor as Charlie Sheen  i do think he will bring a different flavor to the show  i think we should  give him a chance

  • not a charlie fan

    Jon and Charlie played off each other, and I am sure another actor can do that.  I feel Conchata really adds to the show, and if she stays, it will continue to be great. Charlie was getting old, maybe the whole show was.  He screwed himself, and got too big for his boots.  No one is that great, I think he got carried away with his character.

  • Rosa Banks

    I have never watched the show but I will now. Love Ashton and Demi! Sheen needs to get help. I have the feeling we have not seen the worst of him ~ sad. But life moves on at a rapid pace and you have to make the right decisions. I believe that some of his decisions were and are fueled by high pompousness!