David Letterman Interviews Jessica Biel, Mocks ‘New Year's Eve’ (Video)

"The A-Team" appears with plenty of stars in Garry Marshall's new movie — she just didn't work with many of them

Looks like Jessica Biel spent "New Year's Eve" pretty much by herself.

Biel appeared on "Late Show With David Letterman" Wednesday to plug Garry Marshall's sequel to 2010's "Valentine's Day," and if there's one thing that Letterman's interview proved, it's that the movie might be packed with stars, they weren't necessarily inhabiting the same constellation.

Quizzed by Letterman on which of her many "New Year's Eve" co-stars she had the opportunity to work with, Biel came up close to empty. Sarah Jessica Parker? Nope. Halle Berry? Nuh-uh. Katherine Heigl? Negative.

"Do I have the wrong list?" Letterman was forced to ask at one point.

Eventually — after a long long, awkward rattling off of A-list names — Letterman came up with "Saturday Night Live" funny man Seth Meyers, whom Biel had, in fact, shot with.

Well, that's something, anyway. Right?

Guess it really can be lonely at the top.

Watch Biel's admission in the video.