‘Conan’ Ratings Down But Up in Key Demos as O'Brien Gets Weirder (video)

Down overall, but up in 18-34 and 18-49 year-old viewers

Conan O'Brien's fourth-week audience was smaller and younger.

In its fourth week on TBS, "Conan" scored 722,000 adults 18-34, up 8 percent over Thanksgiving week, and 1.13 million adults 18-49, up 5 percent. It had 1,457,000 viewers overall, down from 1,496,000 viewers overall for Thanksgiving week.

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But TBS can take pleasure in the median age of the viewers, 32, down from 34 the week before. Networks can generally charge higher ad rates for younger viewers.

Conan's 1.0 rating puts him well behind the network late-night competition, but he also seems to have found his ratings bottom.

While NBC worried about him broadening his appeal for the "Tonight Show" audience, last week found him at his most delightfully weird. He performed one episode entirely in jeggings, and one of his all-time favorite guests, Kevin Nealon, broke up the usual Q&A interview format to deliver a long monologue about the dark side of Christmas.

Conan in jeggings:

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MQF6QIPYYYQRW5TZ7FG5INK5QE slapshot

    This is exactly what Conan needs to do – become his wacky, zany self like he was during his many years as host of Late Night. As soon as he started The Tonight Show – he lost this – and he has not gotten it back yet. As soon as Conan forgets about his so-called NBC “mistreatment”, and stops whining about it, and just be weird, he will be ok. The time is NOW to do this, his ratings are slipping and will continue to as long as he holds on to his NBC whining.

    • Cdea

      Odd comment. I think I've heard maybe 5 total NBC jokes in the month he's been on the air. This is somehow “whining”? Have you watched the show?

  • austinfuller

    Conan's ratings cannot be compared to network television or even Comedy Central at this point. Either way, it looks like he's delivering exactly what TBS was looking for: bringing younger audiences to the re-run-a-thon fledgling network.
    TBS has three original shows: Conan, Lopez Tonight and one other. It's a tough gig.

    • Joel

      I wouldn't say they're “fledgling.” TBS has been around for over two decades, an impressive fact. I would say that their format reinvention of the past few years has completely changed their scope and recognizability, and having only four original programs definitely doesn't help.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TBOAJE4GMFG6PVHWL4QLU2GKJA ken

    Conan seems more comfortable compared to “The Tonight Show” gig but the writing just isnt there.
    Lame writing just as “TNS”

    Not good.

  • Guest

    Conan is not funny no matter what you think and the ratings prove it.

  • steve

    I may be getting old but this fellow is not funny. He looks like a personable enough guy but his jumping around just isn,t funny. Some comedians can make jestures work but he isn,t one of them. It also might be a good idea if he lost the stupid ‘big hair’ look.

  • James

    He has always been wacky. That's why people love COCO or not. James, Koowie.com