‘Community’ Star Donald Glover: Bees Won't Make Honey Until It Returns (Video)

Glover does a PSA for the benched NBC comedy

"Community" star Donald Glover says in the latest mock PSA for the show that bees won't make honey and people won't laugh — or even die — until the show returns.

"If you guys could get 'Community' back on the air, that would be great," Glover says to the camera. "Yeah, I know, I get it … '30 Rock,' 'Parks and Rec' … they're holding you over. It's not the same."

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Glover was a writer on "30 Rock" — and "The Daily Show" — before "Community" premiered. The show was pulled from NBC's midseason schedule to make room for "30 Rock" after scoring dismal ratings in the fall. NBC says it will be back this season, but hasn't said when.

The "Community" cast has gone the PSA route before, calling on fans to "save Greendale," the fictional community college that provides the setting for the show.

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Watch Glover's "Community" plea: