CBS Airing Sandy News Special

Coverage of hurricane will preempt "Hawaii 5-0"

CBS will preempt "Hawaii 5-0" tonight for special news coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

Instead of new episodes of "How I Met Your Mother," "Partners," "Two Broke Girls" and "Mike and Molly," CBS will air repeats, followed by the hourlong "CBS News Special Report: Hurricane Sandy," anchored by Scott Pelley.

David Letterman, meanwhile, is taping "The Late Show" without an audience to eliminate the risk of anyone being injured during the hurricane traveling to a taping of his show.

Jimmy Fallon is also taping without an audience, while other late-night hosts in New York canceled Monday's tapings.


  • mike ryan

    assholes nothing else to do, so you fucks cancel our shows

  • EJP

    I can't believe this. Last week you shut Hawaii 5-0 off for the Debate and now you just HAVE to put ANOTHER news report about the storm on? EVERY OTHER NEWS CHANNEL HAS THE STORM ON. I believe we will live with one less. Man I hate CBS sometimes…